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ARP. I simply could not afford basic shelter to house the equipment I have amassed through the internets anymore and I once again got chucked out of another place. I could no longer do music while on the benefit system because they exert so much pressure its impossible to concentrate so I told them to cram it and I’m going with the begging for cash on the internet route.

I’ve been moved around about 15 times in the last two years which is terribly unsettling on the psyche, panic inducing i would say.  Then this charity called HelpMusiciansUK came along and paid for me to be called autistic by some really expensive people who theorise about the brain but don’t actually know jack. I mean psychologists.

By sheer blind skill I met my girlfriend wife and she comes with peace n quiet and is really hot. She also makes me coffee the way I like it. So basically I lucked out, no idea how I did that. Unfortunately I lost my ADAMs A7X speakers in the process ( had to be sold to survive ) and then the guy that gave me a mixing desk needed the money for it and had to sell it after giving it to me lols. Never mind all that.

This whole schpiel is ruining the vibe of my ‘I am an alien that hates humans but somehow wants to convince them to give him cash’ text.

theres shit all but whinging going on with this website, its all going on over on my Twatreon ….

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