the culture of acceptable disabled abuse in housing

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written when bath council failed in their duty to prevent homelessness


I am currently looking for my 20 millionth place in a few years. During the hours and hours of scanning for the peace i have been searching for I have endured many refusals. Each one increasing my anxiety to the point i am in total panic. Three weeks left to find a house.

After i was diagnosed the psychologist said to me ‘dont worry the diagnosis will make things easier’


its true there are laws to protect my kind of brain and rightly so cos im fucking amazing but the reality of it is; people ignore those laws and use loopholes which can be (legally albeit immorally) applied to non-disabled people in order to bypass autistic people. There are quite a few news articles on this, zoopla banned the practice of NO DSS but it still goes on across the board via two other mechanisms. most of these agents advertise on zoopla as well and ignore their ban. it is time these people address this problem. right now please cos i need a home and i want to create something fucking good. stop getting in my way!

all along the chain of people who make money from your basic human necessity; the government, the local council, the website, the agents who blame it on the mortgage company down to the person on a buy to let scheme who already has a house and a job – they all ignore the law. In a housing crisis you would think one house is enough for one person but our over-reliance in investment in property and the huge bubble it has caused perpetuates the situation that nobody will address. You would think *one house is enough, but what about 50 houses ? 400 houses ? Where does it stop ?

On the face of it the market and properties law they introduced had measures to eliminate agents stipulating NO DSS. Several legal cases had been fought and won thereby creating a legal precedent. These weren’t even disabled people, these were single mothers who were being discriminated against because they had to look after their child.

A few years ago struggling on the 5 year housing freeze, with council tax on top taking away my benefit and agents demanding no DSS it was impossible to get anywhere then but the new laws have made it even harder. Now they are just excluding poor people across the board without mentioning benefits. the ‘affordability’ test (30 x 1 months rent per annum) is the first way of excluding disabled people and people on benefits, blaming it on a mortgage company they refuse to name is the other method.

I and many other autistic people are being institutionally discriminated against, laws are just blanket ignored and thats why i am typing letters on my keyboard. Dont make me type all this bollocks out and nothing happen about it. I dont want another autistic person to go through this ever again and i want a blanket law across the entire letting industry that is *enforced* by somebody else, I shouldnt be sitting here having to enforce laws that already exist.

I get overburdened by tasks, its kind of built into my brain-wiring, when i have to do a million things at once it becomes overwhelming and can lead to me melting down, becoming seriously depressed and/or suicidal. I am not unusual among autistic people. You cannot imagine the level of doom that moving for the 300th time with no options to chose from creates in an autistic brain. Every now and then my brain sends me involuntary pictures of myself in a bath full of blood. my subconscious thinks its time i give up, but i disagree because i dont want my story to end in such a wimp out. the level of determination it takes to fucking power through this shit is herculean. RAWWWWRRRRRRR. STOP GETTING IN MY WAY

my personal background level of stress

I have got a hernia that causes me immense distress. i think the injury really making my life a lot shorter, ive begged and begged and the NHS wont do anything. I cant feel my leg for about 4 years, some physio said the nerve had died by now and i would have to rebuild it with b12 and sciatic flossing and other techniques. now some planta facilitus has developed and my body is falling apart. The NHS wont do anything about any of it. Even after my autism diagnosis, no doctor has deemed it important enough to have whats called ‘vital’ post-diagnosis treatment, The council have a legal duty to assess my needs once i am diagnosed. 1 year four months later, nothing has been done. (edit: we are years past it now)

On top of the background level of health stress i am fighting the DWP to get assessed, the council cant be bothered to do it either, now they can just blame it on the virus which gets em off the hook for everything, but lets not pretend the time before the virus was any different.

the council did hand me over to virgincare believe it or not, they have taken over the assessments process in this area. Liana Tonkin the head of their autism team refused to give me an assessment without sharing my confidential medical information with richard bransons company. what? WTF!?!?! no way! first of all giving me an ultimatum is a sure fire way of getting fucked right off. secondly they provided a form to apply which asked me whether i wanted to share my information and i said no. Why have a form that asks me whether i want to if you are actually going to refuse me a legally mandated assessment if i say no! insanity. and its me with the ‘disorder’ apparently. no actually, its you lot! This incident is highly likely to end up in court as it should have done already.

I am trying to get another doctor because after months of begging he wouldnt even put me on a waiting list, let me see anyone or give me any medication. I was like what am i supposed to do go on the internet and buy it. he said yeah ok. seriously. he denied it afterwards of course. the other doctor there told me i can see a psychologist ‘when hell freezes over’.


this whole situation is insane. im doing all this crap and trying to plan out how i can get on with my work, which is highly fucking complicated and takes a lot of my brain space. I am trying to build a PC with a CUDA accelerated GPU in order to run a bunch of AI music code and i dont need this other stuff. The kicker is that on top of all this, i am expected to be able to raise the funds to take rightmove and its agents to court for breaking the law or spend the time begging solicitors to do it for free cos you can bet you wont get legal aid anymore thereby rendering the justice system entirely hypocritical and useless.

So now we know where the stereotypical slimy estate agent trope comes from, but we always knew really didnt we ? they continue their methods without shame even when confronted.

how agents, mortgage companies and private buyers discriminate against autistic people

the most common ones is to either just not reply or blame it on a mortgage company. they even do it when the landlord doesnt have a mortgage. here is one example of the church doing it through the despicably discriminatory agents inskip and davie who come from a place called sandy (vagina):

i had no interest in renting this property, i want a long term space for the peace i probably will never get but the wording of this was interesting nonetheless.

a church owned property with a mortgage!

if you read the above carefully you will find that the agent states the church have a mortgage on the property and that the property is ‘church owned’ in the same ad.

i am sure the mortgage company would change their contract if i asked them nicely or if not, i can always take them to court as they are not allowed to exclude me (for the millionth time) the only chance you have of any kind of redress is through the TPO, the website that the agents advertise on or the equality commission, these are mostly useless and a judge is the best solution to this problem.

i phoned shelter about this, they confirmed i am correct but the man on the phone pretty much implied that its ignored. wow. what the hell is the point of government and laws ?

unfortunately court in the UK does not seem to exist for poor people, i have a bunch of cases i could take to court but shelter are the only ones doing it it seems. i called the disability law firm, they seem to be interested in PIP tribunals because its easy money i guess.

if you are going to make laws that stipulate you cannot discriminate against autistic people then fucking apply them for fuck sake. otherwise stop pretending to me they exist just dump em. what we have now is a culture of ignorance that they even exist whether it be wilful or not.

During every piece of discrimination i have received and pointed out; every single person who has discriminated against me has said they have not discriminated against me. this is highly fucking annoying actually. would you discriminatory people stop fucking doing that please. its pissing me the fuck off and i youre making me swear more. see ?

heres another example of a reply, i could post 100s of these, all pretty much the same answer. this guy refused and i asked him why since my rent was paid for me. a legal person called this ‘…an impressively stupid response given the actual court judgments on benefit discrimination’ the thing about how hes black and so he has more discrimination than me while he is a landlord discriminating against me is interestingly meta.

yes paul it would be their choice and right to do so if the law on that hadnt changed ages ago :D also. why are you a landlord ? :D

“Hi Kristian

I thought I would respond to you by saying that as a black man I am subject to the greatest level of discrimination on earth yet I do not think that every time I get no for an answer that is because of the colour of my skin.

I know many black people who have a different mindset than mine who spend most of their life being unhappy and negative as they seem to spend their time looking for discrimination when it often does not exist.

The landlords criteria is simple, if possible, they would prefer to have a person or persons who are working and earn at least three times what the asking price of the rent is each month which means that this person or persons will be able to afford to pay their rent even if something unforeseen happens, this is their choice and it is their right to do so.

Also the insurance which covers the property prohibits them from having tenants who are in receipt of benefits.

Sorry I cannot help you further.

Best wishes



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