Hi, my name is Princess Gorgass. I am a terrible, offensive little woman who should have been filtered at ISP level, but some dark packet anomaly has allowed me unfettered net access. Under no circumstances should I be approached.
Gorgak has deemed it right and just that i should be empowered with a shop for my creations
in the coming time period, this primitive shop shall release a bunch of old tosh in the form of audio vibrations within a frequency range appropriate for your pathetic human hearing.
there is a purpose to this utter folly

i will stop at nothing to eat as much trifle as this human hosts body is able to take. unfortunately, the last host became overwhelmed with the volume and exploded. please donate more trifle, as the new host is now too fat to work. oh, and something about 11 gigs of music or whatever.

307 people think i am a lunatic…


i like trifle.



who is me?

I am a cynical donkey, and I have a schlong, no tits.

LIKES: trifle, oats, guitar, despair, ruination, plagues and the occasional slab of pestilence.

DISLIKES: CSS, humans.