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Hello, and welcome to todays #EverydayDiscrimination rage.

The term neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions.[1] It was coined in 1998 by Australian sociologist Judy Singer, who helped popularize the concept along with American journalist Harvey Blume.[1] It emerged as a challenge to prevailing views that certain neurodevelopmental disorders are inherently pathological and instead adopts the social model of disability, in which societal barriers are the main contributing factor that disables people.[2][3]

Shittypedia quote

Ok. here we go.

Firstly i would like to say once again, fuck your inclusivity. Inclusivity is just semantic vomit that exists purely to defend against discrimination claims, it doesnt actually exist in reality. Its a collective delusion designed to wipe the guilt away.

The bastards even admit when they try and define the word ‘neuro divergent’ that the ‘disabilities’ are caused by ‘societal barriers’. Yes! exactly! This world is not designed for ‘autistic’ people and we all know that their legal acts and lip service are merely a smokescreen of indifference. But then, if you admit its your world that fucks us up in the very definition of your own words, why then say we have a disorder? it is a perfectly normal reaction amongst autistic people to be fucked by your world. How is it a ‘disorder’ ? The disorder is in your obscene world.

The social model of disability suggests disability is caused by the way society is organized, rather than by a person’s impairment. This model suggests barriers in society are created by ableism. When barriers are removed, people with disabilities can be independent and equal in society.

There are three main types of barriers:

Attitudinal barriers: are created by people who see only disability when associating with people with disabilities in some way. These attitudinal barriers can be witnessed through bullying, discrimination, and fear. These barriers include low expectations of people with disabilities. These barriers contribute to all other barriers.[11][12][13] Attitudes towards people with disabilities in low and middle-income countries can be even more extreme.[14]

Environmental barriers: inaccessible environments, natural or built, create disability by creating barriers to inclusion.

Institutional barriers: include many laws, policies, practices, or strategies that discriminate against people with disabilities. For example, a study of five Southeast Asian countries found that electoral laws do not specially protect the political rights of persons with disabilities, while ‘some banks do not allow visually disabled people to open accounts, and HIV testing centers often refuse to accept sign language interpreters due to confidentiality policies’.[15] Restrictive laws exist in some countries, particularly affecting people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities.[16]

Other barriers include: internalised barriers (low expectations of people with disabilities can undermine their confidence and aspirations), inadequate data and statistics, lack of participation and consultation of disabled people.

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in their labels they use the word neuro for no other apparent reason than to add scientific gravitas. the label suggests a brain that is different to ‘neuro typical’ – a distinction which annoys me no end as there is no clear meaning what the distinction is. i am not a neuro surgeon or scientist but im going to take a wild stab and say its probable no two brains are the same. I cant be bothered to google whether that is true or not but you are welcome to if you want. As long as my internal narrative conforms to my cognitive bias i am as happy as any other brainless lemming.

if no two brains are the same, there is no need for these words. perhaps you *can split brain types into classes, but there seems to be no baseline for typical or divergent brains. the paltry amount of subdivisions we think we have identified is inevitably not anywhere near what it is in reality. we have yet to correctly identify and catalogue the spectrum of human brains. although directly referring to neurology in the label, in most cases no actual brain scans have been performed.

The same goes for me, the diagnosis i have disclosed on this website was done in a few days. the autism place did a days interview, read a bunch of stuff i wrote about my life and decided they both had no doubt. there were no genetic tests or brain scans, all we did was talk.

I think it’s likely that, in a truly civilised society, categories of gender, sexuality, neurodiversity etc either wouldn’t exist or would be about as relevant to most people’s identity as what brand of perfume they wear. But the problem that confronts anyone who doesn’t fit into the expected boxes is that one can’t just reject the reasoning and categorisation that is implicit in our culture, language and thought, even when it’s obviously nonsense: the only tools we have for dissecting the nonsense are, themselves, based in and made out of that nonsense. So the world is destabilised, without being destroyed. I think that, among other things, this gives rise to a strong sense of unreality…

some clever bloke

Although this is a salient point I disagree with a part of it, we can reject the reasoning of this culture and we can smash it. other minorities are doing the same. why cant we ? the minorities getting the most PR at the moment are ones that have high-profile deaths that are covered in the media, autistic suicides are not that headline friendly, so perhaps we need to start hanging ourselves with tinsel and bobbles. we need the deaths to be noticed.

(cut to guy hanging himself) ‘shall i put some fucking fairy lights on it ?’

its a shame each minority has its own fight and all are not valued without a second thought, we should be beyond all this bollocks by now.

it seems to me that all the guff they talk about high-functioning bollocks should be given a new term: ‘Neuro-Bollocogy’ as in the person making this diagnosis doesnt actually know what the fuck they are on about. We should hold the medical world to account more if they want to put us in the autism box – perhaps they should be more clear about what it is since it seems like they dont know. if they do know they certainly cant be arsed to tell me.

One thing ive noticed since being seen by clueless Neuro-Bollocogists is people have started talking to me like im a baby even though im 48 years old. what the fuck is that about ? am i wearing a fucking nappy over here mate ? do you want to fucking change me or something ? i havent even shat myself.

Neuro-Bollocogists – GTFO

(that means get the fuck out in case you have been in a cave since the invention of the internet).

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