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Dear concerned citizens of the earth

When we look out at the world, the scale of the hypocrisy, corruption and failure to understand, communicate and connect is truly staggering. There is an insidious agenda at play in the world today, and one that is obscured by the constant rush of information battling sunken within the Hegelian dialectic. Huge sums of imaginary money affect large swathes of people with no regulation or regard to their well being, and the majority are right behind them oblivious to the greater understanding of how this truly works, who controls it and what it is doing to them. The investment into the peoples ignorance and apathy is the icing of cynicism on the rotting cake and this extends to harm our environment by way of pure greed. There is no spirituality or compassion in greed, money has no soul and this is reflected by the architects of our world and the way they treat it.

Trying to determine the root problems of western societies and cities, one fundamental thing that stands out above all else is our disconnection with nature. We are animals, bound unequivocally to this world which provides for us, and yet, most of us, live in a falsely constructed bubble where we encounter no real experience of our surroundings and therefore have no understanding of them. We live in falsely created structures made of unsustainable materials, our water is brought to us through pipes, our food in plastic wrappers from other bigger structures, our energy from unrenewable, wasteful and polluting fossil fuels, our information in soundbites, our health through fabricated drugs and vaccines, our thoughts are selected for us through our media and ‘political commentators’ and our attention spans are carefully trained down from birth to be as minimal as possible. It is vital to understand this disconnect and all the knock-on effects to other areas of our lives.

If we continue asking nicely for bad people to stop harming our planet by the time anyone listens it may be too late. If we can believe current science, approximately 20 – 280 species a day go extinct mostly due to habitat degradation (primary culprit being agriculture) and other causes such as ‘climate change’, genetic pollution and modification, predation, competition, and disease. If current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all species of life on earth will be extinct in 100 years. Extinction is a natural part of our world and approximately 99% of the species that have ever existed on this planet have died out. However, for the last 65 million years or so (since the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event) there has been a general upward trend in the number of living species on this planet, up until quite recently. Today, the extinction rate is increasing rapidly as what is most probably a result of human interference in natural ecosystems. The rate of species extinctions at present is variously estimated at 100 to 1000 times the “background” or average extinction rates in the evolutionary time scale of planet Earth. Primates, tropical birds, and many amphibians are particularly threatened and for the foreseeable future, this decline is set to continue because evolution cannot generate new species fast enough to replace what is dying and we are not changing our habits. Because of this, a new mass extinction model commonly referred to as The Sixth Extinction is postulated whereby it is us that will be annihilated next.

Regardless of whether this is because we have a previously numerically unmatched pool of life that cannot be sustained, or whether this considerably researched data is false, it is certain that we have a dire environmental and political situation on our hands, and that the global system is set up in such a way that precludes voluntarilly repair. Industry is releasing poisons and industrial waste into our world at a scale which has never been seen before, and this onslaught must be dealt with. You can argue with the statistics involved but its clear just from opening your eyes that something is very wrong. When you dump this much pollutants into an ecosystem, things are going to go wrong. The UK government has actually released documents detailing how it performed mass chemical spraying experiments over huge segments of the population over a period of 30 years but nobody came to trial and nobody cared, thats the beauty of information overloading and the apathy that stems from it. Economic systems and industry are not struictured in way to care for our health, the cancer epidemic and proliferation of neurological diseases are clear signs of this. There is no currently available system that will coerce the industry that controls politics into radically changing its behaviour to promote human well bring over profit.

Do you trust nature or humans to regulate our ecosystems ? In terms of track record alone, the logical choice might be the one that has kept us alive for millions of years. We are still here after all. That will not be the one which has wiped out 1000’s of species with poisons and selfishness, urbanised vast tracts of space with no thought whatsoever as to future generations, ignored abundant free and clean energy sources in favour of unsustainable profit driven hydrocarbons and wants to biologically force the earth to produce far more than it ever did with no regard to consequence. Who knows what consequences other extinctions or genetic modification will lead to ? Even population biologists have no idea how the removal of a species from our ecosystem affects our overall health, but some speculate that a kind of butterfly effect could make us more susceptible to various disease a long time after an extinction event. Genetically modifying our food or indeed any human interference in nature is unacceptable in any form until a full understanding of the effects is achieved. Before we disrespect and overrule nature, we need to find out exactly why and how it makes its evolutionary decisions.

Despite these obvious concerns, there is an ongoing agenda to companies continue to enforce GMO use by means of lobbying their previous employees in government and the profit enticement of farmers already driven to the edge. They are even allowed to patent this ‘technology’ as though it is some kind of positive advance, this must be ended immediately by whatever means necessary. GM foods do not increase yields, in fact they decrease yields and increase the use of pesticides and chemicals.

The next stage of control is the food and water supply.

We cannot expect our corrupt ‘authorities’ or the institutions that are actively causing the harm to suddenly value human well-being and sort all this out for us while we sit back and indulge ourselves in the various trifling distractions the dominant culture has to offer. They are part of the problem. It’s not important for this document to go through and list, one by one, the corruption, the double standards, the murder and the evil, we shall credit you with enough intelligence to research that stuff yourself. One only has to…. look beyond…. If we survey just the routine media stories of corruption, control, bribery and aberrant behaviour in our institutions we can only guess at what goes on beneath all that, the stuff that doesn’t become mainstream, the corruption behind the scenes that doesn’t get reported. Politics is a tragic, almost comedic, manipulative façade masquerading as meaningful debate. Our Governors, the wealthy, the politicians, the police and intelligence agents are all humans stuck in a corporate controlled paradigm that has slowly engulfed us over 100’s of years. They suffer the same flaws as anyone and are, if anything, more ignorant than most in that they have internalised belief of this paradigm as truth. Nobody wants to deal with the big lie, to be recruited into it you must already be qualified. The revolving plutocratic doors swing as the elites’ puppets step between the courts, government and the private profit driven companies that control and create our money supply and our laws. The entire electoral process is based on which slave master will treat me the best and people literally buy into their own enslavement by choosing one or the other of the political puppets that are laid out before them instead of questioning the system which is placed around them and even the concept of government itself. The illusion of choice in voting for two sides of the same coin is absurd and nothing to do with ‘democracy’ – there is no country in the world where democracy exists, and to hear the constant brainwashed calls for more of ‘it’, and, even worse, the supposedly altruistic wish to force this lie upon other countries (with missiles) is an impressive spectacle of mass population control. The political charade depends so much on us believing in it, and if we just stop giving it our attention, and stop caring about the would be appointed leaders of the nation, then we could actually get to the work of creating the communities we want.

Those of us that have already de-constructed and understood how the world has reached the point it is at today understand how the criminals in charge of our world consolidated their positions through time and the unspeakably corrupt and sick acts it took to get them there.

We understand that some want to enact peaceful protest within the corrupt ‘legal’ protocol they have been taught is the truth, and we understand that some people think a solution to all this might be to spread their goodwill and enlightened behaviour to others. Those people are important in the grand scheme of things, and we don’t discourage them, but for our planet and species to survive something other than asking nicely for people to stop also has to be done. To quickly and successfully make progress there must also be brave people prepared to step outside the ridiculous corrupt profiteering lottery of law. They must be brave because they will be hammered as we have seen so many times. Hi Edward Snowden!!!

Some people care but most of these operate within the corrupt system of the left / right political paradigm and are impotent. Some people choose to wait till what they see as the inevitable collapse. Some are ready to physically fight against the evil, but lack the organisational power to meet and plan with the many like them. Others are of the opinion the natural system is ‘self-healing’. Activists around the world indulge themselves with protest that they think will achieve something. People camp outside places and hold up signs. They try to become involved in lobbying, but can’t match the money invested by large corporations who have entire teams hired for such activities. They try to lodge legal complaints, write letters and expose things in the pathetic media, but there are few actions radical enough to achieve anything significant within the systems they are fighting and most fail to even understand exactly what they are striving against. The largest protest the UK has ever seen was for the second Iraq war, which saw approximately a million people take to the streets without getting battered senseless, a true reflection of our freedom of speech and a heartening spectacle up until the eventual realisation that the people who control your army cannot do without their largest available economic stimulus package. In order to maintain our luxurious way of life, certain people in countries far away, with darker skin than ourselves, whose names we can barely pronounce, must die…. whether we protest against it or not. This was the last herding of the sheep, when the pen was finally shut in the UK. With one decisive slap it killed off the nice, polite dissenting middle class of our country stone dead, and they have not raised a peep since. So, the Iraq war went ahead anyway, preceded by the familiar intelligence whip round for morsels of potential evidence or just straight lies that could be magnified out of all proportion. Our corrupt media dutifully printed the falsities to polarise popular opinion and create a large enough margin of doubt within gullible people. It’s all about percentage of voter dissent over the narrow spectrum of media. As long as the complaining stays at home and doesn’t exceed acceptable well defined percentages, there won’t be enough momentum to cause any real trouble for the politician who decides to ‘move in’. It’s true that if enough of a percentage of dissent is expressed in popular discourse and the media then that can change elite opinion, but what will be left when we reach the tipping point? How can protest ever be considered meaningful when it is the singular recourse provided by the very people one would want to protest against? It is clear now that protest is impotent and will probably soon be illegal anyway.

While all the attempts to make a polite difference work their way through the grindingly slow institutions of bureaucracy and corruption, our planet is hurting. At the current time of writing a new study suggests our oceans are more acidic than they have been for 300 million years, there are huge pockets of plastic debris that have built up in the Atlantic covering an area around the size of Texas, our food supplies are being genetically altered, cloned animals are being slipped in without notice. Companies are buying up all the seeds of the earth, copyrighting and profiting from them. Our entire food supply is being monopolised and poisoned. Our infrastructure has been completely corporatised and turned into a great lumbering profit generation casino that is mathematically certain of failing.

Our current system of Corporatism has failed. Corporatism is ‘facism with a human face’, developed in the 20’s and 30’s by Mussolini and Hitler. Although euphemistically entitled Capitalism today, real Capitalism has never existed. There is far more left in us than this roller-coaster of debt and collapse, we can actually build a world that is based around human well-being. We are adults, we don’t have to degenerate into killing each other because one of our little games has been put back in the box. A lot of us are either bought off by the system (i.e. we are too selfish to ever consider giving up our luxuries) or have no idea there are other ways of living and not enough imagination, education or motivation to think one up or assimilate any of the information out there. There’s no need to point out statistics, if you have a brain and some eyes and ears, you already know, and you are the people I am trying to reach. Unfortunately, the more perceived instability, the more likely people are to be selfish.

Capitalism encourages wealthy generators of cash, imagining a ‘trickle-down’ theory where the rich at the top of the chain benefit the poor, but when capitalism goes tits up there is no mechanism in place to stop these wealthy people hoarding the money and resources for themselves, as if there wasn’t a huge enough disparity in the first place. Fear disrupts the system and causes the wealthy to stockpile, imagining the trauma they would feel at being thrust into a proletariat life, the poor dolts. There is no mechanism to stop business intruding into government and none to stop the same people curtailing your supposed ‘freedom of speech’ by use of media pressure, huge investment in legal action etc. If a large company doesn’t like what you are saying, they can shut you up. At this point in time it’s hard to see a difference between Government and Business. We know that the corruption goes further than the simple bribes and kickbacks of lobbying and secret meetings on yachts and we know the depth and complexity of this corruption at the elected and senior levels far outstrips what we see in the newspapers. This Oligarchical zoo is so utterly entrenched that there is no hope of ever fixing it. Our government, like all governments, operates inside a sealed echo-chamber, stuffed with yes-men, courtiers and supplicants. It is unfixable by adding extra rules or mechanisms. It is fucked.

Still though, some people believe they can fix all this by voting for some new system that changes ‘everything’. This is a mistake. The idea that while capitalism exists, some new people could come along and do capitalism ‘well’ and that we have any say in it is a complete misunderstanding of our political and economic system and a complete misunderstanding of what ‘capitalism’ has come to mean today. Recently, since the huge fraudulent ‘banking crisis’, a new troll has surfaced in our midst called ‘responsible capitalism’ – this is another transparent attempt at ideological warfare, a phrase which slips a premise by you, much like if Hitler asked you ‘what to do about the Jewish problem’. Here is the truth. There is no such thing, it is impossible to have ‘responsible capitalism’ as long as there is a system that divides the haves and have–nots there will always be people trying to hoard as much as they can for themselves. We cannot advance from this inherently unethical plutocratic nepotism until we replace the poisons of our financial system and remove the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

The legal and monetary systems are a huge scam, the sheer depth and longevity of which is astounding. All sectors of our societies are part of the incestuous corporate profit system – the courts – police systems, government, political parties, politicians themselves and even YOU – are all incorporated. People are just vessels capable of generating profit in this structure and this is not by mistake. To dismantle this chameleon-like, bastard child of Hurley’s and Orwell’s requires concerted global effort, this is not just about the UK. The world that has quietly been hoisted upon us, has infrastructure in place to go either way; forceful and watchful big brother or benign self-policing distraction based state. The violent arm of the corporatist fascist state only needs to show itself when it is threatened. What we rail against is not only the disconnect with nature but we are fighting against cognitive habits forced upon us by an insane system. The change must happen on many levels.

Most peoples ears have become so accustomed to the symphony of wrong, they don’t even notice it. Its like boiling a frog. It gets louder and louder nobody notices because they are too busy with the great circus of generic media beamed into their unwitting eyeballs at 25 FPS. The internet is an extension of our nervous systems and provides us with ever more irrelevant information we cant use. The noise gets louder as we drift further and further from nature, desensitising ourselves with the acceptable entertainment of daily violence, titillation and shit. We are not designed to emotionally withstand this level of noise, although we can train ourselves to try and manage it – the fact remains that we are bloated with information. What becomes clear after reflection is that we have a profound lack of self-discipline when it comes to information noise, which turns to an ‘information greed or addiction’ all too easily. You disconnect from your self-nature when you overload your senses, and in turn, from real nature. How can one expect to emotionally deal with anything when your senses are so overloaded? People are cognitively training themselves with a stream of shit input, to produce a stream of shit output, and in turn, to live in a huge great wallowing river of shit. It is so bad that people can’t even get to the root causes of their problems they are so inundated. It is so amazingly bad that mentally ill people are running the world and everyone is so overloaded and disconnected they don’t even notice. Part of the ultimate realisation is that there is no ultimate realisation, there is only a series of breakthroughs that bring you closer to a holistic understanding. Each person has part of the truth for you, its a question of navigating the rabbit hole correctly. It is not a simple task, but its a question of growing up and realising your personal responsibility.

When sharks swim in parallel lines, they are not conspiring together, they just all smell blood in the water and are racing to get to its origin first. But conspiracies do exist, and in multitudes. In some cases, the conspiracy was already founded and built upon many years ago, and only a tacit acceptance of ‘the common purpose’ is required to continue, in others an underhand manipulation of events is under-way,. It is not until you fully de-construct and understand the plastic artifice of generally accepted history and the maddening semantic attacks on the very words you can use to describe the crimes that you start to experience some sort of awakening in this regard.

Until you understand the legal and spiritual stranglehold of the powers that should not be, you are nothing but a battery in the matrix of the western roman law system, you are an instrument of profit to your country, your government, the courts, the police and… the real leaders. You are an amusement between elite families and their games of world war, terrorism, recession and crisis will continue until you stand up and find out for yourself. Its not just a random bunch of dots you connect together, like scientology or religion, there is a historical and moral ‘truth’ here that is out there for everyone to discover.

Every human emotion is not an illness to be categorised and drugged accordingly. Beautiful art requires extremes of emotion and would never be created in the world of pharma induced vapidity and government controlled irradiated and genetically modified food that is just around the corner. We must stop this.. We need to end the blatant and insane reversal of law over reality; the corporations as legal humans. The TV warfare, the kids on ritalin., the poisons in our water., the surveillance and attack drones. It is time for people to realise that the generally accepted wisdom they are spoon fed is just not true and that they must withdraw their support of the corrupt institutions they happily power with their money. It is not enough to offset your guilt for another year with some payment to a charity or fraudulent carbon tax. We must stop all of this before they patent our very souls.

It is paramount to understand that the eradication of our current financial system, the concept of corporations and their architects of control are also some of the most important things you can spend your valuable time facilitating should you have the resources to do so. The environmental concern is a more immediate but peripheral concern around this issue and the rancid house of cards that would collapse along with the banking elite will immediately solve many things.


  • redistribution of the incredible amount of hoarded wealth and resource back into the population.
  • Money creation back in the hands of people or a government should they chose. i.e. ending financial and resource support of businesses with immoral practices.
  • Ending the insanity of the derivative and speculative markets
  • Allows government to actually represent the people by removing corporate lobbying
  • stopping poisoning coupled with using clean power which is available now?
  • Immediate eradication of all industrial pollution.
  • Handing power back to the people, freeing them from the power cartels and ending poverty in one fell swoop.

Could it be that the next real revolution will not be political or violent, but will come in the form of a second industrial revolution that is sustainable ? The energy is already out there, that argument is over, we could do it tomorrow. Whether it is politically acceptable to do so is unfortunately not just a question of egocentricism or compassion. Solar is more efficient than it used to be then there’s CPS (central solar power), bio-gas, bio-fuel, gasification, electrolysis, solar heating, compost heating, etc. If we could simplify arguments to the human level, they are easy to accept. Do we want to live in a caring world or do we want to live in a world of vested interests? But the political sphere does not operate like this, and yet another breakthrough of thought is to realise how money rules our world and that is has has no inherent ideology. Imagine how beautiful it would be to see the government simply becoming irrelevant and falling away without violent conflict. It makes sense to transition our systems to saner models rather than destroy and build new ones. What we do not want to do is impose any form of belief system on others, that would be the same as what we have now, only from different people. we are here to simply fight back against people hurting our world.

Our job is to highlight the history and the methods of how this system has come into being, promote personal responsibility and affect change / limit damage in whatever way we can.

The indigenous people of the world enjoyed a symbiotic harmony with the earth and its creatures, if they had to take a life they would respect that life. There is no need to leave the technological advances we have made behind in moving to other forms of social organisation. We don’t have to go back to some medieval Luddite society to live in harmony with the land. We need to incorporate the knowledge of harmony within a liberation of human energy brought about by a sustainable revolution. What surely has to be embraced is this symbiotic realisation and the inner warmth that comes from remaking the connection that the western world seems to have lost and that these indigenous peoples, who are frequently cast as dumb savages, were in touch with in a profound way. We will never understand until we feel it ourselves. Only now is science beginning to catch up to finally empirically prove what we should have known intuitively all this time. Its a shame sometimes that we feel we need academic proof before we publicly admit something is true even when we know it in our hearts to be so. Our previous knowledge of animals and the assumption they are either dinner or beings with little to no feelings or intelligence has now been trashed by various scientific tests around the world. They are capable of far more than science thought, but didn’t we always intuitively know this deep down? Sea lions are able to recognise and tell the difference between numbers and letters, birds use tools to solve unique puzzles they have never encountered in the wild, parrots are able to grok maths and creative problem solving and baby chimps are able to beat us in a numbers and memory test. Its clear now that we have underestimated and disrespected our friends and cohabitants here for a long time. The emotional and intelligence disparity between us and animals is far narrower than we originally thought. This is also a spiritual journey for all of us, we dedicate our lives to this cause in the hope that we may make a difference.

Divisions are arbitrary – Our real planet is still out there, beyond all this.

This constant ‘spectacle’ which we have been so inundated is not our real world.

This world is not just another impersonal image to be consumed, its not just some external unattainable or unchangeable object you access through your screens in your own home. it is something you can affect directly.

What is starting to happen is that people are realising that the reasoning structure that justifies all of this is falling apart. They are beginning to be led away from the left/right political paradigm into the promised land of the true understanding of our political reality. The fraudulent, illusory nature of the global structure we live in, in particular the religious, financial and governmental industries are starting to be recognised on a large scale. The misdirection of belief is being zapped by Occam’s taser.

So, what the fuck are we going to do then ?

where do we start ?
please join us
every person can do something
play to your own particular assets and resources, pick a weapon / spade and join the fight against evil.

You can do way more than you realise…

1) remove yourself from the corporate paradigm, disconnect the propaganda machine, feed yourself without it

2) find your own land and live from it

3) remove all money from banks

4) use invisible currency in your transactions with other humans

5) use crypto-currencies on the internet

In terms of groups what needs to and is being done:

1) legally challenge anyone who attempts to copyright or patent any aspect of our food supply

(fleas on the back of a dog and all that)

2) assuming we cant stop the patent office from providing illegal and immoral patents for stuff nobody owns, attempt to copyright and / or patent our food supply ourselves and make it open source for the rest of time

3) provide free seeds to farmers who are reliant on bio-tech companies products, ruin the bio-tech market

4) promote organic, untainted food and supply the seeds through sharing projects etc…

5) research the use of toxins in our farming practices.

6) get a list of farmers together and form a guild against GM and use of corporate poison on our land.

7) offer incentives to farmers to use non-poisonous pesticides in their work.

8) name and shame farmers who refuse to stop poisoning our planet. I’m sure the local populations around them eg would like to know if they refuse to stop using slug pesticide that is running off into our water supply.

9) buying of stocks and deliberately crashing or ruining bio-tech and undesirable companies in any way is also encouraged.

10) develop boycott application for opting out of companies that harm our planet. i have a really good easy way of doing this. would have to be based on votes and evidence on particular company.

11) create a ring of sites and organisations that are working towards the same ends.

good luck planet.

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