How to: make the planet better somehow….

the GPC
corporate filter
removing yourself from the corporate paradigm
digital overload mitigation
end politics
end the financial casino
end governments and their PR executives (MPs)
end use of fucking plastic in fucking everything (one million coke selfie sticks giveaway. im not saying the person who thought of the coke selfie sticks deserves to die, but well, ok then. )
end religion, perhaps this one should be at the top.
source foods locally! localisation not fucking globalisation. saving unbelievably obscene amounts of wasted fucking energy.
end oil.

who is me?

My name is Kris, I am a cynical donkey, and I have a schlong, no tits. im also a musician, but im forced to spend all of my time at the moment sorting out legal battles

LIKES: trifle, oats, guitar, despair, ruination, plagues and the occasional slab of pestilence.

DISLIKES: CSS, humans.