my autism diagnosis

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Helped out by the fantastic HelpMusiciansUK without whom I would probably be dead or one of those guys with beers and dogs by the cashpoint I finally managed to get to the psychologists that the NHS firstly failed to provide after referring me, and then failed to give me any service at all.

I expressed my hatred of the state and communicated I was an anarchist and these people assured me that the report they made would be ‘mine’. I am not sure whether the 3 grand they were paid to make this report was the reason they lied. The report is actually available to the state and on my records for 7 years and cannot be erased, which means they are lying cunts whom I would never deal with again.

I wanted to bury this report and just use the information for my own thought processes and general use. No dice. Liars!

Brazil is given too little credit when compared to 1984 and Brave New World.

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