my autism diagnosis

my autism diagnosis


Helped out by the fantastic HelpMusiciansUK without whom I would probably be dead or one of those guys with beers and dogs by the cashpoint I finally managed to get to the psychologists that the NHS firstly failed to provide after referring me, and then failed to give me any service at all.

I was led to believe that the psychological assessment report would be confidential for my personal use only. However, I later learned the report is, in fact, available to the state and remains on my records for 7 years. This contradicts what I was originally told about the privacy of the report. I am troubled that personal information I disclosed under the assumption it would be confidential is now accessible without my consent. This experience has caused me to lose trust and reconsider working with this provider again. I wanted to keep the report for self-reflection, not have it permanently stored against my will.

Brazil is given too little credit when compared to 1984 and Brave New World.

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