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pretty much since i was about 19/20 i have been looking for peace. around that time, i didnt know i really needed i, i just felt that something wasnt right, and i was always easily distracted. this got worse over life, and i eventually started to realise there was something wrong with me, or right. something different anyway to other people. e.g. little noises drive me mental. i cant concentrate at all if i get interrupted. i heard about programmers referring to ‘big problems’ – and i instantly knew the same thought processes occur in music. When you have a large problem like a piece of music, you need to first almost ‘load it in’ to your head. consider all the avenues, whats to be done, what could be, whats not. its a fuzzy process, which is why i called my project the fuzzy dimension. it also sounds funny. Then i read this piece about an autistic spectrum guy who was a really good programmer, but he could not work at all in an office, with all the distractions, noises and people. they moved him into his own office and he thrived. Everything i read about autistic people seemed to fit, hyper-sensitivity seemed to fit. so i went to a doctor for a diagnosis. the doctor gave me the wrong referral and then branded my condition ‘drug induced psychosis’ (based on meeting me for several minutes). He did this because I told him i dont trust psychiatrists because of this buddhist crack taking consultant psychiatrist i used to know. He assumed I made it up, only I didnt :)

Anyway mental health aside, in order to thrive I dont need to particularly sort my mental health out, i can carry on being the same nutter, as long as its away from other people and i dont have to listen to their incessant noise. I absolutely NEED peace to work, and I NEED to hear the music properly to make it. That means the gear has to be good and the speakers and room have to be good. Ive tried now for several years to make stuff with what I have but it just makes it all take forever. I cant bounce anything down cos I cant hear it properly and then once I mix it I would be pissed I cant turn one of the elements up or down. The way round all this would be to have a studio or hire one.  SO.

Im hiring one, only I dont have any money, so Im selling my prized microphone which was bought for me by a dude in America for the project. Without this mic I cant record anything more, so Im banking on this music selling enough to buy the mic back again and somehow feed myself. This probably wont work but I have to try I suppose.

Heres an idea of what its costing me to start a band idea:

rent -350 a month

i had to move to scotland to get it this cheap, i tried Guatemala first that was 40 quid a month but my gear blew up. that took me a year and i got zero done. have some of my work on a computer there but atm they are refusing to give it back!

electric, gas, food etc – 300 a month?

paying other musicians

probably about 100 a day if i get it cheap, spent out about 500 on this one track so far

tape to mix onto – 150

2 days in a recording studio – 720 quid

cost of going to guatemala to find a cheap life to make music with – 5k still owe 3k of that to my mate

cost of remix i didnt do while suicidal – 1500 – i still owe that to my mate n all

what i really need to work properly without paying £720 for two days in a studio:

my music is complicated and good. that means it takes a while to produce. that also means that i cant work on just any old shitty equipment. e.g. the track i am mixing at the moment cannot fit inside one song on my mac. it is too big. it has over 500 tracks of stuff in it, i had to split it into two. i cannot bounce any of it because i cant hear it properly. i dont have the room, the speakers, the mixing desk or compressors to be able to bounce things down accurately so i have to leave that till i get to a proper studio. this makes the whole process take shitloads longer cos i cant hear it all properly while im working on it, i sort of have to guess.

studio premises

  • somewhere i can make some noise at any time of day or night
  • rent
  • council tax
  • water, rates, other charges etc


  • audeze LCD3 – £1599.00 squid – wow you can actually mix tunes with these headphones


mixing desk

  • an old amek or something would do – they cost about 10 grand, could probably get something decent from about 5k up


  • 2 x apogee symphony – around 6.5k – could probably get an orion 32 studio for about 2k ish


  • patchbays
  • leads

heres an idea – one 8-way DSUB costs around 80 quid.

you wont be able to get a decent jack lead for less than £15 from a music shop.

buying in bulk and making them yourself is cheaper, but very very time consuming and prone to error if youre shite.

you can help by donating here, or by buying something from the shop.

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