why the national autistic society is totally useless

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if you’ve been recently diagnosed as autistic or were thinking of phoning the national autistic society (NAS) for any advice, don’t bother. they are shite.

What part of your funds are you donating to the important cause of fighting the continuing abuse of autistic people at the hands of the DWP, PIP assessments, Atos and regional councils? Where is the legal money to help enforce the equality act, how are you helping autistic people claim PIP?

“er. do you want a leaflet on what autism is.”

No, actually I would prefer you do something about the people dying at the hands of these criminals. I would prefer you try and enforce the impotent laws they made to protect us that seem little more than lip service and have no bearing on the reality of everyday discrimination.

“You can try ringing someone else that either can’t help, doesn’t answer or has an out of date phone number on our records”

*facepalm oh. fuck. right. off.

imagine how many fucking leaflets we can send out with this little cash cow

The national autistic society is a backslapping media company that wastes money on bullshit that nobody needs at a time when disabled people are being culled. Their existence is pointless.

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