the brand of myself and inet comms

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Hi internets :)

I am a neuro-divergent hyper-sensitive and angry artist with severe communication problems.

I want to somehow make music, without having to be a brand of myself like a lot of other artists. Ideally I would like people to appreciate my music as something entirely separate to myself and not be interested in me in the slightest. I’d like to remain angry, but not inflict that on anyone else, except my friends. Heheh thanks you two. Communicating with lots of people is mentally taxing for me in a way it isn’t for other people. This is a right old cunt for stuff like crowd-funding because people are almost paying for the connection with the person over the art these days. Whatever I do I cannot seem to get people to understand, I officially give up with that :D I just want to make the sound waves good.

People get so offended when I ask them to slow down or contact me in another way. I have to deal with that on a regular basis and people have no idea that they are overloading my brain with their messages. I just cant be arsed to attempt to explain my oddities to each and every person I encounter. For this reason I want to limit all non-musical communication as much as possible to get on with work.

To offset the inconvenience of me being batshit mental, I supply unique music. Please help me make it here.


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