Dear leaders of my country I have never voted for

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no offence, and i dont usually interact with people of your er high standing in society but i feel its incumbent on me to speak out about the state of your societies safety net at present, amongst a few other things. I’ll try not to keep you too long and sort of summarise it all as quickly as possible. Generally speaking Im going to talk about health and mental health, i know, its a boring subject and when you have to mention it you sort of fall back on the old – ‘its good to talk, lets get rid of the stigma’ stuff, but what I wanted to talk about is what its actually like out here in reality. i know especially the tories among you have no clue whatsoever what that means. out of touch they used to call it, i call it psychotic narcissism.

Before I start may I first ask you to get your act together around cannabis, narcissists who grow cannabis for profit and tell me that I cant smoke it I will ignore all day long. Stop messing around and legalise it, you have no business at all telling me what I or anyone else can put in my body and furthermore, seeing as I never voted for any of you I generally ignore all your laws. You are all hypocrites anyway – its one law for me and a different one for you – I could pull out reams of examples but I dont want to embarrass you too much. What makes me laugh is while they grow and flog it from Norfolk, the unelected and breathtakingly hypocritical PM says we cant legalise it because of the impact on families. so lets do some studies on cannabis and try and correlate as much negative stuff on it. When i read the quote i just laughed. What a stupid woman. I see no current influx of studies on alcohol and banning it to protect wife beating when it is clearly not only a bit worse but hugely more detrimental. again you come across as hypocrites. nothing new there.

so. anyway. i realise every single one of you will ignore this like you ignored the 5k+ shares of my story on twitter but Ive had enough of you lot, so you are either dealing with this or its going to court.
re: the hostile environment you have created in mental health.

There isn’t any real point in talking about my mental health problems, because there is nobody there to listen. I guess you must know this, its your job after all, what confuses me is why you all seem to act like its all about opening up after you take the actual services away. I will talk about my problems all day long if you want. It doesn’t really help me, i cant get through to anyone who actually understands my head. In the real world talking to someone to try and get help involves sitting on the phone enduring disappointment after disappointment, trying to explain your problems over and over again to all these strangers who aren’t qualified to understand and don’t have the services to back them up. Writing letter after letter begging for help wears you further down when you haven’t the capacity to deal with it.

It confuses me how we are rich yet have to take money from the poor when we have a sovereign currency and billions to pour into private monetary corporations but I will leave that to you guys to figure out, that also would seem to be another remit of your occupation you fail miserably at. My tip would be, build a more steady state economy reliant on national production of goods based on a more solid education system and less reliance on ‘growth’ and privately owned banks and automated stock markets, move away from importation of food and stop funding and creating terrorism and war which in turn would obviate the need for a mass surveillance state budget. In one phrase i guess this could be summed up as please stop the globalist market worship.

you gotta come up with a new paradigm, technology and general thought is leaving you dinosaurs all behind. I recommend votecoins, the tech has been there for years now and you are ignoring it because you are all dinosaurs working in a corrupt, antiquated system overseen by some German family who claim superiority over us. I dont get that one either, I am a full supporter of executing the queen by guillotine. sorry I think that, you are welcome to criminalise me for it if you want, I just dont give a shit anymore.

On my 8th call to try and get a mental health advocate the answerphone message said:

“If you’re a member of the food bank leave your name and number, if you need advocacy or information there is none. the service was cut on Mar 21st 2017”

Its not a very nice feeling to hear this when you have urgent need and after all these calls with people telling you they cant help or could in two months. I get depression, mood swings, people tell me have aspergers, BPD, PTSD, i dont know, i cant get anyone to find out! after years of thinking if i did go to the doctor about my problems, i would get misunderstood and treated badly it turned out to be far worse than i thought. I won’t bore you with too much detail of my problems so lets just say i am a bit mental but i am not stupid. If i dont get any help I guess you are going to hear them all in court anyway.

so, i am writing to ask if you please wouldnt mind stopping killing me, also it would be handy if you stopped killing the country too. People who are mentally ill might react to compassion very well and mistrust, disdain, misinterpretation and confrontation very badly. Its so complicated to try and explain how I am to you and Im sure you wouldnt understand so I am not going to bother. I assume the world will penalise me for being me but i cant stop being me im afraid its part of being me so here goes anyway.

my first experience of the laughable PIP assessment, which is insulting, criminally negligent and abusive at its core.

so that is one (out of many) of my experiences of trying to get help, it got so bad i had to start recording my interactions with people because people were abusing me and i had no proof to say so. they made a news article about it:

Your corporatisation of my country has resulted in everything being expressed through database boxes and people being treated according to corporate legal agreements rather than human well-being. that means you are killing me, because i do not fit in your boxes. It has resulted in me being misunderstood because of my illness and given no treatment at all, in fact i am dying apparently and cant even see a doctor. I dont care about me particularly but it would be nice for other vulnerable people in future if you wouldnt treat them like a corporate asset and general piece of turd.

During every single interaction with the NHS, i get the horrible attitude and incompetence i always feared, with the other side able to swing about punitive action with impunity and myself with no power in the process at all. i am sick of talking to unqualified people, i am too complex for that, where are the people who are supposed to know about this stuff????

i have sat by for a while watching your theatrical farce with the thoroughly disrespectful (to an entire country no less) braying like donkeys and tbh i dont even know what to make of it. it leaves me gobsmacked, not less the way the whole thing seems to wilfully miss what is going on in the world and play out like it doesn’t realise? it seems like that sort of level of debate should be in a kindergarten or something to me. The language is laughable (let me be clear means let me obfuscate, use meaningless statistics and be as muddy as possible) – the lying really gets me, and the fact there is no punishment at all for lying to an entire country leaves me scratching my head. How is this called democracy when even the cobwebbed processes that adorn your crusty craphole are ignored by the very people that the country supposedly elected. All that crap needs to go with all this imperial past hanging over everything and that can start with abolishing the monarchy. honestly your parliament makes me embarrassed to be British and I have never voted for that in my entire life, it all seems a farce to me if you let business control your country, as you have done for my entire lifetime. i can understand why you and your media friends are so scared of the national bank that Labour wants to start. This is actually the first time in my lifetime we have ever been given an actual choice, but not so many people seem to get that.

another thing that annoys me is the laughable simplification of the issues at stake and the attempt to split up human beings into the left / right paradigm which is no longer relevant. i suggest reading this although it may be a bit too complicated for the rich white fools among you (ie most of you)

the most annoying unspoken strand of immutable thought that pervades your entire show is the market worship and the greed, selfishness and wilful ignorance of that i guess is what really gets me. as though there is no other way. the point being that at the very least this ideology has now led to 120,000 deaths since its inception. It also confuses me why normal plebby people would be arrested for murdering someone but when you work as a tory MP, you can murder 1000s?

I doubt whether most of you have read this far, but if so you must not be tory and could you ask them to please explain for me?

my story has been shared 1000’s of times on social media, and the effect of that is basically nothing. Atos were marginally nicer to me on the phone, they couldnt even sort the complaint within their own time frame and still havent bothered. no politician has even acknowledged this happened, no mainstream news article has appeared because I am just another blip in a sea of negligence. What i would like to see is an end to private companies in health care, we should never have started doing that and the tory scum need to stop doing it under the table and be prosecuted for the ideological murder they have committed. it cant be stressed enough that corporate profit motive should never be mixed with human well-being. business entities will never act in any sort of human interest. EVER, it is not just a mistake to think that, it is either stupidity or ignorant ideological fanaticism and the end result is death.

i am an artist, a musical one. i have even had a number one album here! there are very few people as good as me in this country. My music is on the level of world class producers but the way my super-rich country is organised I cant even get on my feet. no help is available. its annoying because i know the very same people who would cut my money, make me move out of my perfect studio, tell me i am not mentally ill and tell me to give up music would be praising my name when i brought out a mindblowing film soundtrack. i have one more month left of universal credit then im on the street and part of the homeless statistics due to some orwellian crap called the ‘minimum income floor’ which makes it impossible to start a new business and its impossible to do with any kind of mental illness. before that happens i will hang myself, its cold out, would rather be dead thanks. When i am dead, you can dig up this letter again and say oh we should have done something about that and then chuck the letter in the bin and sleep like a baby that night.

Are you guys aware if you want help for mental health these days – they pull you into a room, dont ask anything about what is wrong with you and then grade you with a grotesquely inhuman points system? there are no doctors in the room and in my one nobody ever asked what was the matter with me. its so grotesque it makes me not want to be part of your world at all, but I would like to start a class action against you before I die to attempt to alleviate some of the the misery your policies have inflicted on others, its probably too late for me. i despair because all I wanted to do was make beautiful music. I studied for 25 years to get good at it too, and now its for nothing. thanks for that.

My only recourse at the moment is charities. this country and its health system are utterly broken. your job is supposed to be to sort that out. so get the despicable, disgusting, murdering scum tories out for the love of dog. no confidence is a bit of an understatement, there should be prison for these murderers. please put tony blair in there with them, i cant stand his fake smile anymore, he is a war criminal roaming free.

my contention in all of this is that the people who have designed this system are not just criminally negligent but have committed mass murder and I want this to be proven in a court. Firstly it should be put into our new constitution when the queen is thrown out that no private company should ever be involved in health or public safety ever again. once this is done we can start to prosecute the murderers that enacted these vile ideological policies and start to reform our pathetic voting system. it seems ridiculous to me to do it by area and then have all the rich tories band together. if only they knew that their mistaken belief that the tory party are the ones who know about economics is actually refuted by most actual economists, which im not even sure the scum tory party have any of. lets see how much did george osborne know about economics? zero. he was more interested snorting coke with natalie rowe. it would be great if he was an exception to the rule but hes not is he? what is that vampire lidl assistant manager you have in there now ? my advice – try steve keen instead we are lucky to have him here.

dont be under the misapprehension that we dont know what you are up to over there. you manage to keep a few major scandals under the radar but we who dont swallow the crap the MSM spews understand only too well what you stand for.

i have started the process of getting a human rights solicitor, if keir starmer wants to help i would most appreciate it. tbh if even ONE politician acknowledged my plight it would be a start.

Yours sincerely

Kristian Weston

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