Bath Councils idea of suitable housing.

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Bath council are a collection of ex-actors from ‘the league of gentleman’ who run a sort of amusement factory for narcissistic psychopathic neurotypical people. The idea is to drive as many disabled people to suicide as possible by confusing the hell out of them till it drives them into a panic and then hopefully homelessness and death. Don’t be confused by the name Bath in the title. All councils do exactly the same thing.

This is what their legal psychopaths call ‘settling in suitable accommodation’

it had to have a cover because water was getting in, causing mould and making me ill. notice i have painted the windows with whatever spray paint i found lying about to keep the light out. THATS BECAUSE I AM FUCKING AUTISTIC.

inside is lovely, complete with no hot water, no cold water, no water and no toilet except a bucket and a bottle. the en suite shower room contains a shower that doesn’t work. other features include a tap that doesn’t work and a sink that drains onto the floor. also contains a kettle that does work. i think the kettle feature is what is swaying bath councils legal decision that was made without consulting me at all.

if you think that’s bad you should see what’s behind that blue curtain.

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