Likely Outcomes

  • Shattered Tenebrous Obnubilations
  • Lucifugous Duplicities exposed
  • Obfuscating Circumlocutions Decimated

Stuff for ADHD and Autistic People

Welcome to my useless corner of the internet, a chronicle of the often ignored laws meant to protect us. Here, I navigate through the murky waters of discrimination and systemic failures, sharing insights through articles that resonate with the collective struggle against injustice.

While my deepest reflections are reserved for close friends, this space serves as an outpost for my thoughts filtered and edited so they conform to the narrow Neurotypical bandwidth they can handle. Its a place where persistence meets adversity head-on, a collection of experiences and observations, a narrative familiar to many of us, aiming to cast light on the shadows of injustice and discrimination.

This journey of mine, shaped by battles against homelessness, discrimination, and the theft of my creations, embodies a relentless quest for justice and truth. Only Dogged persistence in the face of adversity can offer reflections and steps towards illuminating the shadows cast by injustice and discrimination. Each piece, reveals part of the scope of a bombardment from every angle possible that many of us know and try to live with.

All information contained on this website is published in the public interest, under the laws of fair use and fair dealing in the United Kingdom. The purpose is to provide a factual record of events and experiences, with supporting evidence where applicable. The aim is to shed light on matters of public concern. While care is taken to ensure accuracy, any errors or omissions are unintentional. The information reflects a sincere pursuit of truth, without malice toward any parties involved.

Nothing contained herein constitutes advice or counsel, nor should it be interpreted as making allegations or assertions of legal liability. It is a chronicle for public education. If you believe anything on this site impacts your rights, please contact the publisher immediately so it can be reviewed. The goal is transparency without harm. Your feedback helps achieve this.

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my autism diagnosis

adminFeb 26, 20191 min read

Helped out by the fantastic HelpMusiciansUK without whom I would probably be dead or one of those guys with beers and dogs by the cashpoint I finally managed to get to the psychologists that the NHS firstly failed to provide…