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This is my platform to fire brutal ectoplasmic invective at the human race. At the moment it contains a bunch of documents relating to my brain-wiring and this new label of ‘autism’ I have been given by three people who read a few books.

It is about how my life being undiagnosed has led to numerous problems, centred around relationships, communication, abandonment, sensory issues, overloads and meltdowns.

The point of it now all being public is that it is now in the public interest to show just how difficult impossible it is when you ask for help in any way from the government, the NHS or the private contractors that are taking over our health service; what I call – the agents of the state. The frustration, the triggers, discrimination and the re-purposing of highly lobbied legal acts to redefine disability and the legal framework designed to exclude people and increase profits. the sheer incredible amount of work you have to do in order to achieve a basic level of respect and service has reached an unacceptable point and my life clearly shows that.

Why did Capita and Atos get the contracts in Public Health ?

I want to show that being autistic in the new right-wing neuro-typical corporatist universe is getting harder for us, the discrimination is rife and illegality is the norm. Universal Credit for autistic people meets the official UN definition of torture and conclusively rams home that private companies should never be involved in public healthcare or public law issues.

I will show how I have tried to make my own case for receiving ‘PIP’ benefits from the state, which is the new designated benefit for disabled people, while being shoved from place to place across the country by Universal Credit and into criminally negligent assessments by Atos.

I also propose a solution for all this madness (its me with the ‘disorder‘ btw). the decentralised autonomous organisation.

we have to make the future not sit and watch it fuck itself.

good day.

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