the Highland Councils meticulous discrimination investigations

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Councils love to make noises about how they help disadvantaged people – obviously over here in the real world they couldn’t give less of a fuck unless it affects their cushy little number. We recently complained about someone in the Highland Council employ who thought it was funny we are autistic. Here is Ms. McKandles breathtakingly incompetent investigation into our complaint of discrimination against Holly Hartley of Scott and Co:

She got someone else to phone and ask them if they did anything wrong.

They said no.

End of the investigation.

Yes that’s right, you just read a one-sentence discrimination investigation

Are you joking????? This reminds me of an IDF investigation. What qualifications does this person have to investigate discrimination cases ? This is outrageous.

  • the call which was an aggressive interrogation, Holly Hartley accused blah of blah.
  • when my partner informed the highland councils employee that she was autistic, Holly Hartley openly laughed.
  • Holly Hartley directly called my partner a liar.

And now the Highland council just called us liars :/

Why do the highland council exist ? What are they for ? What planet are they on? Making a disabled person on benefits pay 5 times their yearly rent in council tax for zero services seems to me to be ludicrous to the point of abuse.

My partner inherited the croft from her father who was killed on the road the council refuse to put a crossing on, it was empty for a long time because of inertia and the fact it was uninhabitable (no kitchen, bathroom, hot water or heating) yet they want 5 times the years rent in payments and 200% of the council tax for the time it was empty. This is a surcharge for disability. GTFO.

Ms McKandle fudwit or whatever her name is also fails to realise during the entire letter that she is investigating a case involving a disclosure of autism in 2015, and in the same letter says – oh we didnt know till 2018. She then goes on to make no mention of the disability exemption which should have been applied.

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