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Help a chin do peoples heads in with beautiful, psychedelic and unique music. You know, like that stuff you haven't heard before.

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Hi! My name is Kris Weston, aka Thrash in some dark alleyways. I am a terribly offensive little man really, who should have been filtered at ISP level. In fact, my only redeeming factor is that I am a Producer, Guitar Player, Analog Synth Tweaker. DSP expert, Abuser of Mixing Desks, the creative driving force behind the celebrated early material of The Orb, Remixer of Primal Scream, Depeche Mode, Front 242, U2, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc. I'm the creator of the first surround sound album, the bloke playing chess on 'Top of the Pops' and I had a number one with my album UFORB. Here is me headlining on the other stage with primal scream in 1993 from Glastonbury the movie. I'm the sort of pompous flouncing hunchback in front of the mixing desk. My posture has improved somewhat since.

heading2 revised

This is the Crowd-Funding page for my ambitious album which will kick your motherfucking ass available on Download ONLY with artwork courtesy of Luke Scheybeler

Sex, Drugs, Money, Cars, Violence - all things that will heavily not feature on this album.

I'm already super excited about the melodies and ideas thus far, but to think of it properly recorded and mixed is IMMENSE.

This is more than an album it is an EXPERIENCE I want to share with you...

In the spirit of Crowd-Funded projects, I'm doing a JOURNAL , to take you behind the scenes of the recording, programming and mixing process. Films from the sessions, photos, silly noises, chat rooms to type insults to the musicians, out takes, teasers and me typing stupid things will be uploaded on a regular basis....

You will also get access to the 11 Gigabyte ARCHIVE - pretty much everything I've ever done and a lot of unreleased stuff

heading the project

The album aims to unite my love of psychedelic electronica and virtuoso live musicianship. It is acoustic music you cant perform and dance music you cant dance to. Instruments so far include classical harp, cello, double bass, drums, guitars, synthesis, modular electronic instruments and fx treatments but it needs a lot of rerecording and resorting out. If I had to choose my main influences for it among them would probably be John Fahey, Miles Davis, Simon Jeffes, Meshuggah and Nucleus. The tracks range from acoustic guitar and orchestral compositions to electronic dancey stuff. If you don't like the outcome you are deaf.

  • It contains musical influences from many varied sources
  • It is already significantly developed and features a bunch of musicians
  • There is no one over-riding genre to the thing
  • I'm not trying to be cocky here, but it is fucking good
  • Maybe I am trying to be cocky :)


The album contains 25 songs and is only available in 24 bit format (WAVE/AIFF/FLAC)


I am estimating it will take 1 year to finish once I have the money to pay everyone and get started. That will happen at about 20,000.

The licence provided with this project will allow you to copy it for one friend, this album wont be sold after its made in any other form than hardware - uploading it to the internet is completely disallowed. if you want to do that with my music fuckoff now and save me the hassle of finding you and beating you to a pulp.

heading lineup

Project Collaborators

Morgan Ågren
Smita Bellur
Jimmy Hatetank
Jacqueline Attwood (saxophone, clarinet)
Fiona Hosford
Tudor Griffiths (harp)
Semay Wu (cello)
Rhys Lovell (upright bass)
Pat Power (percussion)
Tim Giles (drums)
Lee Stapleford - Guitar
Bela Emerson - Composition
Mark Fletcher - Composition
Dj RevMoon - Synth work
Alicia Carillo Franco - Vocals
Coppe Astrosugar - Vocals
Amampondo - Drums and vocals
Michael Ormiston - Mongolian throat singing and double reed.
Baluji Shrivastav - Bass Sitar, Gupi - (Stevie Wonder, Massive Attack)

also including the crowd sourced voices of many people saying the most ridiculous word in their own language, with Fitz Gitlers baby son chucked in singing the chorus. you know, bog standard shit.

How a thoroughly rancid hermit like myself has managed to get together the nicest bunch of super talented people like this, god can only guess at.

heading industry sponsors

I spend a good bit of time mangling sounds in ways that are banned in most regional locales, and I use Plugins made by some incredibly talented folks. This project is supported by these companies:
ina GRM
Camel Audio
Audio Damage
Ohm Force
Sugar Bytes
Sonic Couture
IK Multimedia
Wave Alchemy
Bubble Vision

heading WTF you need

At this stage of the project, I have to keep myself alive, pay the rent, travel to Jakes to mix stuff and pay the musicians. That's it really. Actually that's quite a lot.

heading other ways you can help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Ask friends on Facebook and Twitter to check us out and learn more.
  • Go onto the street with a loud hailer and continuously repeat the phrase 'enter the fuzzy dimension'

Thank you for supporting an independent, international innovative effort..


DJ RevMoon from Almere, Holland has a nice custom modular synth based on designs by Tony Allgood, Bob Moog, Don Buchla, MFOS, Ken Stone and others. I plan to steal this ASAP.

Test Pressings

At the start of the project we made two test pressings. They are gone now, but they are quite cool. The process by which they are made is very interesting.

"The record itself looks even better now it's in my hands. Probably the coolest record I have. It's a one-off and takes pride of place in my collection. More importantly, the tracks are really great. Track One could just go on repeat for a few hours, and what a lovely vocal on track two, reminded me a little of Seming To. If anything, the demos have just made me hungry for more. I recorded them so I don't have to play the record to death. If these are an insight of what you album's gonna be like I'm WELL looking forward to hearing the final productions."

You can see more of what they look like and hear them HERE

Photo 1_1


AI've worked with Alexandre Davidov at PopYourCulture to create some cool t-shirts and other merch. Cafepress proved a bit of a ripoff to be honest. fuck them.


You can incur minimal bank charges by wiring the funds directly in several ways:

  • BITCOIN: 1LF9TyeYqRqj1SMMBpr3yiVcMG5pta3nn8 ( avoid fake fiat money )
  • UK BANK: Santander SORT CODE: 09-01-26 ACC NO: 39210631 BIC: ABBYGB2LXXX IBAN: GB59ABBY09012639210631

Both these methods will be added to the total here on the site, just the same as automatic payments.

Risks and challenges

there aren't any. unless I die halfway through, this is getting done.

Can I have some examples of what your productions are like and initial ideas of some tracks from the project?

Can I have some examples of what your productions are like?

ok, here are some examples of the practice I’ve indulged in so far, please keep in mind that my current project surpasses anything I’ve done before in many ways:

The Orb – Towers of Dub

The Orb – Blue Room (live version)

The Orb – O.O.B.E

FFWD – Buckwheat and Grits with Robert Fripp

St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A mix of two halves) with Andrew Weatherall

Killing Joke – Requiem Remix with Greg Hunter

The Madonna Remix Project - Material Bitch

Blenderoid – Foaming at The Trunk with EZDZ

Blenderoid - Horny Bus(live chicken excorcism) with EZDZ

Amampondo - Sirocco (unfinished mix)

Can I hear some initial ideas of some tracks from the project?

no. go away.

Fuzzy – Example 1

Fuzzy – Example 2

Ok, you’ve convinced me, i will invest in your mindless self-indulgence.

Bloody good idea.