my relationship with ‘swearing’ and the new rise of the fascist tone-police

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The very notion you can have a word which ‘offends’ is in itself dumb, like the human race. I like to think of us as more evolved than that but we aren’t, its just me. After the burden of an ASD diagnosis I remembered a t-shirt I had made for a school trip which simply said ‘FUCKOFF’. I have always wanted everyone to fuckoff, and I have always loved swearing. When the internet was invented and you could go on and tell people you don’t know to fuckoff I was absolutely delighted.

ahh those were the days, I remember myself and an old friend scrolling through a usenet group insulting Hardly Davidson riders, crying with laughter. I miss that guy.

look, the prime minister just said shit in parliament

everyone swears, every day.

for some odd reason all the people i know who are extremely good at computer security swear. e.g. my friends wifi network name is ‘cunt’, he works for large companies, the government etc and then there’s this other guys password which is ‘cuntcuntcuntcuntcunt’ thats 5 cunts. he always says that every time anyone asks him the wifi password. shit should i have mentioned that? oh soz :D youll just have to guess which wifi network it is out of the millions in the UK. good exercise. off you go.

People who swear are more honest says the independent, a more rounded, intelligent view is here. I am of the less ‘socially acceptable’ type ‘brutally honest’ i think. But does this mean I should be excluded from health care or anything else?

People in my life have always encouraged me to swear. Nobody ever tried to stop me swearing or call me violent or aggressive for it up until the new rise of the right-wing. Mostly they just laughed and also used casual high-frequency swearing. Swearing is like a filter, if someone gets offended by the word fuck I don’t want to know them, they are stupid. So that saves me time.

In the beginning social media seemed like a fairy-tale playground for calling all the politicians I hate so much total cunts and at the same time you could have a good old laugh telling religious people how stupid they are. Like the 70s movie airplane, people took it for the good humoured bollocks it was. Nowadays you would be ejected from the site after one post and have people outside your house wanting to club you to death.

The fact is there is an extremely large portion of the population that agrees with me. I know because I’ve met a shitload of them and hardly any of them give a fuck about swearing. Swearing is only bad when an institution or corporate entity wants to make more money for their shareholders at your expense. The everyday swearing in the media and from celebrities and politicians is all fine and never penalised. Threatening nuclear war on people on the internet is all no worries as well.

The ridiculous corporatisation and homogenisation of everything has led to this situation where speech is now being vigilantly policed, but not because these words are ‘offensive’. People are excluded from society for profit, banned collections of syllables are just a useful tool to generate cash

In fact, some of the most stuck up immoral cunts (many religious) are the ones who find these words offensive (when they need to). Maybe say in the 1950’s or something you could say taking ‘offence’ at words would be a bit different but really, can we get over that one now please, its getting old.

Swearing to me seems nothing more than a ‘hard’ expression of emotion but now because I utter a banned series of syllables I can be arrested or physically abused by the states agents or its private security firms and I can have my healthcare removed. This could now even happen if I *type* those words on a keyboard. It has gotten completely out of control.

Offence is ruining the world and offence at words is the first defence of the abusive state, take this recent example after Phillip Alston absolutely crucified the conservative government in his UN report :

“I was disappointed to say the least by the extraordinary political nature of his language; that sort of language was wholly inappropriate.”

Works and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd responds to remarks made about poverty in the UK by UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston.

Amber Rudd was not disappointed that the DWP has failed in its duty of care. not disappointed at the 120,000 deaths since the inception of austerity, not disappointed at the anguish, the despair, not disappointed that many people felt the only answer was to end their life. DISAPPOINTED BY THE LANGUAGE. There’s a decent example of how they do it, deflect from the issue to the language. Everyday feminism puts it quite well in this article and what autistic people face is a similar #EverydayDiscrimination. I wish we could stop living in this dream world of utopian personal ideals and just have a basic rule of law even, and I say that as an anarchist because these people make my life a living hell.

I need actual medication to deal with the systems that have been setup and ruined by capitalists, my life under them feels like torture. thats how bad it is. Without better systems, or even with a really low amount of respect and understanding all that could disappear but I am driven to edges of existence and depths of despair that autistic people shouldn’t have to go down, because people want to make money. There are laws to protect us from exactly this but nobody gives a shit about them. The care system should not rely on people that care to work and at the moment you have to beg the right person to be even noticed (if you are lucky).

in a recent conversation with some Dr Magoo (Dr Unskill i think his name was) at the Pulteney ‘practice’ in Bath I was told i could have a follow-up diagnostic appointment for my autism diagnosis when ‘hell freezes over’. That was the like 50th time I have asked for what the NAS refers to as ‘vital’ post diagnosis treatment and it is now 1.5 years after my diagnosis. I still havent even had 30 minutes with anyone bar clueless GPs who want you out of the room ASAP.

Offence at words saves corporate entities money, and its the first thing to attack regardless whether the subject matter is true or not. If I walk into an Atos assessment and call them all cunts, they will throw me out and save the DWP one whole persons benefits payments, a considerable amount of money. They will say I was violent (which they did anyway to me despite being perfectly polite), they will say anything to get more profits. In fact Atos have quadrupled their profits since they started, a job well done. Except until you consider that people had to die for those profits. Should people who swear not have mental health support ? Should impolite people ‘get to the back of the queue’ as one stupid old man once suggested to me ? How would this affect actually psychotic people who are also violent ? Would we leave them to go out and murder people while they wait at the back of the queue ?

It is also worth considering that strong words are mostly based in the lower classes and then used against them. part of the corporatisation of everything means a culling of the poor, or perhaps they view it as a survival of the fittest type thing, an unfortunate side-effect of the transition to a ‘better way’ or some such euphemistic bullshit. It is class war.

I do not swear because of a lack of vocabulary. I swear because I want to express something that I cannot express with other words. e.g. if I am describing American pilots shredding journalists to pieces with 30mm machine gun rounds from a helicopter 1 mile away it is not correct to say the people were inconsiderate or just horrible, terrible people. They were utter fucking bastards, they have no humanity to be able to do that job and that warrants strong words. I do believe that was what they were invented for. I also find the whole idea of offence silly and dangerous. More and more I see it being used against people as an excuse to classify them as violent and negate legitimate concerns. especially with autistic people whose meltdowns and blunt manner can be seen as rude by NT’s.

What we REALLY need is to understand each other. Why do these words come out ? Where do they come from ? What can we do to fix the underlying nature of that problem ? Crying about threats online or trying to legislate against nature is just a waste of time and will get us nowhere. People use strong language and threats online because its the equivalent of throwing an egg at a politician in real life. I understand there is an effort to frame these things as the most outrageous and disgusting thing ever to happen, but the fact is people also live in reality and everyone knows everyone swears all the time.

An unfortunate side effect of complaints about ‘online abuse’ is the limiting of discourse. Blaming the internet and TCP/IP for the nature of the human race is the another logic fail that we are being asked to swallow.

In my opinion you can not fix people or their language with software and I think strong words are needed. Why not spend the software development money making people less fucking stupid instead? Instead of making a surveillance state lets stop ruining other countries and murdering millions. Instead of making out like everyone who insults some relatively well-known politician is going to kill them, lets stop having politicians who want to kill us. Deal with the root cause, don’t put a fucking band aid on a major neck wound.

This is my website and you agreed to the legal small print on the about page when entering it. I will now use the word cunt.


feel that moist freedom.

non-physical interactions with the state classified as ‘violent’ and ‘threatening’.

Autists are violent and abusive because we don’t regulate our words correctly for neuro-typical people. This was never about anything physical, I have never been remotely physical towards any of these people, its all about re-branding words that come out of your mouth into tone-policing and framing you as abusive. Even seeming ‘passive-aggressive’ and ‘irritable’ is now cause to deny you disabled benefits. From an autistic point of view this is breathtakingly ludicrous.

They are committed to making my life torture that’s what they are committed to. Lying motherfuckers! At the beginning I threatened someone, and then in the next paragraph I was just rude. So which was it ? I treat those guys in a much nicer way than they treat me. They are actually trying to kill me and many other disabled people and all I do is say the odd rude thing with swears in. Threatening means (to them) that you say you are being discriminated against and you will report them to equality commission. In one case they got some woman (I have no idea nor do i care who the fuck she is) making up this bullshit about how i had made her afraid and that her kids went to school near me and that I was a risk. what. the. fuck. you cant even tell who is behind the screen, any old cunt could answer your message, i don’t even know who the fuck she is I found her emails through an FOI request. Why would I go out and physically harm someone, I can hardly walk ffs. All this shit is collected so the DWP can make more money by excluding me and making up bizarre fantasies like I’m going to go to some random unknown kids school I’ve never seen to hurt them. wow. real nice accusation but another unsurprising attack from the DWP because they don’t like my words.

DWP again trying to police what I say after they abuse me.

I would not complete security questions, so…. how do they know its me !? Fuck your security questions.

DWP doing an impression of Brazil by Stanley Kubrick
i pose a threat a physical threat with my naughty words.

they are committed to treating me in a fair and polite manner while they kill me. well, that’s nice isn’t it. tbh pretty much the only thing i have to say to these people are fuck yourselves.

Bournemouth council, the council that is supposed to have protected me from an abusive landlord who wanted to throw me out within days for asking to fix the cooker. Instead, they saw it as an opportunity to make more money. Jane Yates, head of disabled torture at Bournemouth council was most pleased to hear of this and promptly charged me more council tax for leaving the property empty. I left the property in fear of an abusive landlord to a friends house. I wish i could say this was unusual.

I’ve got loads of these letters. Hey they even threatened to litigate against me for daring to respond to their torture. When I say torture I mean actual torture (under the UN definition) and rampant institutional discrimination.

They said if i post swearing on their journal (thats its illegal to force me to go on) again the case they are making could cost me up to 5000 pounds, a lovely letter to send to an autistic person. Dear DWP, Instead of me calling you cunts (in whatever manner i feel on the day), why don’t you stop being nazis who are trying to kill me? Then we would all get along much better. it seems so simple.

What is happening is that I and many others have been failed by the safety net of society, failed by the NHS and then when we are driven to the inevitable point of being really really upset by it they use those words to exclude us even more by framing our meltdowns as aggressive or violent. When you’re at rock bottom and you need help, this is really not very nice to discover.

AKA oppressive tone-policing. Its not nice to live through and we should stop doing it.

stop treating me like a cunt and don’t get called a cunt. its not fucking rocket science is it you bellends.

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