100mountains is creating…


welcome fleshy meatsack

Come in, stick the kettle on, chuck yer meat-suit on the hanger and yer feet on the couch. You deserve it.

Your planets doctors insist I accept I am some autistic unit called Kris Weston, who seems to be some turd or another, I lose track of your species, they all look alike. Divide by zero in line 1. Mandelbrot.

Anyway. Your wet blithering and oozing upon this planet has, once again attracted my attention. I have been away for a short while because of an incredibly bad smell but I am now ready to offend via the medium of sound wave launched at your face.

May I politely suggest you saunter over to the website above and unlock lots of brain vomit.

eh ? whats this shit? what do I get for my patronage and why do you look like Dot Cotton?

i don’t like you. my friend doesn’t like you either. what is your goal?

My goals are:

My first project is called ‘Rain Study’, it is a series of 10-11 hour recordings designed to calm oneself, sleep or generally blot out other noises. Concept wise – i want to start off with these atmosphere things and my plan when I hopefully build somewhere I can blast it is to make some louder things. loosely speaking…

Hybrid Vortex. Mandelbrot. Doggle. Bleep.

You can help me build up a solid stable home here, you can see a bit of what i am up to trying to upkeep it here.

thankyou for this project goes to HelpMusiciansUK without which i wouldn’t have met my wife or been diagnosed or be alive. It has been a revelation for me and significantly helped me. *hugs* to all there.

thankyou to the many plugin companies that have supported me, I hope we can continue to tweak sounds and make wet raspy farty noises and say spectral as much as possible.

the concentration required when you are autistic is that bit more than other people, and well…. other things put you off very easily. i require an almost monastic environment which I intend to build…