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Evidence: remixes used by record companies as way to funnel money away from real artists on a massive scale.

adminJan 18, 20241 min read

The scale of how much this has happened is probably impossible to gauge. In my experience it has been practically everything I have ever worked on, and happened to practically every other musician and producer I have ever met. In…


RIP OFF #4: Front 242

adminSep 28, 20231 min read


RIP OFF 3: Killing Joke – A floating leaf always reaches the sea

adminSep 1, 20231 min read

IF anyone knows the original track of this they will know that killing joke ripped us off for producer royalties on this while they were celebrated for this mix. this was me and greg hunter and we are missing producer…


RIP OFF 2: The Saxophonettes – Secret Squirrel

adminSep 1, 20231 min read This track once again, entirely created by me, every melodic line and sound created by me. there is nothing of anyone else on this track. It says the Orb on this but this is Kris Weston only. The Orb…


RIP OFF 1: Occidental

adminAug 31, 20231 min read

Occidental is a track claimed to be written by the Orb. It is entirely written by me. If anyone anywhere has any claim on any musical part of this, step forward now and get a slap. Once again there is…