UMG’s lie

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Here is the snivelling final letter from UMG where they pay Peter Oxendale to claim that what is coming out of the speakers doesn’t exist. In the letter they actually admit they stole it, and then DRAP admits he stole it. but they appear to excuse themselves from the debt by saying – it wasn’t on the FFWD session. It was on a different session. OWN GOAL! First they admit Fripp is on there then they pay Oxendale to say he is not on there. Its madness. We never did another session with Robert. He also told me on the phone that DRAP did not do another session with him and that DRAP asked *him* to use it. after the fact, I found that DRAP had secured permission from fripp and then left him off the publishing, he just claimed it all for himself! utterly criminal and despicable. regardless of that stuff tho, its clear that the exact audio from the FFWD record exists on the Orb terminus record and that it has been deliberately disguised with audio techniques and covered up with misdirection like this ‘different session’ bollocks. the fact is I own the record company that released FFWD, end of story really. I don’t want FFWD or any of my old shit being regurgitated for DRAP’s profit. DRAP should make his own music and leave all that shit be.

Apparently, DRAP can even go in a national newspaper and boast about how he is great at stealing other musicians work and hiding it and this bolsters their case. With this letter and DRAP’s public admission of his love of theft and dishonesty the opposition has essentially admitted guilt. The only thing they have left is Oxendale’s parallel dimension where he cant hear shit and this ‘different session’ backup theory bullshit. I cant understand it when both of these contentions are demonstrably bollocks how the law allows me to be financially crushed by these people, I have no recourse, you have to shell out a shitload of money for justice. If I wanted to take out an injunction at the time I discovered this, I would be trying to raise 20,000 pounds. What about people that have been ripped off for money that they want to recover? How do they get justice ? It follows that these people have just been robbed, and that they might not have a lot of money to throw into a system which should provide them security. Its all such a waste of space, and how everyone pretends the facade of this justice ideal is working makes me sick. I just find it so cynical, when they know they are in the wrong but they continue to defy it. Its not like this is an isolated incident or anything. I guess this is part of the reason why capitalism has never worked for the people and will never work the people while corporations are allowed to continue like this. They are a law unto themselves and you mean nothing.

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