#EverydayDiscrimination Liana Tonkin – Head of the Virgincare Autistic Discrimination Team.

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Today I was gong to sit down and mess about with what i was doing which involves about 1500 samples. Instead some fucking muppet emailed me, so this is now happening. I haven’t had anywhere stable to live for years, im just generally fucking annoyed *and this is a pre-coffee article which is even worse. I AM FUCKING RAGING. good. lets get stuck in.

here is a form virgincare asked me to fill out after i asked Bath council to give me the legally mandated assessment they are supposed to give me under the care act. at first, i was shocked to see that virgincare are employed to deal with autistic people, shortly afterwards i could see why: they are there to cull us.

first of all the form is a barrier, creating autistic inertia, causing more stress. someone else should have put this data in. half of the data seems to be for the council to fill out, what is a liquid logic ID? anyone have a clue ? carefirst ID ? N.O.K.? doesnt seem like a form an autistic person should fill out seeing as they are mandated to provide us with clear communication. there was no explanation of what this form means i was just supplied it, expected to know what it all means and then ignored.

first page of a form given to me to fill out by one of Dick Bransons minions

In the next page of the form it asks, are you happy to have virgincare record your data, and if not why not? i said no and i said the reason for the no. i dont want branson getting hold of my data because he is trying to destroy whats left of the ableist NHS.

because i said this liana tonkin, the head of their autism team point blank refused to give me the assessment, flagrantly breaking the law. i recorded this phone call. this begs the question – why did they ask whether i want my data recorded or not when they wouldnt give me the assessment if i didnt!? it is again unclear communication and is completely illegal!

when it became clear that what i put in the data section of their form was actually what i thought in reality, liana sounded a bit panicked. she started to talk about lots of ways they could help me with lots of expensive things. as long as i submitted to their database. seeing as databases have ruined my life im hardly likely to want to be on another one.

the autistic exclusion policy that virgincare have adopted cannot realistically be seen in any other way than as directly targeting us. a lot of autistic people are highly controlling about their data and communications.

i love autistic people, my daughter even says so online

This is richard fucking branson. i fucking hate richard fucking branson, as does well, everyone i know or have met. i have yet to meet anyone singing richard fucking bransons praises. i have yet to meet anyone who didnt think branson is a smug turd.

The purpose of this article shall be: Richard Fucking Branston Pickled Tax Dodging NHS suing cunt WILL NOT EVER have any of his businesses near any autistic people ever again. what the fuck is this cunt doing in care for vulnerable people ? i mean, what the fucking fuck ? and then they try to publicly deny the NHS is not being purposefully dismantled. well, there you go branson has taken over care for vulnerable people. i wouldn’t trust him with pinocchios nose, he would probably stick it up his ass.

‘lie for me boy’

the disconnect between the law, the public face and what actually happens in reality is now reaching dadaist levels. we are at defcon fucking 99 and people are dying because of this, this aint a fucking joke. neurodivergent people are more likely to off themselves than a normal person because of our brain-wiring and what the various institutions of the UK do to us – euphemistically referred to as ‘societal barriers‘. It pains me that although i just about have the ability to grit my teeth and endure the abuse these ableist institutions dish out, there are many more like me that killed themselves.

‘i am all the way down to the bottom now’

There is some fucking law nobody gives a shit about that states all government employees must have training in autism. so far i have only ever met one guy who had a clue, a few weeks ago, and ive met a lot. the overall main reason ive met a lot of them over the years is precisely because they dont have any training in autism. If they have had training they are either ignoring it, forgotten it or the training is shite. I could literally train them in 10 minutes for so-called high-functioning Neuro-Bollocogy but nobody else in the world can sort that out lol. it seems i am autistic peoples last hope, the only person in the UK able of sorting out something very simple in 10 minutes. WTF!?!£?@$

Theres another stupid fucking law of this shitty cultured proto-fascist land that says if someone is diagnosed as autistic they must receive an assessment to see if they have care needs etc. after a quick rummage through my internet underpants i see that this was on the 26th of Feburary 2019. The various councils of england i have lived under during this time have all not bothered to do an assessment and are in breach of the laws they made for themselves which incidentally i didnt vote for:

that was one year six months ago

in that time the following councils all failed to do it, made my living situation worse and caused me immense distress i cannot really quantify in words.

  • leeds council
  • bournemouth council
  • wiltshire council
  • bath and NE somerset council
  • highland council

During that time Atos and the DWP all ignored my cries for help. i told them i thought i might be autistic before i was diagnosed. their answer was my claim for PIP benefits was refused and they petitioned the tribunal judge to stop my case saying it was ‘a waste of time’. the tribunal is just as corrupt as them and i refused to have any part of it. i won anyway, but i was given the lowest amount of help they could offer and refused a large part of the benefit that helps you travel. they sent me a recording of what they said about that part. some woman i have never met before is on the tape, she says ‘it seems he can get around ok because he moves house so much’. this made my fucking blood boil, i grabbed a really cute kitten and strangled it and then built a space cannon which blasted the bloodied corpse into orbit.

these systems are directly responsible for me moving around so much, they use their own failures as an excuse to help me less.

as the utterly pointless national autistic society point out on their website, post diagnostic support is ‘vital’, ive begged for it countless times and theyve told me to fuckoff every time. ive registered for doctors and every time they move me on, each one tells me to fuckoff or as in the case of the Pulteney Practice in Bath ‘you can see a psychologist when hell freezes over’.

when they break the law what you have to do is fill out a form and send it to the complaints department! then you wait 8 weeks and then you can fill out a bunch more forms and spend lots more time explaining it all to another ombudsman type system, inevitably to be told to fuckoff. wtf. you fill out fucking forms? You give someone who is disabled by tasks another task because you fucked up and broke the law ? that seems wrong to me.

why is everyone a cunt ? why is everyone dumb as shit ?

oh do fuckoff

While researching for this article i found a ludicrous virgincare article about how they love autistic adults so much and how they are improving their lives by getting them a job in IT. This glowing codswallop turned out to be written by…. smugfaces daughter holy branson. Its possible shes the only person in the world who believes it so what better person to write it.

What happens if we dont want a job in IT? i do enough IT for my friends, everyone wants a computer expert i would hate to do it for a job. Being a music producer already involves a shitload of high level IT if you are any good at it. This also seems to ignore the fact each autistic person has a particular focus in their life that is usually very limited, if its not in IT i guess virgincare dont want to know.

The obvious problem with them saying they love us autistic adults so much is that they want to cull us. they quite clearly want to exclude us from a care assessment, something which would be the first step to getting ourselves in a more manageable position and being recognised as well, hating the fucking world you NTs built. Apparently though, if you happen to not like someone who is trying to dismantle the NHS, you are not eligible for treatment on the NHS or its sub-contractors in these weirdly fascist times.

virgincare indicate on their website that they are a non-profit company

i read the bullshit article then i found this peach, they seem to think they are a non-profit company or something, they are actually psychopathic.

in order to take virgincare to court about this i first needed the information they held on me. during this arduous process which is still not over they used every trick they could to delay me or put me off. After shelter wrote to them asking for it they delayed and then demanded ID verification from them. The solicitor told me that the permission was granted and then revoked, he told me he suspected they did it on purpose just to be difficult.

virgincare know autistic people live on the edges of existence and small things can put them off completely and stop them from completing tasks. they use this to their advantage.

after i sacked the ableist charity called shelter i took over the information request myself, because i needed another fucking task in my life. i sent them a letter demanding the information yet again. another sub company emailed me saying they were writing on behalf of virgincare. they wanted to assign me another task of entering a suspect ‘encrypted’ website portal of some kind (most websites are encrypted thats what the https means).

i dont go on portals, i use PGP if i want privacy so i told them to forget that. this took up again more time, again had no clear communication at all. i had to bang on about how they are breaking the law in order to get them to respond outside of the portal. one of em ignored me. after yet more time, i found another who seemed to want to do it.

virgincare attempting to use autistic kryptonite to deflect my superpowers

then another task, they wanted my ID proof yet again. but one wasnt good enough they also wanted proof of an address i dont have. Shelter spent weeks unsuccessfully attempting to get a simple SAR out of them (a legal right everyone in the UK has) and they wanted to make out like i just emailed them 5 minutes ago. they wanted a passport and proof of the address they were responsible for me having to leave. i no longer had anywhere to live because of their failure and they wanted my address.

at this point i was ready to kill more really cute kittens, but this time by putting them through a meat grinder, making a furry burger out of them and then boring a hole into the centre of the earth and launching the burger into it. (if youre having trouble with that it means i was very annoyed)

god knows how much distress, anguish and time wasted virgincare have caused in my life. i have spent the entirety of today dealing with this and writing this record of their behaviour. i spent ages already trying to get them to obey the law, why is it me that has to chase to this up? where is the enforcement of this law? i dont want to spend all this time doing this, i want to make fucking music!

its time these charlatans were kicked out of health entirely and thats what we should campaign for. fuck fake non-profits profiting from public health!


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