hi rachel, because of this line i cannot sign this document. you would have to change the document to be less confrontational. the highland council want to frame my behaviour as antisocial / violent so asking me to sign this fundamentally breaches my human rights and the equality act 2010. as highland council have done nothing but try to frame autistic meltdowns as ‘violent’ and even my words about a tea break as ‘violent’ (via email) it seems like too much of a risk to entrust this sort of mafia style organisation with that kind of power over my life. it is highly unlikely i would trust the highland council to do right by autistic people after what i have seen. this is a reasonable conclusion given my experience, threatening me with the police on the very first line is a nice way to start! i dont understand why the thing is so brutal, surely you would want to help people in my position not present them with a document that increases their worry.

also the whole thing about gypsys and travellers in this day and age seems way way racist / discriminatory. not that i am one but its offensive to read, they should really take that out, people are people.

you have presented on the phone that i have no entitlement to a homeless duty unless i sign this document, you did not mention any type of different document for autistic people or mention that its possible to change the document. what you have asked me to do not only breaches the equality act but would also have to be signed under extreme duress woithout legal advice to get me any help in a timely manner.

would you confirm that the highland councils position is they will not enter into a homeless duty unless i sign this document in writing for me please? can you also confirm you have received my letters asking for the SAR and FOI requests? i will need to speak to shelter about changing this document

Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 10:11 AM
From: “Rachel MacIvor” <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
To: “Kristian Weston” <discrimination@gmx.com>
Subject: RE: : Housing Options

Kristian, Apologies for not emailing these to you yesterday. I had to go home as I had a terrible migraine.

See attached a list of housing areas and also some information on the choice based lettings.

We need to get your list of areas that you wish to live in for your general housing application.

I also require you to send me a copy of your id and any proof of address for where you are staying just now. These are things that are required to get your application live.


kind regards


From: Kristian Weston <discrimination@gmx.com>
Sent: 15 September 2020 12:44
To: Rachel MacIvor <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
Subject: Re: : Housing Options

ok im charged. keen to finish the conversation so i can call shelter to ask them what to do now. i must say, you are much clearer than any council ive dealt with so far, you didnt dress it up or try and hide what is available as bath did, so i appreciate that. thanks!

Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 12:20 PM
From: “Rachel MacIvor” <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
To: “Kristian Weston” <discrimination@gmx.com>
Subject: : Housing Options

Yes of course I will no problem.

From: Kristian Weston <discrimination@gmx.com>
Sent: 15 September 2020 12:20
To: Rachel MacIvor <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
Subject: Re: RE: RE: RE: RE: Housing Options

sorry rachel my battery ran out even tho it was plugged in! can you call me back in about 10-20 when its charged?


Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 10:21 AM
From: “Rachel MacIvor” <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
To: “Kristian Weston” <discrimination@gmx.com>
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Housing Options

I sent away the adult concern form last night.

I am just going through your forms just now so I have a few more questions to ask you.

What is your national insurance number?

Who are the landlords for the land the caravan is on? Are you related to them? Or in a relationship with them?

Is it just you presenting as homeless? Do you have a partner? Children?

What ethnic group are you part of?

Would you describe yourself as a gypsy or a traveller?

For the homeless form we need to know your addresses for the last 10 years? Including who the landlord was?

Do you have any pets?

Have you slept rough in the last 3 months?

Have you been presented as homeless before? If yes can you tell me to which council did you present?

Once we fill in the rest of this form and put it on the system then I have 28 days to make a decision on whether you are intentionally or unintentionally homeless. We would do this to check if you are homeless, are you responsible for your homelessness and do you have a local connection to this area?

If we deem you to be intentionally homeless then we will have no homeless duty to you.

You can still have a housing application in but you would not be given the homeless priority.

We will need to carry out a verification check on the property where you are staying to confirm you current situation.

I also sent away the adult concern form last night. When they respond I will let you know.

I am still looking for emergency accommodation for you. I do not have a timeline for that. I can offer you b&b now but I am not sure if this would be suitable for you as these are quite chaotic noisy places. So I am trying to find something more suitable for you.

Please be patient with me as this is the first time I have gone through this process over email and not face to face or even over the telephone. So hopefully we can both work together to get the best outcome.  

Kindest regards


From: Kristian Weston <discrimination@gmx.com>
Sent: 15 September 2020 09:52
To: Rachel MacIvor <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
Subject: Re: RE: RE: RE: Housing Options

hi, have you accepted the homeless duty ? im not clear what is going on apart from you filled in a form ? can you explain the process etc precisely and clearly and explain what property you have available and where ? how long would it take to get out of here ?



Sent: Monday, September 14, 2020 at 3:15 PM
From: “Rachel MacIvor” <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
To: “Kristian Weston” <discrimination@gmx.com>
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Housing Options

Kristian I am currently filling in an Adult concern form for the information you have given me this morning I am concerned that you are not getting the support you require. This form is my way of highlighting your situation to other services to see if we can you get you some support with your health situations as well as your housing situation. I do think you need some help and someone to advocate on your behalf. Could you let me know which doctor you are registered with if you have one.

Kindest regards


From: Kristian Weston <discrimination@gmx.com>
Sent: 14 September 2020 13:11
To: Rachel MacIvor <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
Subject: Re: RE: RE: Housing Options

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2020 at 12:48 PM
From: “Rachel MacIvor” <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
To: “Kristian Weston” <discrimination@gmx.com>
Subject: RE: RE: Housing Options

Thank you for your answers Kristian, I am currently writing out your forms just now with the details you have given me so far.

thanks, that helps i am not very good with forms

Can you confirm for me are the other autistic people you mentioned staying in the same caravan as you or do you each have your own caravan?

no its my friend in the croft, they are in the house, im im the field

I see from your reply that you have had previous issues with the Highland Council I don’t know anything about these issues and I don’t need to unless you wish me to know but were they connected to housing or another service of the Highland Council?

both really, yeh lets not go into it, there still may be legal stuff pending

What date did you move into the caravan?

er last week sometime.

What was the address you lived at before you moved into the caravan?

it was a temporary address, and shelter had to get involved to not get me thrown out, unfortunately the noise of the place was so bad i had to leave before they managed it. i lived in this caravan before – last year, i left in jan this year. this is when i had my run in with the highland council before. i had one friend in bath who is no longer a friend, so my only local connection anywhere in england is now here, altho i have been moved to almost every single area of the UK from london wiltshire eastbourne bournemouth to bath to falkirk to blackburn to leeds. you name it ive lived there. im tired of moving and it hurts to lift up my stuff from place to place and costs loads of money, please help. thanks.

17c charles st


ba1 1hx

Does someone take rent for the caravan or land that the caravan is on?

my friend pays rent for their croft from the scottish government i believe. they are putting me up as a favour because they understand how bad noise issues are.


From: Kristian Weston <discrimination@gmx.com>
Sent: 14 September 2020 11:53
To: Rachel MacIvor <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
Subject: Re: RE: Housing Options

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2020 at 11:35 AM
From: “Rachel MacIvor” <Rachel.MacIvor@highland.gov.uk>
To: “Kristian Weston” <discrimination@gmx.com>
Subject: RE: Housing Options

Thank you Kristian for emailing me back so quickly. We need to do a couple of forms with you to get you on the waiting list for a house. I can help you with the forms if that is something you need help with or do you have an advocate to help you fill these forms in? Do you have any support for your autism?

unfortunately nobody has even provided a care assessment yet, despite numerous attempts for me to secure an advocate none have been successful, even when a charity offered to pay for one. i simply couldnt find one.

One form is a housing application- this helps you get onto the housing list.

The other is a Homeless assessment form this helps you to get some extra points to give you a priority for housing.

For these forms we need to ask you questions about you.

-Your DOB and your previous addresses.

too many to list – 08-03-72

-We also need to ask you questions about the money that you have.

i dont have money

-Do you work? Are you on benefits? Do you need us to help ensure you are getting all the benefits that you are entitled to?

i am an internationally recognised music producer. i dont any music because i constantly move from temporary place to temporay place for years. i am not getting the full rate of PIP because i did not attend the tribunal as they were corrupt. i get a paltry amount of universal credit.

You have mentioned that you currently live in a caravan where is the caravan at the moment?

10 corntown


The caravan sounds like it is not a nice place if it is mouldy, Does it have heating? 

no its an unsafe place to be. i have an electric heater

Does it have water?


Are you able to wash and cook for yourself in the caravan?

no, not that i really bother with that sort of thing much anyway. once youve moved house 20 times in a few years you start not to care anymore. i rely on my friend here to give me food atm. thats one of the other reasons i need to leave. i am with two other autistic people and i cant lean on them forever.

You have mentioned that you have some medical conditions with your hernia? and also you have misophonia I understand that this can be incredibly difficult for you to live with.  Do you have any other medical conditions that would be helpful for us to know?

i dont trust the highland council because they have acted in a discriminatory disgusting manner in the past – one which should have seen people sacked but as yet they still seem to be there. it is difficult for me to trust anyone there after what they did. so you need to bear that in mind. there is still possible legal action pending about that as well from several different people.  we autistic people dont like having our disability used against us for your profit. i also rant a lot and need clear and prompt communcation or i delete or block the email address.

There is another form we can fill in called an accessible housing form. These can help tell us what type of housing would be suitable for your needs. For example if you have mobility issues it would tell us to give you a ground floor property with a walk in shower. Do you have any health professionals working with you at the moment?

no, sure need them tho, i am nearly dead basically, my guts have split open inside me and are falling out more and more. im trying to help the autistic people here clean their house with this injury. as they left it for a year so far, this rips my guts open more, apparently thats not urgent or any bother to the NHS. it seems like they will never do it and i will die from it.

Sorry this has turned into a very long email. I understand that you need emergency accommodation we can certainly organise some for you but need the answers to the questions above so that we can ensure that we place you into somewhere suitable for your needs and not anywhere that is going to make life more difficult for you.

Emergency accommodation is normally an HMO property which means it is like a b&b. I have also put your name onto my waiting list for a homeless property but we would need to find one that is suitable for your needs as quite often these types of properties are not always in quiet areas.

thankyou that would be amazing but it would have to be quiet

Are you happy to continue chatting with me over emails I understand that is the way that you prefer to communicate. I am happy to work with you in the way that suits you the best. I can also continue to work with you rather than you having to deal with lots of different people because I understand that is difficult.

do you ? wow, ive only ever met one person who actually fully understood and they were neuro divergent. are you neuro divergent ?

thankyou for your understanding.

Kris Weston

Unless related to the business of The Highland Council, the views or opinions expressed within this e-mail are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of The Highland Council, or associated bodies, nor does this e-mail form part of any contract unless so stated.
Mura h-eil na beachdan a tha air an cur an cèill sa phost-d seo a’ buntainn ri gnothachas Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd, ‘s ann leis an neach fhèin a chuir air falbh e a tha iad, is chan eil iad an-còmhnaidh a’ riochdachadh beachdan na Comhairle, no buidhnean buntainneach, agus chan eil am post-d seo na phàirt de chunnradh sam bith mura h-eil sin air innse.

Unless related to the business of The Highland Council, the views or opinions expressed within this e-mail are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of The Highland Council, or associated bodies, nor does this e-mail form part of any contract unless so stated.
Mura h-eil na beachdan a tha air an cur an cèill sa phost-d seo a’ buntainn ri gnothachas Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd, ‘s ann leis an neach fhèin a chuir air falbh e a tha iad, is chan eil iad an-còmhnaidh a’ riochdachadh beachdan na Comhairle, no buidhnean buntainneach, agus chan eil am post-d seo na phàirt de chunnradh sam bith mura h-eil sin air innse.

Unless related to the business of The Highland Council, the views or opinions expressed within this e-mail are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of The Highland Council, or associated bodies, nor does this e-mail form part of any contract unless so stated.
Mura h-eil na beachdan a tha air an cur an cèill sa phost-d seo a’ buntainn ri gnothachas Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd, ‘s ann leis an neach fhèin a chuir air falbh e a tha iad, is chan eil iad an-còmhnaidh a’ riochdachadh beachdan na Comhairle, no buidhnean buntainneach, agus chan eil am post-d seo na phàirt de chunnradh sam bith mura h-eil sin air innse.

Unless related to the business of The Highland Council, the views or opinions expressed within this e-mail are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of The Highland Council, or associated bodies, nor does this e-mail form part of any contract unless so stated.
Mura h-eil na beachdan a tha air an cur an cèill sa phost-d seo a’ buntainn ri gnothachas Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd, ‘s ann leis an neach fhèin a chuir air falbh e a tha iad, is chan eil iad an-còmhnaidh a’ riochdachadh beachdan na Comhairle, no buidhnean buntainneach, agus chan eil am post-d seo na phàirt de chunnradh sam bith mura h-eil sin air innse. Unless related to the business of The Highland Council, the views or opinions expressed within this e-mail are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of The Highland Council, or associated bodies, nor does this e-mail form part of any contract unless so stated.
Mura h-eil na beachdan a tha air an cur an cèill sa phost-d seo a’ buntainn ri gnothachas Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd, ‘s ann leis an neach fhèin a chuir air falbh e a tha iad, is chan eil iad an-còmhnaidh a’ riochdachadh beachdan na Comhairle, no buidhnean buntainneach, agus chan eil am post-d seo na phàirt de chunnradh sam bith mura h-eil sin air innse.

BUPA wont insure autistic people because autism is a lifelong condition.

If you have a pre-existing condition you cant get medical insurance or any medical package at all for it or anything arising from it. this means that no autistic person may get cover for ongoing treatment. there is no private alternative to the NHS that treats autistic people without gargantuan payments, way above the level of a homeless person on benefits and way above the level of someone with a house and a decent job. more importantly – way above the level of a non-disabled person who does get their treatment covered.

i get how they do it now. dont be fooled by a picture of a stethoscope, BUPA is not a medical company its an insurance company. they deflect from their entire business model being discriminatory by calling it insurance and offering a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option. all systems of discrimination and corporatist greed have associative language and legal frameworks that allow them to continue their institutional discrimination.

private medical companies should not even exist here, but after four years of trying to get the ableist NHS to do something, its become clear how and why they will be taking over.

the pay-as-you-go option is obviously much more expensive than having insurance or other medical package. when i say expensive i mean ludicrously and unattainably expensive. thousands of pounds to fix one of my health problems and i have a lot lol.

i assumed i could just pay for all of my stuff or get some kind of package with a yearly payment for it but there arent any packages that cover autism, there is only insurance and paying every time you see someone. welcome to the world of private medicine. something we are all going to have to get used to because our country is doomed to be america.

this article sums up the horror of what is coming

Call your health insurance provider and ask these critical questions: 1) What are my individual and family out-of-pocket deductibles? What are my out-of-pocket maximums before 100% reimbursement begins? 2) How many visits per specialty (i.e., PT, OT, Speech) does my insurance plan allow per year for out-of-network providers? 3) Are there any limitations on diagnosis codes? 4) Does my plan have mental health coverage?

point 1 of a 9 point checklist when buying autism insurance in MURICA (USA)

i wrote to BUPA and listed my problems. i said i would like to pay for a service similar to the ableist NHS but one that actually does something. anything! this was their reply:

(TL;DR – despite lots of pictures of doctors on their website they are an insurance company and thats why they cant cover autistic people, you *are welcome to pay 50 peoples lifetimes of wages for basic medical help though, if you want)

Dear Mr Weston

Thank you for your enquiry.

I’m afraid I would need to make you aware that any conditions that you are experiencing symptoms of, under investigation, currently diagnosed with or are being treated for may not be covered under a new health insurance policy as health insurance is there to cover you for any unforeseen future illness. However you can still take out a policy with Bupa to cover for future unrelated problems that may occur.

If you would like to discuss our health insurance further excluding your current health concerns please let us know and we would be happy to contact you.

Alternatively you are welcome to call us on 0800 289 577. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturdays 9am to 12.30pm.

If you would like to pay for treatment on a self-pay basis, we do offer a range of self-pay services. You can find out more about these by going to our Pay As You Go Healthcare webpage –


Alternatively, you may also wish to contact private hospitals directly. You can also use the following link to search for private hospitals in your area. You would then just need to call them directly.


Kind regards

looking up ASD on the BUPA website brings you this insult:

If you have ASD, you may be offered the following:

BUPA treatments for autism are based around changing the autist to fit the NT world. this shows what wankers they are. change to be more like us and get a fucking job. this is what they are saying.

fuck me.

Today I was gong to sit down and mess about with what i was doing which involves about 1500 samples. Instead some fucking muppet emailed me, so this is now happening. I haven’t had anywhere stable to live for years, im just generally fucking annoyed *and this is a pre-coffee article which is even worse. I AM FUCKING RAGING. good. lets get stuck in.

here is a form virgincare asked me to fill out after i asked Bath council to give me the legally mandated assessment they are supposed to give me under the care act. at first, i was shocked to see that virgincare are employed to deal with autistic people, shortly afterwards i could see why: they are there to cull us.

first of all the form is a barrier, creating autistic inertia, causing more stress. someone else should have put this data in. half of the data seems to be for the council to fill out, what is a liquid logic ID? anyone have a clue ? carefirst ID ? N.O.K.? doesnt seem like a form an autistic person should fill out seeing as they are mandated to provide us with clear communication. there was no explanation of what this form means i was just supplied it, expected to know what it all means and then ignored.

first page of a form given to me to fill out by one of Dick Bransons minions

In the next page of the form it asks, are you happy to have virgincare record your data, and if not why not? i said no and i said the reason for the no. i dont want branson getting hold of my data because he is trying to destroy whats left of the ableist NHS.

because i said this liana tonkin, the head of their autism team point blank refused to give me the assessment, flagrantly breaking the law. i recorded this phone call. this begs the question – why did they ask whether i want my data recorded or not when they wouldnt give me the assessment if i didnt!? it is again unclear communication and is completely illegal!

when it became clear that what i put in the data section of their form was actually what i thought in reality, liana sounded a bit panicked. she started to talk about lots of ways they could help me with lots of expensive things. as long as i submitted to their database. seeing as databases have ruined my life im hardly likely to want to be on another one.

the autistic exclusion policy that virgincare have adopted cannot realistically be seen in any other way than as directly targeting us. a lot of autistic people are highly controlling about their data and communications.

i love autistic people, my daughter even says so online

This is richard fucking branson. i fucking hate richard fucking branson, as does well, everyone i know or have met. i have yet to meet anyone singing richard fucking bransons praises. i have yet to meet anyone who didnt think branson is a smug turd.

The purpose of this article shall be: Richard Fucking Branston Pickled Tax Dodging NHS suing cunt WILL NOT EVER have any of his businesses near any autistic people ever again. what the fuck is this cunt doing in care for vulnerable people ? i mean, what the fucking fuck ? and then they try to publicly deny the NHS is not being purposefully dismantled. well, there you go branson has taken over care for vulnerable people. i wouldn’t trust him with pinocchios nose, he would probably stick it up his ass.

‘lie for me boy’

the disconnect between the law, the public face and what actually happens in reality is now reaching dadaist levels. we are at defcon fucking 99 and people are dying because of this, this aint a fucking joke. the type of person i am is a lot more likely to off themselves than a normal person because of our brain-wiring and what the various institutions of the UK do to us – euphemistically referred to as ‘societal barriers‘. It pains me that although i just about have the ability to grit my teeth and endure the abuse these ableist institutions dish out, there are many more like me that killed themselves.

‘i am all the way down to the bottom now’

There is some fucking law nobody gives a shit about that states all government employees must have training in autism. so far i have only ever met one guy who had a clue, a few weeks ago, and ive met a lot. the overall main reason ive met a lot of them over the years is precisely because they dont have any training in autism. If they have had training they are either ignoring it, forgotten it or the training is shite. I could literally train them in 10 minutes for so-called high-functioning Neuro-Bollocogy but nobody else in the world can sort that out lol. it seems i am autistic peoples last hope, the only person in the UK able of sorting out something very simple in 10 minutes. WTF!?!£?@$

Theres another stupid fucking law of this shitty cultured proto-fascist land that says if someone is diagnosed as autistic they must receive an assessment to see if they have care needs etc. after a quick rummage through my internet underpants i see that this was on the 26th of Feburary 2019. The various councils of england i have lived under during this time have all not bothered to do an assessment and are in breach of the laws they made for themselves which incidentally i didnt vote for:

that was one year six months ago

in that time the following councils all failed to do it, made my living situation worse and caused me immense distress i cannot really quantify in words.

During that time Atos and the DWP all ignored my cries for help. i told them i thought i might be autistic before i was diagnosed. their answer was my claim for PIP benefits was refused and they petitioned the tribunal judge to stop my case saying it was ‘a waste of time’. the tribunal is just as corrupt as them and i refused to have any part of it. i won anyway, but i was given the lowest amount of help they could offer and refused a large part of the benefit that helps you travel. they sent me a recording of what they said about that part. some woman i have never met before is on the tape, she says ‘it seems he can get around ok because he moves house so much’. this made my fucking blood boil, i grabbed a really cute kitten and strangled it and then built a space cannon which blasted the bloodied corpse into orbit.

these systems are directly responsible for me moving around so much, they use their own failures as an excuse to help me less.

as the utterly pointless national autistic society point out on their website, post diagnostic support is ‘vital’, ive begged for it countless times and theyve told me to fuckoff every time. ive registered for doctors and every time they move me on, each one tells me to fuckoff or as in the case of the Pulteney Practice in Bath ‘you can see a psychologist when hell freezes over’.

when they break the law what you have to do is fill out a form and send it to the complaints department! then you wait 8 weeks and then you can fill out a bunch more forms and spend lots more time explaining it all to another ombudsman type system, inevitably to be told to fuckoff. wtf. you fill out fucking forms? You give someone who is disabled by tasks another task because you fucked up and broke the law ? that seems wrong to me.

why is everyone a cunt ? why is everyone dumb as shit ?

oh do fuckoff

While researching for this article i found a ludicrous virgincare article about how they love autistic adults so much and how they are improving their lives by getting them a job in IT. This glowing codswallop turned out to be written by…. smugfaces daughter holy branson. Its possible shes the only person in the world who believes it so what better person to write it.

What happens if we dont want a job in IT? i do enough IT for my friends, everyone wants a computer expert i would hate to do it for a job. Being a music producer already involves a shitload of high level IT if you are any good at it. This also seems to ignore the fact each autistic person has a particular focus in their life that is usually very limited, if its not in IT i guess virgincare dont want to know.

The obvious problem with them saying they love us autistic adults so much is that they want to cull us. they quite clearly want to exclude us from a care assessment, something which would be the first step to getting ourselves in a more manageable position and being recognised as well, hating the fucking world you NTs built. Apparently though, if you happen to not like someone who is trying to dismantle the NHS, you are not eligible for treatment on the NHS or its sub-contractors in these weirdly fascist times.

virgincare indicate on their website that they are a non-profit company

i read the bullshit article then i found this peach, they seem to think they are a non-profit company or something, they are actually psychopathic.

in order to take virgincare to court about this i first needed the information they held on me. during this arduous process which is still not over they used every trick they could to delay me or put me off. After shelter wrote to them asking for it they delayed and then demanded ID verification from them. The solicitor told me that the permission was granted and then revoked, he told me he suspected they did it on purpose just to be difficult.

virgincare know autistic people live on the edges of existence and small things can put them off completely and stop them from completing tasks. they use this to their advantage.

after i sacked the ableist charity called shelter i took over the information request myself, because i needed another fucking task in my life. i sent them a letter demanding the information yet again. another sub company emailed me saying they were writing on behalf of virgincare. they wanted to assign me another task of entering a suspect ‘encrypted’ website portal of some kind (most websites are encrypted thats what the https means).

i dont go on portals, i use PGP if i want privacy so i told them to forget that. this took up again more time, again had no clear communication at all. i had to bang on about how they are breaking the law in order to get them to respond outside of the portal. one of em ignored me. after yet more time, i found another who seemed to want to do it.

virgincare attempting to use autistic kryptonite to deflect my superpowers

then another task, they wanted my ID proof yet again. but one wasnt good enough they also wanted proof of an address i dont have. Shelter spent weeks unsuccessfully attempting to get a simple SAR out of them (a legal right everyone in the UK has) and they wanted to make out like i just emailed them 5 minutes ago. they wanted a passport and proof of the address they were responsible for me having to leave. i no longer had anywhere to live because of their failure and they wanted my address.

at this point i was ready to kill more really cute kittens, but this time by putting them through a meat grinder, making a furry burger out of them and then boring a hole into the centre of the earth and launching the burger into it. (if youre having trouble with that it means i was very annoyed)

god knows how much distress, anguish and time wasted virgincare have caused in my life. i have spent the entirety of today dealing with this and writing this record of their behaviour. i spent ages already trying to get them to obey the law, why is it me that has to chase to this up? where is the enforcement of this law? i dont want to spend all this time doing this, i want to make fucking music!

its time these charlatans were kicked out of health entirely and thats what we should campaign for. fuck fake non-profits profiting from public health!


spose this could also be entitled ‘help me to die later than the NHS want me to’

Due to the institutional ableism in the NHS i am in pretty bad health. leaving the autism thing and PTSD aside i have quite a few physical ailments that are now such a problem i feel the following attempt is my only hope.

ive had a hernia for nearly a year now (dont try to lift trees on your own) which is getting more painful. ive moved five times since i had it which involves lifting all my stuff which youre not supposed to do. this has fucked me.

after many refusals of service from the NHS, refusal by Virgincare to give me a legally mandated assessment, refusal by UK councils to conform to disability law and all kinds of discrimination battles ive fought to try and get the basic service they say they are supposed to provide – i went downhill. ive also been homeless, moving from place to place. during the lockdown i was sent to a YMCA by Bath Council, they tried to lock me in it so i left for a friends mouldy basement where i got a nasty cough.

i stopped looking after myself, ive left myself to rot. i stopped washing, eating, brushing my teeth etc.

unfortunately, the NHS is an ableist institution, they deny us any treatment or try to label us as inappropriate or violent. as long as there is a legal framework for our exclusion that they can squeeze us into, they will take whatever path saves them the most money.

Over the last four years i have banged on and on and on about wanting any kind of service at all. i have begged, cried and screamed, nothing i could say or do would get me anywhere, even when i told my last doctor its been 4 years, they told me i can have a follow up appointment to my diagnosis ( about 1.5 years ago now) :

When hell freezes over

Dr Brunskill at the Pulteney Practice in Bath

Seriously. the guy actually said that verbatim.

my body is dying now and my guts have split open. theres dead nerves in my leg i cant feel my foot for years now, every time i ask for help, they always refuse, theres always an excuse why not. the feeling is its too much trouble to actually get a real doctor, we wouldnt want to waste their time. say for my leg when i mention it im told ‘oh you would have to see a physiotherapist for that’. so i say OK, off you go, and every time there is this feeling like im wasting their time and the conclusion i have come to is that the general GP exists to cull disabled people, i call them the gatekeepers of disabled death. After four years of screaming for help there is no other conclusion but to think, they want me to die as quickly as possible. At this point there is no other option but to attempt to pay to save my own life :/

its important to note this is not because of the virus, atm ‘during this difficult time’ (if someone says that to me again im going to kill a cute kitten) is the phrase they like to use before they tell you to fuckoff but it makes precisely zero difference to me. no service before the virus versus no service after the virus. same fucking diff.

This is due to one of napoleans generals and some fascist cunt who decided to copy him. its called triage. they also do it in the hospital and all over the NHS. for example, 6 months ago, in pain from my guts internally splitting open i went to the doctor. he wouldnt or couldnt get me surgery so i tried A&E in several different hospitals.

in each one napoleans general told me to fuckoff. they explained that as im not dying right now there is no need for them to do anything. the guts would actually have to split open and then strangulate and me be screaming on the floor for them to operate and it didnt matter that im autistic, that they havent done anything for me for 4 years, that im extremely anxious that i may die from it or that its caused irreparable harm without treatment. So much for preventative medicine!

i complained, again saddled with another pointless task that uses my disability to exclude me. the distress of all that was specifically ruled out as meaningless by a senior doctor to me on the phone (which i recorded). he also said he would be happy to tell the whole autistic community that the torture we go through as a result of their inaction doesnt legally mean anything (the key point as no morals or equality laws seem to be involved), shouldnt give us any priority and we are free to go private. its obvious the doctor himself was well off and did private work. fuck me he needs a slap. he actually sounded like a psychopath. i should out him and upload the recording. heh.

If private doctors outside the NHS think im autistic, i challenge the useless ableist NHS to prove i am or even see me once. give me one follow up appointment or a test, show me my brain is different to other peoples, PROVE IT OR ADMIT YOU WOULD RATHER I DIE AND STOP COSTING YOU MONEY.

my only option to live seems to be private medicine, a bitter pill to swallow to someone who loved the NHS dearly and an impossibility with the 5 pounds i have so im writing this instead.

after the last doctor told me they again cant get me any service and i was thrown out the practice for my email reply to that, the solicitors got involved and i had a heated phone conversation with the manager – Chris Clapp. he was dripping with that ableist vibe, much like the manager at shelters legal team Gareth Owen. you could hear the steam coming out of his ears and his words struggled through gritted teeth. in this call and only because of the legal pressure he told me i could be signed back on the practice, have my own doctor and that he would conform to disability laws. hurrah! the next day he changed his mind, said my words are inappropriate and threw me out of the practice for the third time.

in the real world, my words are completely appropriate, thats the crux of it, my words are just too fucking appropriate. what would you say to someone whose job it is to keep you healthy but instead is trying to kill you ? thankyou very much guv’nor? What do you say when they exclude you for 4 years while you get worse and worse and worse? cheers mate, youre a peach ?

no you dont say that do you ? you say stop fucking killing me and do your fucking job you useless fucking cunt. my words are violent here, but leaving me with an open internal wound to die as im homeless moving heavy gear on my own between place to place as i rapidly deteriorate is not. killing me by letting my insides rip apart is not violent, but ‘fucking cunt’ is. i regard it as an attempt to deny my right to use collections of syllables which annoy people. the truth is i dont approach them with fucking cunt, i have tried every way possible to beg for treatment, it *always* ends up with fucking cunt tho. lol.

in your new world being upset is now violent. at one point when the pain subsided for a bit i told the doctor again, he said oh thats because its split open more and theres more room for your organs to fall out so its more comfortable. that was his reason to not worry so much about getting surgery rather than the opposite which is obviously completely insane.

i bet your fingers dont hurt much when your forearm is chopped off but is that any reason to not worry about putting the forearm back on ? is there any need to explain why this is not right to a doctor ? i dont get it.

to be noticed by any care service that exists for autistic people you have to either:

if you dont display your trauma to some stranger in a sterile room, there is nothing wrong with you. at the same time the supposed systems in place that would negate these problems have been decimated. they no longer exist. get help they say. there simply isnt any.

all systems classify me as inappropriate or violent but all i do is say what i think based on what i have learnt. these legal classifications and exclusions exist to cull disabled people. there is no other conclusion, feigning ignorance at this stage seems ridiculous.

basically although i dont have much hope of it happening, one of my core functions is to survive and complete music i enjoy so i am bound to do the following:


i have now sent out for quotes. it seems very unlikely the NHS will ever treat me, and i am very unlikely to trust them again after the torture they put me through.

Hello, and welcome to todays #EverydayDiscrimination rage.

The term neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions.[1] It was coined in 1998 by Australian sociologist Judy Singer, who helped popularize the concept along with American journalist Harvey Blume.[1] It emerged as a challenge to prevailing views that certain neurodevelopmental disorders are inherently pathological and instead adopts the social model of disability, in which societal barriers are the main contributing factor that disables people.[2][3]

Shittypedia quote

Ok. here we go.

Firstly i would like to say once again, fuck your inclusivity. Inclusivity is just semantic vomit that exists purely to defend against discrimination claims, it doesnt actually exist in reality. Its a collective delusion designed to wipe the guilt away.

The bastards even admit when they try and define the word ‘neuro divergent’ that the ‘disabilities’ are caused by ‘societal barriers’. Yes! exactly! This world is not designed for ‘autistic’ people and we all know that their legal acts and lip service are merely a smokescreen of indifference. But then, if you admit its your world that fucks us up in the very definition of your own words, why then say we have a disorder? it is a perfectly normal reaction amongst autistic people to be fucked by your world. How is it a ‘disorder’ ? The disorder is in your obscene world.

The social model of disability suggests disability is caused by the way society is organized, rather than by a person’s impairment. This model suggests barriers in society are created by ableism. When barriers are removed, people with disabilities can be independent and equal in society.

There are three main types of barriers:

Attitudinal barriers: are created by people who see only disability when associating with people with disabilities in some way. These attitudinal barriers can be witnessed through bullying, discrimination, and fear. These barriers include low expectations of people with disabilities. These barriers contribute to all other barriers.[11][12][13] Attitudes towards people with disabilities in low and middle-income countries can be even more extreme.[14]

Environmental barriers: inaccessible environments, natural or built, create disability by creating barriers to inclusion.

Institutional barriers: include many laws, policies, practices, or strategies that discriminate against people with disabilities. For example, a study of five Southeast Asian countries found that electoral laws do not specially protect the political rights of persons with disabilities, while ‘some banks do not allow visually disabled people to open accounts, and HIV testing centers often refuse to accept sign language interpreters due to confidentiality policies’.[15] Restrictive laws exist in some countries, particularly affecting people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities.[16]

Other barriers include: internalised barriers (low expectations of people with disabilities can undermine their confidence and aspirations), inadequate data and statistics, lack of participation and consultation of disabled people.

more shittypedia guff

in their labels they use the word neuro for no other apparent reason than to add scientific gravitas. the label suggests a brain that is different to ‘neuro typical’ – a distinction which annoys me no end as there is no clear meaning what the distinction is. i am not a neuro surgeon or scientist but im going to take a wild stab and say its probable no two brains are the same. I cant be bothered to google whether that is true or not but you are welcome to if you want. As long as my internal narrative conforms to my cognitive bias i am as happy as any other brainless lemming.

if no two brains are the same, there is no need for these words. perhaps you *can split brain types into classes, but there seems to be no baseline for typical or divergent brains. the paltry amount of subdivisions we think we have identified is inevitably not anywhere near what it is in reality. we have yet to correctly identify and catalogue the spectrum of human brains. although directly referring to neurology in the label, in most cases no actual brain scans have been performed.

The same goes for me, the diagnosis i have disclosed on this website was done in a few days. the autism place did a days interview, read a bunch of stuff i wrote about my life and decided they both had no doubt. there were no genetic tests or brain scans, all we did was talk.

I think it’s likely that, in a truly civilised society, categories of gender, sexuality, neurodiversity etc either wouldn’t exist or would be about as relevant to most people’s identity as what brand of perfume they wear. But the problem that confronts anyone who doesn’t fit into the expected boxes is that one can’t just reject the reasoning and categorisation that is implicit in our culture, language and thought, even when it’s obviously nonsense: the only tools we have for dissecting the nonsense are, themselves, based in and made out of that nonsense. So the world is destabilised, without being destroyed. I think that, among other things, this gives rise to a strong sense of unreality…

some clever bloke

Although this is a salient point I disagree with a part of it, we can reject the reasoning of this culture and we can smash it. other minorities are doing the same. why cant we ? the minorities getting the most PR at the moment are ones that have high-profile deaths that are covered in the media, autistic suicides are not that headline friendly, so perhaps we need to start hanging ourselves with tinsel and bobbles. we need the deaths to be noticed.

(cut to guy hanging himself) ‘shall i put some fucking fairy lights on it ?’

its a shame each minority has its own fight and all are not valued without a second thought, we should be beyond all this bollocks by now.

it seems to me that all the guff they talk about high-functioning bollocks should be given a new term: ‘Neuro-Bollocogy’ as in the person making this diagnosis doesnt actually know what the fuck they are on about. We should hold the medical world to account more if they want to put us in the autism box – perhaps they should be more clear about what it is since it seems like they dont know. if they do know they certainly cant be arsed to tell me.

One thing ive noticed since being seen by clueless Neuro-Bollocogists is people have started talking to me like im a baby even though im 48 years old. what the fuck is that about ? am i wearing a fucking nappy over here mate ? do you want to fucking change me or something ? i havent even shat myself.

Neuro-Bollocogists – GTFO

(that means get the fuck out in case you have been in a cave since the invention of the internet).

how our systems use forms to generate money from autistic people

No i don’t want to fill in your fucking form or give you my fucking date of birth.


When i see a form it makes me want to ram it up the ass of the person waving it at me and then beat their body to a pulp with a lump hammer. In this age of digital sharing the amount of paper forms that still exist is mind boggling. Why? What for ? I am just writing the same information over and over again on a piece of paper. This would seem the ideal time to involve computers, but nobody seems to have done it yet. Why? Stop wasting my fucking lifetime with your fucking forms.

Forms combined with the data protection act (laws designed to protect our systems from legal action) allow our systems to discriminate against autistic people.

i am so fucking sick of being given tasks by government agencies. with the new rise of the ‘right-wing’ or what i call psychotic narcissists – there has been a rise in bureaucratic forms seemingly designed solely to piss me off and drive me to Meltdown.

Autistic people have problems with the tasks and demands of the world created by and for NTs. You would think that with all the noises councils and other government institutions make about being inclusive and valuing disabled people that they would have gone out of their way to streamline the amount of paperwork autistic people receive. You would like to think that, but what actually happens in the real world is the opposite.

We can make a valuable contribution to society they say at the same time as overloading us with bullshit.

All this stuff is just lip service bullshit like the equality and care acts. meaningless hot air that is repeated round and round, because if you repeat the truth enough it eventually sinks in. thanks george. the modern life of an autistic person contains many more forms than a neuro-typical would receive.

Often at the doctors you will get 3 forms. each one asking for the same name. date and address. if like me the care system has moved you over 15 times in several years, you have to keep registering with a doctor in every new place you go, only to be told to move on again by Universal Credit before you get any treatment. In the times i have got through to a doctor, the quality of care is absolutely awful / non-existent, especially in Scotland. the NHS is essentially already dead, but people don’t want to admit it.

Why do you get more forms for being autistic ? more tasks means you are disabling us more. why are we forced to endure this whole fractured and ridiculously long-winded method of modern life while at the same time you all sing the chorus of how we have difficulty with it? if they really cared they would streamline it.

One of the examples of how this drives real profit is asking disabled people or people with PTSD to revisit traumatic parts of their life in a sterile office room in front of a random ‘health professional’ who has no experience in psychology or psychiatry. It is compounded by the fact you know that if you do manage to disclose anything you will receive no support or advantage. one of my friends was asked to do so and remains not receiving disability benefits because they forced him to walk out. His behaviour was completely normal for someone with his trauma. To think that these ‘health professionals’ or the people that designed the grotesquely inhuman points based questionnaire system didnt know this would exclude people with trauma seems highly unlikely.

Another method is providing a criminally negligent assessment that excludes them or throwing so much bureaucracy at them they give up claiming benefits, this is the reason Atos has quadrupled their profits. it is now well-known that they lose at 80% of cases they throw at tribunals. Guess who is paying for that! Thats right. Anyone but Atos.

So then, with all this backdoor discrimination built in, you try to complain and then you realise the complaints system is also set up to exclude you. first of all you have to contact the person that just abused you and engage with them, they might put a time limit on it. something like e.g. 8 weeks. No autistic person wants to fill out two institutions complaints forms and go through their procedures, which of course sits perfectly for them. When complaining about discrimination sending the person back their abuser is so obviously wrong.

The words on the web pages seem to say the right things:

You’re legally protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010.

If you ever try to follow up discrimination you will meet more discrimination, more tasks and more forms. you will be put in an anxiety time box, where you will be trapped in a gut wrenching torture up until a set date. inevitably, if or when you eventually reach the set date nothing will happen.

In reality, the equality act doesn’t exist. i know, ive tried to enforce it a bunch of times and nobody gives a shit. our systems view discrimination as an annoying hot potato that needs to be ejected or passed to someone else as quickly as possible.

The systems themselves are discriminatory. there is no recourse. you are fucked. It would be nice if everyone would just stop this inclusive language and just came straight out and say we are cunts that should just go away and die.

Hello, today it is my pleasure to add to the chorus of numbskulls spaffing their drivelling noise into the internet by saying Fuck Epic Games and Fuck Apple. I am particularly up for a nice cathartic keyboard rage this morning. Better it spew out onto this page than bother me in real life. Now its your problem, not mine.

Epics payment model involves using a psychologist to addict children to their game by tying money to emotional expression. Simply put, they are cunts.

30% is 1984 and 12% is merely capitalism.

Now these two billionaire companies would like the poor to fight out their issues in some kind of weird fake battle.

Epic Games now have a ‘crowd of 6 year olds raising their fists in defiance’ ((c) Kris Weston 2020) at the mighty Apple persecuting the downtrodden underdog, Epic Games. Personally, I cant see any difference between them except in percentage of commission. Epic coin it from fortnite, they are valued at $17.3 billion. This argument is actually about two billionaire companies having a tantrum.

You can even buy a fucking hat to fund this mighty battle.

buy a fucking hat you mug

The #FreeFortnite guff is obviously bullshit to us adults, but the thing that annoys me is they are manipulating kids with it. The game is supposed to be free but by starting playing with my friends kid I somehow have ended up spending 150 quid on it over a period of 4 months through a combination of being a soft twat and just being generally stupid ( i bought two copies of the game for us before i realised there is nothing in the game you buy other than GFX – i assumed i was unlocking some levels of some kind. doh.) Then i got addicted to playing with the kid, loved it ! got myself a few skins for a laugh, the kid wanted every skin ever, and hey presto ive spent 150 quid. God knows how much you could spend if you really got into it, there is no limit to it. The price of the skins is HUGE. i had to nip that in the bud.

Fuck Epic Games. But lets not stop there. Fuck Apple as well. 30% for a storefront is insanity. Somehow, these flashy pieces of web application seem to blind people to whats actually happening. All they do is provide a payment gateway and a download. If that is the main or even sole point of entry to the market i think its unreasonable for a company to start off taking a 30% hit just to able to sell something. When they whinge about server costs, they should pass the bandwidth over to the seller. In Epics case they do anyway, but that doesnt mean that Epic arent cunts.

In my opinion when a market or company gets too big, capitalism ceases to work in a much more obvious way than normal. The method of huge companies strong-arming control over the product outlet in multiple markets creates global monopolies that are harmful to us. Something like a communication network or storefront becomes too important and useful for the human race to trust to a profit driven group of people and should be forcibly taken and open sourced, globally free. Thats why these things should have been built into the internet itself, they tried at the beginning but it is now relegated to stuff geeks do.

Both of these companies can fuckoff. Apple can especially fuck right off for not even understanding how emagic designed logic audio. They bought a good product with a solid design ethos and proceeded to fuck it up from every angle you possibly could. Fuck Apple.

Right, now back to playing fortnite…

if you’ve been recently diagnosed as autistic or were thinking of phoning the national autistic society (NAS) for any advice, don’t bother. they are shite.

What part of your funds are you donating to the important cause of fighting the continuing abuse of autistic people at the hands of the DWP, PIP assessments, Atos and regional councils? Where is the legal money to help enforce the equality act, how are you helping autistic people claim PIP?

“er. do you want a leaflet on what autism is.”

No, actually I would prefer you do something about the people dying at the hands of these criminals. I would prefer you try and enforce the impotent laws they made to protect us that seem little more than lip service and have no bearing on the reality of everyday discrimination.

“You can try ringing someone else that either can’t help, doesn’t answer or has an out of date phone number on our records”

*facepalm oh. fuck. right. off.

imagine how many fucking leaflets we can send out with this little cash cow

The national autistic society is a backslapping media company that wastes money on bullshit that nobody needs at a time when disabled people are being culled. Their existence is pointless.

I just found out Frank Key is dead. http://hootingyard.org/

that sucks :/

In another breathtakingly incompetent and what I would consider abusive move, the Highland Council once again prove that they are complete fuds that are still waiting to evolve thumbs.

I live in a caravan in a field and the council just sent me a bill for 880 pounds for 6 months of water and council tax. that is around 5 x the entire rent the individuals who live in the house here pay for the entire year and twice the total amount of benefits universal credit would give me had I not told them to shove their disabled-culling neolioberal neo-nazi bullshit.

Cut to scene:

Woman with large breasts walks into her doctors appointment.


“OMFG mate yee got two fucking massive lumps on ye chest, ye probably have chest cancer. With lumps that size I give ye aboot 2 ‘oors to live, I’m going to have to call an ambulance reet noo.”

“Oh hold on, you’re not female are you?”

Councils love to make noises about how they help disadvantaged people – obviously over here in the real world they couldn’t give less of a fuck unless it affects their cushy little number. We recently complained about someone in the Highland Council employ who thought it was funny we are autistic. Here is Ms. McKandles breathtakingly incompetent investigation into our complaint of discrimination against Holly Hartley of Scott and Co:

She got someone else to phone and ask them if they did anything wrong.

They said no.

End of the investigation.

Yes that’s right, you just read a one-sentence discrimination investigation

Are you joking????? This reminds me of an IDF investigation. What qualifications does this person have to investigate discrimination cases ? This is outrageous.

And now the Highland council just called us liars :/

Why do the highland council exist ? What are they for ? What planet are they on? Making a disabled person on benefits pay 5 times their yearly rent in council tax for zero services seems to me to be ludicrous to the point of abuse.

My partner inherited the croft from her father who was killed on the road the council refuse to put a crossing on, it was empty for a long time because of inertia and the fact it was uninhabitable (no kitchen, bathroom, hot water or heating) yet they want 5 times the years rent in payments and 200% of the council tax for the time it was empty. This is a surcharge for disability. GTFO.

Ms McKandle fudwit or whatever her name is also fails to realise during the entire letter that she is investigating a case involving a disclosure of autism in 2015, and in the same letter says – oh we didnt know till 2018. She then goes on to make no mention of the disability exemption which should have been applied.