What’s it like having a few days left in your home and nowhere to go afterwards?

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Bristol Council go for national record by obeying the equality act for more than 2 hours!!

Despite initial engine problems and not knowing what the equality act is, Bristol eventually managed to communicate once with me in the way i asked for. this is the first UK institution to do so since I have been diagnosed.

Congratulations Bristol!

Unfortunately, this lasted for an extremely brief period and they then unsurprisingly reverted to the national standard. At this point in my post-diagnosis experience i conclude there is a tacitly accepted national policy of councils being forced to ignore the equality act. there has to be a certain amount of people ejected because there arent enough resources due to the incredible hoarding of wealth and property by the upper and middle classes of the UK and the failed system of capitalism.

Councils also contain an unacceptably large percentage of untrained people and a nepotistic and personal element which should not exist, if someone in a council decides they want to make life hard for you, there is no mechanism to stop them doing so. In the case of some councils there are multiple family members working within them. This does not allow the objectivity they need and often you will have unqualified housing team employees making the decisions that a highly qualified doctor should make. A doctor that went to learn for years on a specific subject, as opposed to someone that got bored working in costa and went for a council job.

whats it like having a few days left to live somewhere and nowehere to go afterwards?

the experience is so familiar to me it reminds me very much of the PTSD type feelings i have about certain things that have happened in my life. i will have physical reactions and movements and become extremely panicked and disorientated for a short while and i have to pull myself out. fortunately(?) due to the catastrophic PTSD i have experienced i have learnt to quickly try and think about something else as hard as i can and manage these thoughts. this is quite an effort.

there are many aspects to the terror of adding to autistic anxiety by having nowhere to go as well as there being many aspects to the terror of councils giving vague information about how they can help. when you are spinning plates, adding another one in doesnt help and councils will bombard you with demands and information from many people and departments as a matter of course. Heres a breakdown of how the council have broken the equality act so far in only a few days of communicating with them:


  • a friend helped me communicate
  • we stated my preferred communication methods in the letter
  • they wrote back to demand another communication method within 10 minutes of receiving it obviously not having bothered to read it (fail)
  • we then referred back to the letter
  • they wrote back again to demand i physically attend (fail)
  • we then referred back to the letter which says i can hardly walk
  • they then finally offered the communication method i wanted
  • the meeting came, two people attended (fail)
  • there was no warning two people would attend, the letter asked for a sole point of contact (fail)
  • they asked a bunch of questions like they usually do i referred them to the last people that tortured me
  • i already had a homeless duty from the last council but they had erroneously ended it, somehow based on what was on this website (fail)
  • that decision was made by someone who had deliberately misled me, forced me to sign a discriminatory contract under duress and broken the equality act countless times. (fail)
  • the same council failed to give me a care act assessment which is illegal (fail)
  • the next council after that failed to communicate at all with every single communication blanket ignored and requests for care act assessments refused at least 5 times.
  • this council then told me they can help me! (joy)
  • the told me that the adult care team are going to give me my assessment and they never got in touch (fail)
  • they then sent me vague and incomplete information about the help they could give and informed me any help they could give would be unsuitable for my disability. (extreme fail)
  • i told them this vague information has bothered me and could i have more
  • i sent a list of my difficulties, ignoring my communication being very high up on the list
  • they both ignored me and went home for the night (fail)
  • i told them that giving me this vague information put me at risk of having extreme anxiety and a sleepless night
  • unsurprisingly i was up till 6am worrying
  • they then required me to attend a meeting 5 hours after that (fail)
  • that email gave no more information about the help they were offering
  • i told them to wait a bit so i can have a shit n a coffee and ill get back to them, obviously i didnt say im having a shit and a coffee i said i can come back within an hour once ive woken up and they should have been prepared for such after causing such distress.
  • in the meantime i asked once more for more information on why the accommodation ‘cannot be promised to be suitable’
  • no information came and my sole point of contact ignored me for the rest of the day (extreme fail)
  • i wrote to the boss of my sole point of contact to say this information is incomplete and i need more
  • he wrote back to say sorry he and my sole point of contact were busy (facepalm fail)
  • the sole point of contact had at least 30 minutes allocated for the meeting and so its reasonable to conclude that she had time to briefly outline more precise information but chose not to.
  • they both popped off for the weekend without completing the information leaving me upset and extremely anxious for the entire weekend when it would have taken about 4 minutes to offer the comfort of completing the information (massive massive fail)
  • this entire scenario is almost an exact copy of Bath Council just before they put me in a noisy religious building despite me being an atheist with misophonia and those people tried to lock me inside the building. (im going to stop typing fail now)
  • i can reasonably conclude that this must be a standard policy across councils.
  • Bath Council made me sign an illegal contract before offering me accommodation to say essentially that my disability doesn’t exist.
  • they first made out like they understood and respected it and then after being forced to sign the illegal contract they demanded doctors reports about it despite HelpMusiciansUK already having spent 3k on 3 separate doctors that specifically mention autistic noise problems in their report and which are commonplace anyway :/
  • Bath council steadfastly refuse to provide the document, despite multiple requests and a legal SAR request. as soon as they do it will be printed on here.
  • i am now awaiting the same information they could have given me days ago with no real guarantee im even going to get that comfort by tomorrow 2 days before im on the street.
  • in effect, what is required of autistic people would never be required by those with an outward disability e.g. they wouldnt make someone who has to use a wheelchair try and get it up some stairs but for some reason they think its different for us.

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