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how our systems use forms to generate money from autistic people

No i don’t want to fill in your fucking form or give you my fucking date of birth.


When i see a form it makes me want to ram it up the ass of the person waving it at me and then beat their body to a pulp with a lump hammer. In this age of digital sharing the amount of paper forms that still exist is mind boggling. Why? What for ? I am just writing the same information over and over again on a piece of paper. This would seem the ideal time to involve computers, but nobody seems to have done it yet. Why? Stop wasting my fucking lifetime with your fucking forms.

Forms combined with the data protection act (laws designed to protect our systems from legal action) allow our systems to discriminate against autistic people.

i am so fucking sick of being given tasks by government agencies. with the new rise of the ‘right-wing’ or what i call psychotic narcissists – there has been a rise in bureaucratic forms seemingly designed solely to piss me off and drive me to Meltdown.

Autistic people have problems with the tasks and demands of the world created by and for NTs. You would think that with all the noises councils and other government institutions make about being inclusive and valuing disabled people that they would have gone out of their way to streamline the amount of paperwork autistic people receive. You would like to think that, but what actually happens in the real world is the opposite.

We can make a valuable contribution to society they say at the same time as overloading us with bullshit.

All this stuff is just lip service bullshit like the equality and care acts. meaningless hot air that is repeated round and round, because if you repeat the truth enough it eventually sinks in. thanks george. the modern life of an autistic person contains many more forms than a neuro-typical would receive.

Often at the doctors you will get 3 forms. each one asking for the same name. date and address. if like me the care system has moved you over 15 times in several years, you have to keep registering with a doctor in every new place you go, only to be told to move on again by Universal Credit before you get any treatment. In the times i have got through to a doctor, the quality of care is absolutely awful / non-existent, especially in Scotland. the NHS is essentially already dead, but people don’t want to admit it.

Why do you get more forms for being autistic ? more tasks means you are disabling us more. why are we forced to endure this whole fractured and ridiculously long-winded method of modern life while at the same time you all sing the chorus of how we have difficulty with it? if they really cared they would streamline it.

One of the examples of how this drives real profit is asking disabled people or people with PTSD to revisit traumatic parts of their life in a sterile office room in front of a random ‘health professional’ who has no experience in psychology or psychiatry. It is compounded by the fact you know that if you do manage to disclose anything you will receive no support or advantage. one of my friends was asked to do so and remains not receiving disability benefits because they forced him to walk out. His behaviour was completely normal for someone with his trauma. To think that these ‘health professionals’ or the people that designed the grotesquely inhuman points based questionnaire system didnt know this would exclude people with trauma seems highly unlikely.

Another method is providing a criminally negligent assessment that excludes them or throwing so much bureaucracy at them they give up claiming benefits, this is the reason Atos has quadrupled their profits. it is now well-known that they lose at 80% of cases they throw at tribunals. Guess who is paying for that! Thats right. Anyone but Atos.

So then, with all this backdoor discrimination built in, you try to complain and then you realise the complaints system is also set up to exclude you. first of all you have to contact the person that just abused you and engage with them, they might put a time limit on it. something like e.g. 8 weeks. No autistic person wants to fill out two institutions complaints forms and go through their procedures, which of course sits perfectly for them. When complaining about discrimination sending the person back their abuser is so obviously wrong.

The words on the web pages seem to say the right things:

You’re legally protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010.

If you ever try to follow up discrimination you will meet more discrimination, more tasks and more forms. you will be put in an anxiety time box, where you will be trapped in a gut wrenching torture up until a set date. inevitably, if or when you eventually reach the set date nothing will happen.

In reality, the equality act doesn’t exist. i know, ive tried to enforce it a bunch of times and nobody gives a shit. our systems view discrimination as an annoying hot potato that needs to be ejected or passed to someone else as quickly as possible.

The systems themselves are discriminatory. there is no recourse. you are fucked. It would be nice if everyone would just stop this inclusive language and just come straight out and say we are cunts that should just go away and die.

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