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herein lies many hours of work learning to produce something beautiful, most of it crap.


693 files

31 Gig

>>enter the graveyard<<

Some highlights for me are working with Jimmy Hatetank at Nausecorps, these were very quick productions but there were a few good bits I think especially in Strontium Sleazewave and Bad Karma. These were only ever released on a very limited 7″, Jim tells me a label now has it on their website. Obviously working with Fripp on FFWD was pretty cool, my favourite track I think is Buckwheat and Grits. Things that make me feel weird are some of the really old crappy remixes, like the Horrendously Bad Mike Flowers mix done over two days in a very small side bedroom of a council estate in Stepney Green while the boss of the label stood over me the entire time. Then there was this one track that I don’t believe ever had a name that I made for some dude called Danny that reckoned he was married to Priscilla Presley in the middle of a deserted dock in the worst part of London.

Dumped stuffed like ‘ruff sketch‘ is something I did for a gig I didn’t end up doing, testforgary is a quick rejig of one of Gary Wilkes tracks for him, don’t believe he ever did anything with it. Then there was the whole Blenderoid and Bela debacles, bunch of work wasted there but fuck did we get stoned. Fuck we were so stoned and had so much curry its a marvel we came out insane. Thankyou to Robert Trunz for footing the huge weed bill for that and then dumping it because it was too crazy. That was the whole point, it was designed to be listened to on LSD with the end goal being driven off the edge, never to return. They just didn’t get it. Then obviously the biggest waste of my life, the Orb and buried with it all the unedited DAT tape and cassette transfers I had on there and a few gigs n stuff. Also. the entire discography and this bootleg I made from old DATS one afternoon just for a laugh.

Theres a few mixtapes on there couple by Mau and Greg Hunter from my justablip website years n years ago, a ridiculous christmas mix from me and a radio show I did with Will Luscombe, his wonderous voice reciting the poetry of thrash band and medical students, Carcass.

Some of the African stuff was released albeit very briefly and all the Justablip stuff was released with MRP getting shitloads of thousands of downloads and 16 sales. the event that turned around my thinking about the whole file sharing debate. I was bang into giving away free shit up until that point.

There’s some experiments I did with thrash band Metallica using the Zynaptiq Unfilter plugin, its kind of laughable that the 20 minutes I spent seeing if I could get rid of the annoying EQ on the album turned out better than the official remaster Metallica released about a week later. Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearisation.

Finally there’s some misc stupid shit, just quick few hour things I did for a laugh sitting with friends.

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