the clear and precise communication part of the equality act stops autistic people from experiencing more anxiety than they need BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY ANXIOUS PEOPLE.

Bristol Council go for national record by obeying the equality act for more than 2 hours!!

Despite initial engine problems and not knowing what the equality act is, Bristol eventually managed to communicate once with me in the way i asked for. this is the first UK institution to do so since I have been diagnosed.

Congratulations Bristol!

Unfortunately, this lasted for an extremely brief period and they then unsurprisingly reverted to the national standard. At this point in my post-diagnosis experience i conclude there is a tacitly accepted national policy of councils being forced to ignore the equality act. there has to be a certain amount of people ejected because there arent enough resources due to the incredible hoarding of wealth and property by the upper and middle classes of the UK and the failed system of capitalism.

Councils also contain an unacceptably large percentage of untrained people and a nepotistic and personal element which should not exist, if someone in a council decides they want to make life hard for you, there is no mechanism to stop them doing so. In the case of some councils there are multiple family members working within them. This does not allow the objectivity they need and often you will have unqualified housing team employees making the decisions that a highly qualified doctor should make. A doctor that went to learn for years on a specific subject, as opposed to someone that got bored working in costa and went for a council job.

whats it like having a few days left to live somewhere and nowehere to go afterwards?

the experience is so familiar to me it reminds me very much of the PTSD type feelings i have about certain things that have happened in my life. i will have physical reactions and movements and become extremely panicked and disorientated for a short while and i have to pull myself out. fortunately(?) due to the catastrophic PTSD i have experienced i have learnt to quickly try and think about something else as hard as i can and manage these thoughts. this is quite an effort.

there are many aspects to the terror of adding to autistic anxiety by having nowhere to go as well as there being many aspects to the terror of councils giving vague information about how they can help. when you are spinning plates, adding another one in doesnt help and councils will bombard you with demands and information from many people and departments as a matter of course. Heres a breakdown of how the council have broken the equality act so far in only a few days of communicating with them:


Bath council are a collection of ex-actors from ‘the league of gentleman’ who run a sort of amusement factory for narcissistic psychopathic neurotypical people. The idea is to drive as many disabled people to suicide as possible by confusing the hell out of them till it drives them into a panic and then hopefully homelessness and death. Don’t be confused by the name Bath in the title. All councils do exactly the same thing.

This is what their legal psychopaths call ‘settling in suitable accommodation’

it had to have a cover because water was getting in, causing mould and making me ill. notice i have painted the windows with whatever spray paint i found lying about to keep the light out. THATS BECAUSE I AM FUCKING AUTISTIC.

inside is lovely, complete with no hot water, no cold water, no water and no toilet except a bucket and a bottle. the en suite shower room contains a shower that doesn’t work. other features include a tap that doesn’t work and a sink that drains onto the floor. also contains a kettle that does work. i think the kettle feature is what is swaying bath councils legal decision that was made without consulting me at all.

if you think that’s bad you should see what’s behind that blue curtain.

Today I was gong to sit down and mess about with what i was doing which involves about 1500 samples. Instead some fucking muppet emailed me, so this is now happening. I haven’t had anywhere stable to live for years, im just generally fucking annoyed *and this is a pre-coffee article which is even worse. I AM FUCKING RAGING. good. lets get stuck in.

here is a form virgincare asked me to fill out after i asked Bath council to give me the legally mandated assessment they are supposed to give me under the care act. at first, i was shocked to see that virgincare are employed to deal with autistic people, shortly afterwards i could see why: they are there to cull us.

first of all the form is a barrier, creating autistic inertia, causing more stress. someone else should have put this data in. half of the data seems to be for the council to fill out, what is a liquid logic ID? anyone have a clue ? carefirst ID ? N.O.K.? doesnt seem like a form an autistic person should fill out seeing as they are mandated to provide us with clear communication. there was no explanation of what this form means i was just supplied it, expected to know what it all means and then ignored.

first page of a form given to me to fill out by one of Dick Bransons minions

In the next page of the form it asks, are you happy to have virgincare record your data, and if not why not? i said no and i said the reason for the no. i dont want branson getting hold of my data because he is trying to destroy whats left of the ableist NHS.

because i said this liana tonkin, the head of their autism team point blank refused to give me the assessment, flagrantly breaking the law. i recorded this phone call. this begs the question – why did they ask whether i want my data recorded or not when they wouldnt give me the assessment if i didnt!? it is again unclear communication and is completely illegal!

when it became clear that what i put in the data section of their form was actually what i thought in reality, liana sounded a bit panicked. she started to talk about lots of ways they could help me with lots of expensive things. as long as i submitted to their database. seeing as databases have ruined my life im hardly likely to want to be on another one.

the autistic exclusion policy that virgincare have adopted cannot realistically be seen in any other way than as directly targeting us. a lot of autistic people are highly controlling about their data and communications.

i love autistic people, my daughter even says so online

This is richard fucking branson. i fucking hate richard fucking branson, as does well, everyone i know or have met. i have yet to meet anyone singing richard fucking bransons praises. i have yet to meet anyone who didnt think branson is a smug turd.

The purpose of this article shall be: Richard Fucking Branston Pickled Tax Dodging NHS suing cunt WILL NOT EVER have any of his businesses near any autistic people ever again. what the fuck is this cunt doing in care for vulnerable people ? i mean, what the fucking fuck ? and then they try to publicly deny the NHS is not being purposefully dismantled. well, there you go branson has taken over care for vulnerable people. i wouldn’t trust him with pinocchios nose, he would probably stick it up his ass.

‘lie for me boy’

the disconnect between the law, the public face and what actually happens in reality is now reaching dadaist levels. we are at defcon fucking 99 and people are dying because of this, this aint a fucking joke. neurodivergent people are more likely to off themselves than a normal person because of our brain-wiring and what the various institutions of the UK do to us – euphemistically referred to as ‘societal barriers‘. It pains me that although i just about have the ability to grit my teeth and endure the abuse these ableist institutions dish out, there are many more like me that killed themselves.

‘i am all the way down to the bottom now’

There is some fucking law nobody gives a shit about that states all government employees must have training in autism. so far i have only ever met one guy who had a clue, a few weeks ago, and ive met a lot. the overall main reason ive met a lot of them over the years is precisely because they dont have any training in autism. If they have had training they are either ignoring it, forgotten it or the training is shite. I could literally train them in 10 minutes for so-called high-functioning Neuro-Bollocogy but nobody else in the world can sort that out lol. it seems i am autistic peoples last hope, the only person in the UK able of sorting out something very simple in 10 minutes. WTF!?!£?@$

Theres another stupid fucking law of this shitty cultured proto-fascist land that says if someone is diagnosed as autistic they must receive an assessment to see if they have care needs etc. after a quick rummage through my internet underpants i see that this was on the 26th of Feburary 2019. The various councils of england i have lived under during this time have all not bothered to do an assessment and are in breach of the laws they made for themselves which incidentally i didnt vote for:

that was one year six months ago

in that time the following councils all failed to do it, made my living situation worse and caused me immense distress i cannot really quantify in words.

During that time Atos and the DWP all ignored my cries for help. i told them i thought i might be autistic before i was diagnosed. their answer was my claim for PIP benefits was refused and they petitioned the tribunal judge to stop my case saying it was ‘a waste of time’. the tribunal is just as corrupt as them and i refused to have any part of it. i won anyway, but i was given the lowest amount of help they could offer and refused a large part of the benefit that helps you travel. they sent me a recording of what they said about that part. some woman i have never met before is on the tape, she says ‘it seems he can get around ok because he moves house so much’. this made my fucking blood boil, i grabbed a really cute kitten and strangled it and then built a space cannon which blasted the bloodied corpse into orbit.

these systems are directly responsible for me moving around so much, they use their own failures as an excuse to help me less.

as the utterly pointless national autistic society point out on their website, post diagnostic support is ‘vital’, ive begged for it countless times and theyve told me to fuckoff every time. ive registered for doctors and every time they move me on, each one tells me to fuckoff or as in the case of the Pulteney Practice in Bath ‘you can see a psychologist when hell freezes over’.

when they break the law what you have to do is fill out a form and send it to the complaints department! then you wait 8 weeks and then you can fill out a bunch more forms and spend lots more time explaining it all to another ombudsman type system, inevitably to be told to fuckoff. wtf. you fill out fucking forms? You give someone who is disabled by tasks another task because you fucked up and broke the law ? that seems wrong to me.

why is everyone a cunt ? why is everyone dumb as shit ?

oh do fuckoff

While researching for this article i found a ludicrous virgincare article about how they love autistic adults so much and how they are improving their lives by getting them a job in IT. This glowing codswallop turned out to be written by…. smugfaces daughter holy branson. Its possible shes the only person in the world who believes it so what better person to write it.

What happens if we dont want a job in IT? i do enough IT for my friends, everyone wants a computer expert i would hate to do it for a job. Being a music producer already involves a shitload of high level IT if you are any good at it. This also seems to ignore the fact each autistic person has a particular focus in their life that is usually very limited, if its not in IT i guess virgincare dont want to know.

The obvious problem with them saying they love us autistic adults so much is that they want to cull us. they quite clearly want to exclude us from a care assessment, something which would be the first step to getting ourselves in a more manageable position and being recognised as well, hating the fucking world you NTs built. Apparently though, if you happen to not like someone who is trying to dismantle the NHS, you are not eligible for treatment on the NHS or its sub-contractors in these weirdly fascist times.

virgincare indicate on their website that they are a non-profit company

i read the bullshit article then i found this peach, they seem to think they are a non-profit company or something, they are actually psychopathic.

in order to take virgincare to court about this i first needed the information they held on me. during this arduous process which is still not over they used every trick they could to delay me or put me off. After shelter wrote to them asking for it they delayed and then demanded ID verification from them. The solicitor told me that the permission was granted and then revoked, he told me he suspected they did it on purpose just to be difficult.

virgincare know autistic people live on the edges of existence and small things can put them off completely and stop them from completing tasks. they use this to their advantage.

after i sacked the ableist charity called shelter i took over the information request myself, because i needed another fucking task in my life. i sent them a letter demanding the information yet again. another sub company emailed me saying they were writing on behalf of virgincare. they wanted to assign me another task of entering a suspect ‘encrypted’ website portal of some kind (most websites are encrypted thats what the https means).

i dont go on portals, i use PGP if i want privacy so i told them to forget that. this took up again more time, again had no clear communication at all. i had to bang on about how they are breaking the law in order to get them to respond outside of the portal. one of em ignored me. after yet more time, i found another who seemed to want to do it.

virgincare attempting to use autistic kryptonite to deflect my superpowers

then another task, they wanted my ID proof yet again. but one wasnt good enough they also wanted proof of an address i dont have. Shelter spent weeks unsuccessfully attempting to get a simple SAR out of them (a legal right everyone in the UK has) and they wanted to make out like i just emailed them 5 minutes ago. they wanted a passport and proof of the address they were responsible for me having to leave. i no longer had anywhere to live because of their failure and they wanted my address.

at this point i was ready to kill more really cute kittens, but this time by putting them through a meat grinder, making a furry burger out of them and then boring a hole into the centre of the earth and launching the burger into it. (if youre having trouble with that it means i was very annoyed)

god knows how much distress, anguish and time wasted virgincare have caused in my life. i have spent the entirety of today dealing with this and writing this record of their behaviour. i spent ages already trying to get them to obey the law, why is it me that has to chase to this up? where is the enforcement of this law? i dont want to spend all this time doing this, i want to make fucking music!

its time these charlatans were kicked out of health entirely and thats what we should campaign for. fuck fake non-profits profiting from public health!


how our systems use forms to generate money from autistic people

No i don’t want to fill in your fucking form or give you my fucking date of birth.


When i see a form it makes me want to ram it up the ass of the person waving it at me and then beat their body to a pulp with a lump hammer. In this age of digital sharing the amount of paper forms that still exist is mind boggling. Why? What for ? I am just writing the same information over and over again on a piece of paper. This would seem the ideal time to involve computers, but nobody seems to have done it yet. Why? Stop wasting my fucking lifetime with your fucking forms.

Forms combined with the data protection act (laws designed to protect our systems from legal action) allow our systems to discriminate against autistic people.

i am so fucking sick of being given tasks by government agencies. with the new rise of the ‘right-wing’ or what i call psychotic narcissists – there has been a rise in bureaucratic forms seemingly designed solely to piss me off and drive me to Meltdown.

Autistic people have problems with the tasks and demands of the world created by and for NTs. You would think that with all the noises councils and other government institutions make about being inclusive and valuing disabled people that they would have gone out of their way to streamline the amount of paperwork autistic people receive. You would like to think that, but what actually happens in the real world is the opposite.

We can make a valuable contribution to society they say at the same time as overloading us with bullshit.

All this stuff is just lip service bullshit like the equality and care acts. meaningless hot air that is repeated round and round, because if you repeat the truth enough it eventually sinks in. thanks george. the modern life of an autistic person contains many more forms than a neuro-typical would receive.

Often at the doctors you will get 3 forms. each one asking for the same name. date and address. if like me the care system has moved you over 15 times in several years, you have to keep registering with a doctor in every new place you go, only to be told to move on again by Universal Credit before you get any treatment. In the times i have got through to a doctor, the quality of care is absolutely awful / non-existent, especially in Scotland. the NHS is essentially already dead, but people don’t want to admit it.

Why do you get more forms for being autistic ? more tasks means you are disabling us more. why are we forced to endure this whole fractured and ridiculously long-winded method of modern life while at the same time you all sing the chorus of how we have difficulty with it? if they really cared they would streamline it.

One of the examples of how this drives real profit is asking disabled people or people with PTSD to revisit traumatic parts of their life in a sterile office room in front of a random ‘health professional’ who has no experience in psychology or psychiatry. It is compounded by the fact you know that if you do manage to disclose anything you will receive no support or advantage. one of my friends was asked to do so and remains not receiving disability benefits because they forced him to walk out. His behaviour was completely normal for someone with his trauma. To think that these ‘health professionals’ or the people that designed the grotesquely inhuman points based questionnaire system didnt know this would exclude people with trauma seems highly unlikely.

Another method is providing a criminally negligent assessment that excludes them or throwing so much bureaucracy at them they give up claiming benefits, this is the reason Atos has quadrupled their profits. it is now well-known that they lose at 80% of cases they throw at tribunals. Guess who is paying for that! Thats right. Anyone but Atos.

So then, with all this backdoor discrimination built in, you try to complain and then you realise the complaints system is also set up to exclude you. first of all you have to contact the person that just abused you and engage with them, they might put a time limit on it. something like e.g. 8 weeks. No autistic person wants to fill out two institutions complaints forms and go through their procedures, which of course sits perfectly for them. When complaining about discrimination sending the person back their abuser is so obviously wrong.

The words on the web pages seem to say the right things:

You’re legally protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010.

If you ever try to follow up discrimination you will meet more discrimination, more tasks and more forms. you will be put in an anxiety time box, where you will be trapped in a gut wrenching torture up until a set date. inevitably, if or when you eventually reach the set date nothing will happen.

In reality, the equality act doesn’t exist. i know, ive tried to enforce it a bunch of times and nobody gives a shit. our systems view discrimination as an annoying hot potato that needs to be ejected or passed to someone else as quickly as possible.

The systems themselves are discriminatory. there is no recourse. you are fucked. It would be nice if everyone would just stop this inclusive language and just come straight out and say we are cunts that should just go away and die.

written when bath council failed in their duty to prevent homelessness


I am currently looking for my 20 millionth place in a few years. During the hours and hours of scanning for the peace i have been searching for I have endured many refusals. Each one increasing my anxiety to the point i am in total panic. Three weeks left to find a house.

After i was diagnosed the psychologist said to me ‘dont worry the diagnosis will make things easier’


its true there are laws to protect my kind of brain and rightly so cos im fucking amazing but the reality of it is; people ignore those laws and use loopholes which can be (legally albeit immorally) applied to non-disabled people in order to bypass autistic people. There are quite a few news articles on this, zoopla banned the practice of NO DSS but it still goes on across the board via two other mechanisms. most of these agents advertise on zoopla as well and ignore their ban. it is time these people address this problem. right now please cos i need a home and i want to create something fucking good. stop getting in my way!

all along the chain of people who make money from your basic human necessity; the government, the local council, the website, the agents who blame it on the mortgage company down to the person on a buy to let scheme who already has a house and a job – they all ignore the law. In a housing crisis you would think one house is enough for one person but our over-reliance in investment in property and the huge bubble it has caused perpetuates the situation that nobody will address. You would think *one house is enough, but what about 50 houses ? 400 houses ? Where does it stop ?

On the face of it the market and properties law they introduced had measures to eliminate agents stipulating NO DSS. Several legal cases had been fought and won thereby creating a legal precedent. These weren’t even disabled people, these were single mothers who were being discriminated against because they had to look after their child.

A few years ago struggling on the 5 year housing freeze, with council tax on top taking away my benefit and agents demanding no DSS it was impossible to get anywhere then but the new laws have made it even harder. Now they are just excluding poor people across the board without mentioning benefits. the ‘affordability’ test (30 x 1 months rent per annum) is the first way of excluding disabled people and people on benefits, blaming it on a mortgage company they refuse to name is the other method.

I and many other autistic people are being institutionally discriminated against, laws are just blanket ignored and thats why i am typing letters on my keyboard. Dont make me type all this bollocks out and nothing happen about it. I dont want another autistic person to go through this ever again and i want a blanket law across the entire letting industry that is *enforced* by somebody else, I shouldnt be sitting here having to enforce laws that already exist.

I get overburdened by tasks, its kind of built into my brain-wiring, when i have to do a million things at once it becomes overwhelming and can lead to me melting down, becoming seriously depressed and/or suicidal. I am not unusual among autistic people. You cannot imagine the level of doom that moving for the 300th time with no options to chose from creates in an autistic brain. Every now and then my brain sends me involuntary pictures of myself in a bath full of blood. my subconscious thinks its time i give up, but i disagree because i dont want my story to end in such a wimp out. the level of determination it takes to fucking power through this shit is herculean. RAWWWWRRRRRRR. STOP GETTING IN MY WAY

my personal background level of stress

I have got a hernia that causes me immense distress. i think the injury really making my life a lot shorter, ive begged and begged and the NHS wont do anything. I cant feel my leg for about 4 years, some physio said the nerve had died by now and i would have to rebuild it with b12 and sciatic flossing and other techniques. now some planta facilitus has developed and my body is falling apart. The NHS wont do anything about any of it. Even after my autism diagnosis, no doctor has deemed it important enough to have whats called ‘vital’ post-diagnosis treatment, The council have a legal duty to assess my needs once i am diagnosed. 1 year four months later, nothing has been done. (edit: we are years past it now)

On top of the background level of health stress i am fighting the DWP to get assessed, the council cant be bothered to do it either, now they can just blame it on the virus which gets em off the hook for everything, but lets not pretend the time before the virus was any different.

the council did hand me over to virgincare believe it or not, they have taken over the assessments process in this area. Liana Tonkin the head of their autism team refused to give me an assessment without sharing my confidential medical information with richard bransons company. what? WTF!?!?! no way! first of all giving me an ultimatum is a sure fire way of getting fucked right off. secondly they provided a form to apply which asked me whether i wanted to share my information and i said no. Why have a form that asks me whether i want to if you are actually going to refuse me a legally mandated assessment if i say no! insanity. and its me with the ‘disorder’ apparently. no actually, its you lot! This incident is highly likely to end up in court as it should have done already.

I am trying to get another doctor because after months of begging he wouldnt even put me on a waiting list, let me see anyone or give me any medication. I was like what am i supposed to do go on the internet and buy it. he said yeah ok. seriously. he denied it afterwards of course. the other doctor there told me i can see a psychologist ‘when hell freezes over’.


this whole situation is insane. im doing all this crap and trying to plan out how i can get on with my work, which is highly fucking complicated and takes a lot of my brain space. I am trying to build a PC with a CUDA accelerated GPU in order to run a bunch of AI music code and i dont need this other stuff. The kicker is that on top of all this, i am expected to be able to raise the funds to take rightmove and its agents to court for breaking the law or spend the time begging solicitors to do it for free cos you can bet you wont get legal aid anymore thereby rendering the justice system entirely hypocritical and useless.

So now we know where the stereotypical slimy estate agent trope comes from, but we always knew really didnt we ? they continue their methods without shame even when confronted.

how agents, mortgage companies and private buyers discriminate against autistic people

the most common ones is to either just not reply or blame it on a mortgage company. they even do it when the landlord doesnt have a mortgage. here is one example of the church doing it through the despicably discriminatory agents inskip and davie who come from a place called sandy (vagina):

i had no interest in renting this property, i want a long term space for the peace i probably will never get but the wording of this was interesting nonetheless.

a church owned property with a mortgage!

if you read the above carefully you will find that the agent states the church have a mortgage on the property and that the property is ‘church owned’ in the same ad.

i am sure the mortgage company would change their contract if i asked them nicely or if not, i can always take them to court as they are not allowed to exclude me (for the millionth time) the only chance you have of any kind of redress is through the TPO, the website that the agents advertise on or the equality commission, these are mostly useless and a judge is the best solution to this problem.

i phoned shelter about this, they confirmed i am correct but the man on the phone pretty much implied that its ignored. wow. what the hell is the point of government and laws ?

unfortunately court in the UK does not seem to exist for poor people, i have a bunch of cases i could take to court but shelter are the only ones doing it it seems. i called the disability law firm, they seem to be interested in PIP tribunals because its easy money i guess.

if you are going to make laws that stipulate you cannot discriminate against autistic people then fucking apply them for fuck sake. otherwise stop pretending to me they exist just dump em. what we have now is a culture of ignorance that they even exist whether it be wilful or not.

During every piece of discrimination i have received and pointed out; every single person who has discriminated against me has said they have not discriminated against me. this is highly fucking annoying actually. would you discriminatory people stop fucking doing that please. its pissing me the fuck off and i youre making me swear more. see ?

heres another example of a reply, i could post 100s of these, all pretty much the same answer. this guy refused and i asked him why since my rent was paid for me. a legal person called this ‘…an impressively stupid response given the actual court judgments on benefit discrimination’ the thing about how hes black and so he has more discrimination than me while he is a landlord discriminating against me is interestingly meta.

yes paul it would be their choice and right to do so if the law on that hadnt changed ages ago :D also. why are you a landlord ? :D

“Hi Kristian

I thought I would respond to you by saying that as a black man I am subject to the greatest level of discrimination on earth yet I do not think that every time I get no for an answer that is because of the colour of my skin.

I know many black people who have a different mindset than mine who spend most of their life being unhappy and negative as they seem to spend their time looking for discrimination when it often does not exist.

The landlords criteria is simple, if possible, they would prefer to have a person or persons who are working and earn at least three times what the asking price of the rent is each month which means that this person or persons will be able to afford to pay their rent even if something unforeseen happens, this is their choice and it is their right to do so.

Also the insurance which covers the property prohibits them from having tenants who are in receipt of benefits.

Sorry I cannot help you further.

Best wishes



give benefits

make benefits a lot less than it costs to rent and survive

charge council tax

This letter arrived yesterday. It is a perfect example of a letter you should not send to an autistic person and its worth writing why.


This is the kind of thing that can ruin your day, and physiologically change you within seconds. Even the act of the letter arriving can cause a panic attack. The worry it inspires delays opening it. Putting it off makes you even more anxious about what’s inside. It might be something that you have put off due to inertia that you are going to be punished for. Whatever it is, its probably the worst :/

Then after all that worry and anxiety you work up the courage to rip it open and its just the BBC begging for cash for their biased bullshit. They must spend a lot of money sending all these full colour letters out, they have sent me hundreds in the 25 years I haven’t had a TV. Never answered one of these, now I am answering for my family.


“The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

1) To provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them: the BBC should provide duly accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programming to build people’s understanding of all parts of the United Kingdom and of the wider world…”

The BBC’s utter codswallop

The BBC, the channel that is basically a huge advertisement for the State and directly involved in the new rise of the right-wing / neoliberal / suicidal lunacy that has caused so much hardship for autists and other disabled people. Why the fuck would we want to pay for their propaganda? One wonders for the sanity of these people and it’s me that’s classed as having a mental ‘disorder’.

In fact, the bias thing is interesting as both left and right claim bias, somewhat validly in my opinion. The BBC is the mouthpiece of the British State. The State is neither right nor left as those are simply convenient tropes to manipulate the masses. They are totally run by, and for the British Oligarchs / Elites / Rulers – the people who actually have power in the State. In other words, money talks, peasants die.

There’s a reason I dumped my TV 25 years ago. It was triggered by a book called Amusing Ourselves to death by Neil Postman, a previous student of Marshall Mcluhan. I see it like a laymans, more digestible form of some of the ideas expressed in ‘Understanding Media‘. Despite the religious overtones some exceptional points are raised that literally made me throw my TV out immediately afterwards.

Here is my message to the BBC licence robots:

Your constant threats to leverage violence, anxiety and force your way into our home to check whether we watch your utter propaganda shit is discriminatory and completely hypocritical. You have broken your own charter and thereby the law and you then start trying to use the same law to profit from harassing disabled people. Don’t wave your fucking double standards in my face.

Here’s a quick list off the top of my head of ways you have broken your own charter. Once you start doing actual journalism I would consider paying for your service. I do not see this happening at any point ever.

The BBC want to be funded by me ? I would rather bungee jump off St. Pauls with my own intestines. GTFO.

my first PIP assessment

original article from 2018 (before my diagnosis) about this drew 5k+ shares in a few weeks. the shocking negligence of atos is explained here in Disability News.

Atos give commission on each assessment completed.

I recently tried to get help because I cry a n unnatural amount about my dogs (I lost 7 dogs at the same time and it makes me want to scoop my eyeballs out with spoons), I want to top myself and I hate the human race, I think I’m also slightly autistic in some way (undiagnosed because i keep getting abused) and hyper-sensitive to noise. I’m just generally mental I suppose you could call it. luckily help was at hand from PIP!

(I believe I was suffering from PTSD which I have managed to doggedly suppress now after about two years. the memories feel like hand grenades in my soul. i avoid them at all costs and quickly walk away from anyone who mentions dogs)

In the first line of the ten pages i wrote explaining my problems it says ‘ every time I ask for help I keep getting abused’ – and unfortunately this was no different. here’s the recording of me going to get help.

After i spent 3 days writing up a report of my lifes problems which could be summarised in an hour (lol) i asked them to come over to my house to see the soundproofing i built around my bed so I could show them i am hyper-sensitive to noise. I said I got anxious about things as well and generally didnt go out, they said they didn’t care and they wouldn’t come. ok fine. in order to make the appointment I had to stay up because i was so anxious about it. i sat and waited 11 hours watching shit on TV waiting for the appointment time, by the time it came I was knackered. took the 45 min bus ride, spending 50% of my net worth on that lol and when i arrived half hour early thinking i would have plenty of time for everything they said they wouldn’t be able to do the appointment for another 1 hour 15 minutes as they were running late. I sat there for an hour then asked – what’s going on. Well, you can hear the rest. I was abused, shown no compassion or respect whatsoever, was not even asked what my problems were.

Then when they tried to deny something they just said a minute previous I informed them I recorded it. They looked angry and told me that its illegal, despite recording me on CCTV at that very moment and every time I phone them without my permission. I phoned the police and asked them, they said its fine, its not illegal. It’s a civil matter if the person doesn’t like the recording being released. so whoever these people are – sue me if you dont like it – by the time you do it will already be plastered all over the internet and I’ve sent it out to everyone I know and twitter. so far its received over 1000 RT’s, many outraged comments from people and I have heard from so many people in the same position.

This whole thing was a big deal for me and many other people asking for help.

Atos are also deliberately lying about whether it is legal to record an assessment and that’s quite apart from the abject lack of compassion and negligence. When confronted with this on the phone (not recorded) they continued to assert it was illegal, despite me saying I just got off the phone asking the police about it.

I’m going to go with what the police told me at 13.29 on the 26th of October 2018 as the most accurate piece of information out of the two which seems reasonable to me.

here is the recording of the actual assessment:

IT IS NOT OK TO DOWNLOAD THIS!!! – this is personal enough as it is so here it stays nowhere else please ta.

I’m still trying to figure out what i actually got thrown out for and the complaint about the behaviour has not even been answered (update: almost one year later the complaint still has not been answered). When it had 5k+ shares I had a special person allocated to me, when I got overloaded with that account and deleted it, the person disappeared and they stopped answering my messages.

One person says I am confrontational, you can hear it and make up your own mind as to whether my calm questions are such. (that person was not present for the 2 minute interview and based that judgement on me asking ‘how long its going to be before someone sees me’ after missing their appointment time by an hour)

The other person says its the way I ‘presented’ myself. (that person was not present for the 2 minute interview) – I now realise what they were actually doing is asking me to stop being autistic in a place supposedly designed to help people with disabilities.

In the one place you might think you could let your anxiety actually out because you are with a supposed professional – nope! you’re not allowed to be mentally ill in a centre to assess mental illness. I knew it was bad but this is a whole nother level. The only thing i can think of is they were trying to get me out because they were behind schedule as mad as it sounds, or perhaps there is some secret directive ala the recent universal credit whistleblower.

at no point did anyone ask me what was the matter with me :(

I want to thank the pip consultation centre in Leeds for the wonderful experience of trying not to cry in front of all the old people on the 45 minute bus journey home.

You wonder how the hell they are equipped to deal with psychotic people who properly kick off if they start to freak out over my perfectly reasonable questions. tbh they sounded more mentally ill than me on the tape.

Finally, I will end this with the first paragraph of the semi-prophetic clump of paper I had in my pocket while the audio was recording. It’s a 10 page long description of my problems which I now realise they were completely uninterested in. oops got political at the end!

this guide is also applicable to other institutions that claim authority through the threat of torture, violence or starvation.

Hi. My name is Kris. I am a late diagnosis autist with special powers. This document is the result of many years of misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding my words and actions. My personal problems mainly stem around communication, sensory noise issues and PDA.

Discrimination against autists is rampant at all levels. Nobody even knows what autism is and nobody gives a fuck. A diagnosis is just a ticket to more demands you don’t want. Try and get help they tell you. You later find that help doesn’t exist. Whether diagnosed or not, as an autistic you are more at risk of violence, being locked up or even sectioned for simply being autistic. So-called high-functioning autistics are 9x more likely to commit suicide.

Reading the autistic communities horror stories about untrained police locking up autistic people and the DVLA fining you £1000 if you don’t tell them you are autistic was my first experience of post-diagnosis life.

When I hit rock bottom for the 1000th time, I finally asked for help from the doctor. They treated me in such an appalling manner it caused a meltdown (with additional throat cancer anxiety). I thought the PIP benefit system was the way I would finally get to see someone who properly knew what they were on about. I was sure once I detailed my symptoms they would notice there was definitely something wrong and get me straight onto a professional psychologist. The ten page document I wrote never even came out of my pocket. This is what happened. I was so incensed I uploaded the recording. It caused a news article: *facepalm

I later learned there are no doctors at PIP. They call them ‘health professionals’ now which could basically mean you are seeing a failed physiotherapist about autism, which I would call criminally negligent. This is not an exaggerated metaphor, this is an actual real-world example from one of the 100’s of horror stories I have heard since sharing the recording of Atos.

Your mental state examination showed you had a normal facial expression.

Independent Assessment Services (PIP) special X-Ray mental health scan

This would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t me they were talking about. As part of a Mitchell and Webb sketch I can really see it working.

So in short: no. help. whatsoever.

In the short time I have been diagnosed I have noticed similarities in traits, thought processes and problems with other autistic people on the internet. These seem to vary in many ways across the ‘spectrum’ but here are some points I noticed in other autistics that it is important the DWP and the neuro-typical in general understands and it will lead to greater harmony between us. And the eventual destruction of your kind. Just Kidding.

When we encounter these problems, it is not merely a case of something we don’t like a bit, like an NT preference, the anxiety we face is NOTHING LIKE YOURS, it is all-encompassing and precludes a normal existence. To say it is like yours is discrimination. The psychologist described it like living on an ‘anxiety scale’, you are OK when you are lower down the scale, but when it hits the top the inevitable meltdowns occur.

A meltdown is what happens when you hit the top of the anxiety scale. Some of the problems listed above drive us further up this scale in different ways according to different people. Meltdowns are expressed in different ways which may appear as confrontational or challenging behaviours to the neuro-typical / non-autistic person. These are in fact, defensive, reactive behaviours due to our sensory environment, social interaction, anxiety and past experiences. Once a Meltdown occurs, altho some autists may have specific ways to exit, the event itself is immutable. The NT mind and corporate world is seemingly unable to cope in any way at all with Meltdowns and seems to deliberately want to cause them. We would like this to stop please.

By understanding how it is triggered, you can understand the behaviour and react accordingly. Increasing the pressure on an autist, using force or pushing the issue is the very very very very last thing you should do, especially during a Meltdown.

Increasingly it seems expressions of emotion are penalised and using swear words (common emotive words) can be filed under ‘aggressive’, ‘threatening’ or even ‘violent’ by the state. Take my example; After what I would call two years of just plain torture, I called the DWP Nazis and swore by typing letters into my keyboard via a script which repeated it around and around. This shows how rubbish their web application is but never mind that.

This behaviour is not extreme frustration at years of torture but is now re-branded as ‘violent’ in order to drive profits. When I now visit the DWP I have to be behind a glass screen like an accused murderer. Its a petty act and not particularly compatible with an anxiety-based illness as it just increases the likelihood of more Meltdown and similar behaviour.

The DWP followed that up with a letter containing a threat of litigation against my disability saying it would cost me at least 5k in legal costs if I didn’t stop being autistic. This is also not ideal anxiety wise for the autist, but I am willing to attempt to prove in court that the current ideology of the right wing is so similar to Nazism as to be worthy of assuming the name. Even the current geopolitical and economic situation is quite similar to the 1940’s.

Because saying the word fuck is much worse than acting out the word Nazi

my best mate

Conversely if the state fails in its duty of care to the people, there is no database box which we can tick to penalise it. not even the voting system which is being tirelessly manipulated by our press and god knows what external and internal interests. not even if it completely ignores our cries for help, not even if it starves and kills us, not even if it breaks all criminal and moral laws to do so, not even if it is slated by the UN, not even if it is held in contempt of parliament, not even if it tanks the entire country. no. come. back. whatsoever.

The world is designed mostly by business, with the increasing pressure to ‘corporatise’ existence now valuing profit over human life and with outrageous cuts and a shift to a database driven environment that limits human behaviour to an extremely narrow band of neuro-typical reactions. This discriminates against autists, seeing as their brains do not work in the same way as the people responsible for making this abomination of a system. It seems the word ‘neuro-typical’ was invented simply because people are so bigoted they have to create a whole special word to remind them not to be.

Autistic people with well-developed masks may do better in certain situations compared to autistics without masking skills. Still, masking may come with a heavy cost, leading to physical exhaustion, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and burnout. The mask can breed self-loathing, leading the wearer to believe the unmasked person is somehow damaged, flawed, or broken.

Christa Holmans – Neurodivergent Rebel

There is a total lack of training on autism pretty much everywhere and we are a significant portion of the population :/ I have highly developed masks for different situations. Using them is boring. I prefer to be myself.

One fascinating consequence of my identification as an autistic person is that I can now tell when I’m launching into social adaptations that go beyond the me I’m more comfortable with. There must be shades of masking, gradations if you will. Some late diagnosed autistic writers I’ve encountered (via blogging) write about the difficulty in knowing where the line is between the adaptations they’ve learned and the ‘authentic self’. Articulate and deeply intelligent beings they often conclude that there is no such line.

Sonia Boue

The word ‘actually’ (as in the #actuallyautistic tag on twitter) is used by autists because people keep mistaking us for and treating us the same as NT’s. it means YES our brains are actually different to yours. In some ways they are better, but they are terrible at navigating the world made by your brains. In some ways the world you have created is diametrically opposed to how we are. the constant demands are particularly difficult as many of us experience PDA and have difficultly with the large amounts of petty and meaningless tasks that are part of normal modern living and don’t even need to exist.

What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.

Temple Grandin

I could take many examples, from the NHS, private companies mental health assessments, there are numerous cases of abuse, far too many to list here. Most of the examples could be perhaps summarised by a failure to conform to current discriminatory and criminal law and a deep disdain for human life over profit. Treating humans as corporate SQL database entries is in my opinion not an avenue we should be travelling down. The PIP and other government assessments do not cater for autists at all and are criminally negligent.

This all boils down to the fact that at some point someone, somewhere thought it was a good idea to apply the working principles of large corporations to human beings, What has resulted is a devastating catastrophe that is killing many people and shames the UK. Lets stop doing that.

The very notion you can have a word which ‘offends’ is in itself dumb, like the human race. I like to think of us as more evolved than that but we aren’t, its just me. After the burden of an ASD diagnosis I remembered a t-shirt I had made for a school trip which simply said ‘FUCKOFF’. I have always wanted everyone to fuckoff, and I have always loved swearing. When the internet was invented and you could go on and tell people you don’t know to fuckoff I was absolutely delighted.

ahh those were the days, I remember myself and an old friend scrolling through a usenet group insulting Hardly Davidson riders, crying with laughter. I miss that guy.

look, the prime minister just said shit in parliament

everyone swears, every day.

for some odd reason all the people i know who are extremely good at computer security swear. e.g. my friends wifi network name is ‘cunt’, he works for large companies, the government etc and then there’s this other guys password which is ‘cuntcuntcuntcuntcunt’ thats 5 cunts. he always says that every time anyone asks him the wifi password. shit should i have mentioned that? oh soz :D youll just have to guess which wifi network it is out of the millions in the UK. good exercise. off you go.

People who swear are more honest says the independent, a more rounded, intelligent view is here. I am of the less ‘socially acceptable’ type ‘brutally honest’ i think. But does this mean I should be excluded from health care or anything else?

People in my life have always encouraged me to swear. Nobody ever tried to stop me swearing or call me violent or aggressive for it up until the new rise of the right-wing. Mostly they just laughed and also used casual high-frequency swearing. Swearing is like a filter, if someone gets offended by the word fuck I don’t want to know them, they are stupid. So that saves me time.

In the beginning social media seemed like a fairy-tale playground for calling all the politicians I hate so much total cunts and at the same time you could have a good old laugh telling religious people how stupid they are. Like the 70s movie airplane, people took it for the good humoured bollocks it was. Nowadays you would be ejected from the site after one post and have people outside your house wanting to club you to death.

The fact is there is an extremely large portion of the population that agrees with me. I know because I’ve met a shitload of them and hardly any of them give a fuck about swearing. Swearing is only bad when an institution or corporate entity wants to make more money for their shareholders at your expense. The everyday swearing in the media and from celebrities and politicians is all fine and never penalised. Threatening nuclear war on people on the internet is all no worries as well.

The ridiculous corporatisation and homogenisation of everything has led to this situation where speech is now being vigilantly policed, but not because these words are ‘offensive’. People are excluded from society for profit, banned collections of syllables are just a useful tool to generate cash

In fact, some of the most stuck up immoral cunts (many religious) are the ones who find these words offensive (when they need to). Maybe say in the 1950’s or something you could say taking ‘offence’ at words would be a bit different but really, can we get over that one now please, its getting old.

Swearing to me seems nothing more than a ‘hard’ expression of emotion but now because I utter a banned series of syllables I can be arrested or physically abused by the states agents or its private security firms and I can have my healthcare removed. This could now even happen if I *type* those words on a keyboard. It has gotten completely out of control.

Offence is ruining the world and offence at words is the first defence of the abusive state, take this recent example after Phillip Alston absolutely crucified the conservative government in his UN report :

“I was disappointed to say the least by the extraordinary political nature of his language; that sort of language was wholly inappropriate.”

Works and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd responds to remarks made about poverty in the UK by UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston.

Amber Rudd was not disappointed that the DWP has failed in its duty of care. not disappointed at the 120,000 deaths since the inception of austerity, not disappointed at the anguish, the despair, not disappointed that many people felt the only answer was to end their life. DISAPPOINTED BY THE LANGUAGE. There’s a decent example of how they do it, deflect from the issue to the language. Everyday feminism puts it quite well in this article and what autistic people face is a similar #EverydayDiscrimination. I wish we could stop living in this dream world of utopian personal ideals and just have a basic rule of law even, and I say that as an anarchist because these people make my life a living hell.

I need actual medication to deal with the systems that have been setup and ruined by capitalists, my life under them feels like torture. thats how bad it is. Without better systems, or even with a really low amount of respect and understanding all that could disappear but I am driven to edges of existence and depths of despair that autistic people shouldn’t have to go down, because people want to make money. There are laws to protect us from exactly this but nobody gives a shit about them. The care system should not rely on people that care to work and at the moment you have to beg the right person to be even noticed (if you are lucky).

in a recent conversation with some Dr Magoo (Dr Unskill i think his name was) at the Pulteney ‘practice’ in Bath I was told i could have a follow-up diagnostic appointment for my autism diagnosis when ‘hell freezes over’. That was the like 50th time I have asked for what the NAS refers to as ‘vital’ post diagnosis treatment and it is now 1.5 years after my diagnosis. I still havent even had 30 minutes with anyone bar clueless GPs who want you out of the room ASAP.

Offence at words saves corporate entities money, and its the first thing to attack regardless whether the subject matter is true or not. If I walk into an Atos assessment and call them all cunts, they will throw me out and save the DWP one whole persons benefits payments, a considerable amount of money. They will say I was violent (which they did anyway to me despite being perfectly polite), they will say anything to get more profits. In fact Atos have quadrupled their profits since they started, a job well done. Except until you consider that people had to die for those profits. Should people who swear not have mental health support ? Should impolite people ‘get to the back of the queue’ as one stupid old man once suggested to me ? How would this affect actually psychotic people who are also violent ? Would we leave them to go out and murder people while they wait at the back of the queue ?

It is also worth considering that strong words are mostly based in the lower classes and then used against them. part of the corporatisation of everything means a culling of the poor, or perhaps they view it as a survival of the fittest type thing, an unfortunate side-effect of the transition to a ‘better way’ or some such euphemistic bullshit. It is class war.

I do not swear because of a lack of vocabulary. I swear because I want to express something that I cannot express with other words. e.g. if I am describing American pilots shredding journalists to pieces with 30mm machine gun rounds from a helicopter 1 mile away it is not correct to say the people were inconsiderate or just horrible, terrible people. They were utter fucking bastards, they have no humanity to be able to do that job and that warrants strong words. I do believe that was what they were invented for. I also find the whole idea of offence silly and dangerous. More and more I see it being used against people as an excuse to classify them as violent and negate legitimate concerns. especially with autistic people whose meltdowns and blunt manner can be seen as rude by NT’s.

What we REALLY need is to understand each other. Why do these words come out ? Where do they come from ? What can we do to fix the underlying nature of that problem ? Crying about threats online or trying to legislate against nature is just a waste of time and will get us nowhere. People use strong language and threats online because its the equivalent of throwing an egg at a politician in real life. I understand there is an effort to frame these things as the most outrageous and disgusting thing ever to happen, but the fact is people also live in reality and everyone knows everyone swears all the time.

An unfortunate side effect of complaints about ‘online abuse’ is the limiting of discourse. Blaming the internet and TCP/IP for the nature of the human race is the another logic fail that we are being asked to swallow.

In my opinion you can not fix people or their language with software and I think strong words are needed. Why not spend the software development money making people less fucking stupid instead? Instead of making a surveillance state lets stop ruining other countries and murdering millions. Instead of making out like everyone who insults some relatively well-known politician is going to kill them, lets stop having politicians who want to kill us. Deal with the root cause, don’t put a fucking band aid on a major neck wound.

This is my website and you agreed to the legal small print on the about page when entering it. I will now use the word cunt.


feel that moist freedom.

non-physical interactions with the state classified as ‘violent’ and ‘threatening’.

Autists are violent and abusive because we don’t regulate our words correctly for neuro-typical people. This was never about anything physical, I have never been remotely physical towards any of these people, its all about re-branding words that come out of your mouth into tone-policing and framing you as abusive. Even seeming ‘passive-aggressive’ and ‘irritable’ is now cause to deny you disabled benefits. From an autistic point of view this is breathtakingly ludicrous.

They are committed to making my life torture that’s what they are committed to. Lying motherfuckers! At the beginning I threatened someone, and then in the next paragraph I was just rude. So which was it ? I treat those guys in a much nicer way than they treat me. They are actually trying to kill me and many other disabled people and all I do is say the odd rude thing with swears in. Threatening means (to them) that you say you are being discriminated against and you will report them to equality commission. In one case they got some woman (I have no idea nor do i care who the fuck she is) making up this bullshit about how i had made her afraid and that her kids went to school near me and that I was a risk. what. the. fuck. you cant even tell who is behind the screen, any old cunt could answer your message, i don’t even know who the fuck she is I found her emails through an FOI request. Why would I go out and physically harm someone, I can hardly walk ffs. All this shit is collected so the DWP can make more money by excluding me and making up bizarre fantasies like I’m going to go to some random unknown kids school I’ve never seen to hurt them. wow. real nice accusation but another unsurprising attack from the DWP because they don’t like my words.

DWP again trying to police what I say after they abuse me.

I would not complete security questions, so…. how do they know its me !? Fuck your security questions.

DWP doing an impression of Brazil by Stanley Kubrick
i pose a threat a physical threat with my naughty words.

they are committed to treating me in a fair and polite manner while they kill me. well, that’s nice isn’t it. tbh pretty much the only thing i have to say to these people are fuck yourselves.

Bournemouth council, the council that is supposed to have protected me from an abusive landlord who wanted to throw me out within days for asking to fix the cooker. Instead, they saw it as an opportunity to make more money. Jane Yates, head of disabled torture at Bournemouth council was most pleased to hear of this and promptly charged me more council tax for leaving the property empty. I left the property in fear of an abusive landlord to a friends house. I wish i could say this was unusual.

I’ve got loads of these letters. Hey they even threatened to litigate against me for daring to respond to their torture. When I say torture I mean actual torture (under the UN definition) and rampant institutional discrimination.

They said if i post swearing on their journal (thats its illegal to force me to go on) again the case they are making could cost me up to 5000 pounds, a lovely letter to send to an autistic person. Dear DWP, Instead of me calling you cunts (in whatever manner i feel on the day), why don’t you stop being nazis who are trying to kill me? Then we would all get along much better. it seems so simple.

What is happening is that I and many others have been failed by the safety net of society, failed by the NHS and then when we are driven to the inevitable point of being really really upset by it they use those words to exclude us even more by framing our meltdowns as aggressive or violent. When you’re at rock bottom and you need help, this is really not very nice to discover.

AKA oppressive tone-policing. Its not nice to live through and we should stop doing it.

stop treating me like a cunt and don’t get called a cunt. its not fucking rocket science is it you bellends.

I was recently told i meet the criteria for the algorithm that says I am ‘neuro-divergent’ i.e. I think differently to most other people. Woop de woo big fucking deal. It occurs to me that I don’t really have a disorder, the problems I have mostly relate to how the institutional structures of the state deal with me and the anxiety and depression of dealing with life with my senses turned up to 11. In a world which is not designed for me, the problems have grown and grown as it becomes more and more hopeless and you repeat the same shit round and round. They say autists learn to be outside of our bodies at an early age because they are quite overwhelming, so the world inside grows. If i was able to thrive in a peaceful environment I could flourish and I think even dumb ass neuro-typical people could enjoy the output of what i was made to do (music). (lol)

Here is a nice infographic I was sent the day after I had this burden lumped on me.

They say Satie, Mozart, Kubrick, Einstein and Edison were all autists yet the DVLA regard it is a driving disability and demand you tell them with a threat of a £1000 fine. I have ridden extremely high powered motorbikes for over 20 years, with only two very minor incidents both of which nobody could have avoided. Some autists report a feeling of ‘omnipresence’ when driving, knowing what other drivers are going to do before they do. Some are able to focus to deep level and have a highly tuned awareness, ie they are better drivers than Neuro-typs. It shocked me that I have so many things in common with other autists:

How dare they call my brain a disorder, A person with a disorder thinks:

As time goes on, the corporatisation of everything has made it impossible for people like me to interface with any kind of institution that tells me to do something. Corporatism has created such an imbalance that real peoples lives are treated according to corporate agreements. Profit motive comes before life. Behaviour is restricted to more and more of a narrow bandwidth. the state is allowed to discriminate and torture you if it wants, yet if you employ commonly used swear words used for the lower classes to express emotion – you are abusive and it may legally persecute you even more! Roughly 1% of people fit the DISCO algorithms criteria and they say many more are ‘undiagnosed’. If I can get to 46 without knowing or being ‘diagnosed’ it would suggest so.

Our human attempts to categorise the infinite complexity of the brain through a questionnaire seem as pointless as a fish flapping its fins to walk. you see what I did there? no. ok never mind. It seems to me that the human race should be changing its behaviour to allow for a larger spectrum of difference. It seems to me that this narrow bandwidth of acceptable behaviour within the current dominant culture is discriminatory against autists fundamental need to speak their authentic truth. Dr Stephen Porges says autism could just be the next step our brain is taking in evolving but the software isnt quite right yet. He describes ‘neuro typical’ humans as having ‘old software’ which is an interesting concept. What strikes me as weird is the human race has to invent a word for something that is obvious anyway – all humans are different, of course! You don’t need the word ‘neuro-divergent’ – you need to open your minds.

The words ‘Neuro-Typical’ and ‘Neuro-Divergent’ are words designed to remind people not to be bigots.