UMG settle for 8k for The Orbs illegal use of FFWD

UMG settle for 8k for The Orbs illegal use of FFWD

My IP was recently used on an album released in 2001 called Cydonia by The Orb which I have only heard quite recently (after my mission to claim back my rights after many years started on the post ‘orbrant’). This IP was also freely given to other companies to licence with impunity, never asking for my permission. e.g. Future Noise music (no action taken yet ) and Back to Mine / DMC Publishing (no action taken yet ). These companies have not paid me any money for their illegal use of my work.

The companies collecting publishing for this also refuse to recognise I have a claim on my own property :D

(unsurprisingly – these companies are scum, they are music companies after all)

Cydonia contains two tracks which were not authorised by myself called:



We had a record label called intermodo and a production company called PAW productions. We released an album on intermodo called FFWD which featured Robert Fripp. Myself, Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann. I part-owned intermodo records and in effect I still own the masters from it 25% each even though they probably no longer exist. (I dont know whether they do as DRAP took all the masters for everything including my personal stuff which he renamed and used as his own tracks e.g. white river junction – also no action taken yet – another case)

Settlement Agreement - Island Records & Kris Weston - 13.04.17 Fully Executed_Redacted

UMG lied for over 2 years to stall paying out for their theft, then protect themselves and their friend Peter Oxendale by not legally admitting their theft and preventing themselves from further legal action in order to take the cash. I had to agree to this bullshit on paper and take what I could get for now to continue the fight against them. I literally returned their contract one day after they sent it without even bothering reading it. Their word counts for shit anyway so I dont see why my word should count for anything. One day I will make them eat these terms, and they certainly aren’t silencing me with their non-disclosure bullshit, they can suck my fucking dick and this contract will remain publicly online until such time as they correct ALL of the outstanding issues and stop imprisoning my music.

Here is the letter where they cost Lewis Slikin 5k by lying and later on refused to pay that back in the settlement when they ‘found they had sent the wrong tape to Peter’ – come on.

In hindsight this letter is hilarious, at the time though what they were doing was attempting to price out out of justice as is their usual tactic being the most prosperous music company in the world. That was pretty annoying and completely immoral of course. Not that these people give a fuck about honesty and integrity in their business dealings.

Email – The Orb – Adam Email - The Orb - Adam Glass - edited


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