Murray Hamilton Forestry Contractor Employee Abuses Disabled Family – my introduction to the community.

Murray Hamilton Forestry Contractor Employee Abuses Disabled Family – my introduction to the community.

My initial experience with rural communities in Scotland was disheartening, particularly in relation to the local police force. I encountered an individual who arrived at my friend’s house to return equipment they had previously stolen. This person also issued threats in the presence of my disabled friend and her nine-year-old autistic child. After I called their boss, they returned the stolen items right onto her front lawn. This was the beginning of the animosity from the kennels next door as they had some connection to these people, I don’t know what. I think they were friends of their relative or something.

Person I am not allowed to name with our stolen equipment on their trailer.

I have been told by the police I am not allowed to name the person who works for Murray Hamilton Forestry Contractor but it is not illegal for me to post this video. I do not know this person and I originally thought one of the two people in this car was a different person to who it actually was, altho there are two people in the car, both of whom I have never met. I now know the name of the person who abused me but not the name of the other person in the car who also got out to intimidate me, which you cant see in the video, although you do see the door opening when **person I am not allowed to name** starts to get aggressive for no reason. Both were not charged.

Initially someone who was tending the field called Alec Campbell had a partner that inadvertently fingered Murray Hamilton himself via a text message in which she claims “Murray was simply responding to my verbal abuse”, and that’s why he had to threaten to beat me up (which I guess is the story Mr Campbell has fed her) but Mr Hamilton says he is not the person abusing me and presumably claims that he was not in the car at all.

I wonder who the other person in the car was then… The police made no attempt to find out.

We wanted whoever stole the equipment sitting on this trailer to be arrested for the theft but the person who actually owns the equipment was away working and the police would not take my word for it. When the person got back from working away they reported it and the police discouraged him from making a complaint because it would ‘most likely’ be thrown out as the equipment had been returned. Its Amazing to me they can steal this and because I put in the legwork to try and track it down and they returned it out of fear of arrest – yet they have no punishment.

I am particularly disappointed in the way the police dealt with this and my complaints about the lunatic drivers speeding down our road here swearing at us, making obscene gestures out of the car, which they ignored completely by saying “swearing isnt illegal”. In my opinion they led the owner of the equipment on, coercing him into not reporting it by saying;

  • its been a long time though hasn’t it (he was working offshore)
  • you are happy you got it back though aren’t you (of course – he never actually came to collect it)?
  • oh and yeah it probably wouldn’t go anywhere. OK! Case closed!

When they called me they informed me the owner was not interested in pressing charges after I had just spoken to him about it. He was adamant he was about to report it. The police didn’t mention they railroaded him, which I find dishonest and it seems like they just can’t be bothered to do the work. They worked specifically to undermine our experience and fail to charge for the theft. The policeman who I spoke to was rather overbearing and talked over me the whole time, which as an autistic is highly highly annoying, when I asked him to stop interrupting me, he then used the same phrase on me on the next sentence when he had been doing it for the whole conversation. This felt abusive and shows no regard for the PSED or equality act duties.

He was particularly misleading about what happened when the owner reported the theft, which makes me not want to talk to him again as is the norm for autistics. The previous policeman I spoke to I felt heard ME and listened properly, this guy was more of a tannoy. He had also not taken the time to study the entire case, and didn’t even know how it all started.

I have had one experience before like this, where the police acted like a judge and jury seemingly in order to reduce workload. As far as I knew previously the police are supposed to be there to report the case to the justice system. Whether the procurator fiscal throws it out or not is the procurator fiscal decision not the polices. If the equipment was mine I would be considering a bill for criminal letters.

Based on this dishonesty on the phone, the railroading and just the way I have been spoken to, I have completely lost all faith in the Scottish police to do their job. They failed, refused to address the theft and only focussed on the abuse. Nicely compartmentalising it all so they can stick their feet up. Dunno why I even bothered calling them or why the owner went down there to report it.


What about the fact they stole it in the first place!?!?!!?

This theft was planned, absolutely no doubt at all. They had been asking about the equipment for a while, it was moved around to different places without consent, they also tried to buy it. My conjecture is they had been using it and bringing it back. The other explanation might be they just enjoyed moving a cement mixer and compactor (very heavy) around the different buildings for fun.

I am angry about this primarily because of Person I am not allowed to name‘s disgusting behaviour in front of my friends little girl who heard the whole thing. This kind of mindless lump behaviour belongs in the playground. Grow up.

In the video he says “do I think I’m smart?” – I don’t think I’m smart I know I’m smart. I am making this video public and sending it to all of my friends in case this person ever comes near me again, something happens to me or any more of our stuff goes missing.

“Don’t try and be fucking smart with me, Cameras or no cameras, You are trying to be smart with the wrong person, I will come over there and shut your fucking mouth for you” says this man to a disabled family in front a 9 year old autistic girl.

“”We are doing everyone a favour here.”

Person I am not allowed to name returning stolen equipment, What a nice guy doing everyone a favour. lol.

Shortly before the conclusion of this video, the police had already been alerted and were en route, having been forewarned hours earlier of the potential for such an incident. They advised me to remain uninvolved, allowing the individual to shout and cause damage if necessary, and to call 999 in case of escalation. Following their guidance, I called 999 as soon as it became evident that the individual was behaving violently and irrationally. The advice to passively observe while our property was at risk was a distressing response to our legitimate concerns and fear.

There were only three people who came in and out on the CCTV when the equipment was stolen. Unidentified people in Murray Hamilton’s vehicle and Darren from Ord Group. It seems to me the reason the equipment came back very quickly was an email I sent to Darren’s dad who owns Ord Group after I reviewed the CCTV of Darren leaving the property. The equipment was on its way back 30 minutes after I sent the email. Ord Group have commented on this, and say its nothing to do with them but one of their employees was indeed on this property.

I understand if the person in this video ever comes near us again he will get ten years in prison, but for some reason the police didn’t think to charge him for the theft because of some technical issue. They called it a ‘misunderstanding’ – initially i thought it was so the guy didn’t murder me, but it was because of some technical legal issue.

We would like compensation, a full public apology from the protagonist, the police and the company.

The stolen equipment seems to have been used. We think it was taken before and used so buying us a new one and apologising would go a long way to resolving this matter. The police say its resolved, but it didn’t happen to the police and the police involved are not autistic.

This situation, apart from causing significant anxiety and stress, which is particularly challenging for us as autistic individuals, was compounded by actions stemming from a relative of my friend. This relative, referred to here as Mr. Campbell, claimed to be assisting my friend in managing her land during a difficult period following her father’s death and other personal challenges. However, his actions often amounted to disrespect rather than help. A particularly distressing incident involved Mr. Campbell allowing an unwelcome individual to enter my friend’s house unannounced, leading to a situation where I had to intervene and firmly prohibit his return.

Subsequent to this incident, Mr. Campbell initiated a campaign of defamation against me, spreading various unfounded accusations. His credibility was further undermined as he told different versions of these stories to multiple people, revealing the inconsistencies and untruthfulness of his claims. The only barrier to pursuing legal action against him has been a lack of financial resources.

Reflecting on earlier interactions, I recall a situation where Mr. Campbell was overtly agitated, accusing someone named ‘Murray Hamilton’ of theft, only to later discover the misidentification of the ownership of the trailer in question. His reaction at the time was extreme and unfounded. Ironically, it was Mr. Campbell who had initially advised me to be vigilant against theft and to install CCTV for security purposes. Since then the system broke, but we are now installing a new one.

Given these experiences, my preference is to have no further interactions with Dingwall police, Alec Campbell, his company, or its employees. We also seek appropriate legal action for the theft that occurred, acknowledging that the application of law often seems to vary based on an individual’s financial status or influence.

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